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  1. Jordan might be a chance if he impresses in the pre season games.
  2. I would have left the flat track bit out. I agree with others though. When I first read this thread my first thought was the India/Collingwood double. South Africa remind me of Geelong.
  3. I am an apostophile - I use them a lot.....
  4. You know., I don't post much but I have been reading the boards for many years. I always thought you were a bit odd, but I'm tolerant so I let personal opinions slide. However; when you slate Lewis like that, and I saw no reason to think he wasn't committed to the cause, it goes beyond tolerance and you need to be called out. I rate Lewis and his contribution to the club. I do not rate self indulgent internet dweebs with agendas and bad attitutudes. (Some may say simpeltons). If we applied the Roos policy on here I'm sure you would be one of the first to go.
  5. Yeah. Me too. As a West Torrens supporter Steven Stretch was said to be the least likely to succeed of a talented bunch of SA boys to move to the VFL. I took an immediate interest in him and was wrap to get Billy. Had high hopes but not to be. Good luck to the young fellow for the future and his whole family.
  6. I don't have many football stories, but one day a few or so years ago, when Ratten was coach of Carlton, I was on a plane with the Carlton side. I was seated close to the coaching staff and was listenning/eaves dropping a bit. Wasn't hard as they were speaking quite freely. Anyway, Richardson was the stand out. He had a laptop and was going through things with Ratten (who didn't seem interested), other coaches but particularly individually with players. It was a while ago so details are sketchy but I think the flight was to Brisbane and he was preparing for a game against the Lions. The main thing I took away was how keen and energetic he was, and also that Ratten was asking who their seconds were playing in the VFL that week, it took a while to get an answer from someone. I found, and still find it, amazing that someone in a management position like that, and most of his team, were not across such aspects. Anyway, Richarson stood out on that day and as many have said - I think we have picked up a good football person who loves the game more than the industry.
  7. I think if we program his pre season and mindset right Gus could be a prolific ball winner off half back and push into AA contention. But he has to want to own the position.
  8. Did I miss something with the selections last week? Why was Petty dropped, and is it likely he will be an in for next week?
  9. I think ours were contaminated with Mogodon or Valium.
  10. I need to watch that again tonight now. One of my favourites.
  11. I am one who wants to see him tried as a forward. Also as a 2nd ruck, where hopefully some time on the ball free up his mind a bit and let him enjoy his footy again. Release the siege mentality a bit. I think it might be weighing him down.
  12. I would play OMac forward, and agree with Bitters - Jones to the forward line.
  13. I think he means Bob Crane (played Hogan on Hogans Heros TV show). He was bashed to death mysteriously.
  14. JKH was in the rehab group, along with spargo and KK. It may have been Toby Bedford he was watching. Trac was in the main group but Oliver, Viney and Jones were also in rehab.
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