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  1. Did I miss something with the selections last week? Why was Petty dropped, and is it likely he will be an in for next week?
  2. I think ours were contaminated with Mogodon or Valium.
  3. I need to watch that again tonight now. One of my favourites.
  4. I am one who wants to see him tried as a forward. Also as a 2nd ruck, where hopefully some time on the ball free up his mind a bit and let him enjoy his footy again. Release the siege mentality a bit. I think it might be weighing him down.
  5. I would play OMac forward, and agree with Bitters - Jones to the forward line.
  6. I think he means Bob Crane (played Hogan on Hogans Heros TV show). He was bashed to death mysteriously.
  7. JKH was in the rehab group, along with spargo and KK. It may have been Toby Bedford he was watching. Trac was in the main group but Oliver, Viney and Jones were also in rehab.
  8. You do realise its pre-recorded right?
  9. Sad that I understand that post.
  10. Cooks great a great chicken with some Thyme and bacon.
  11. The 1960s just called, they want their post back.
  12. If I was in Melbourne, we would have already been to a session because.....it was the school holidays. It now isn't. That is the point. You are missing the point about how well attended this activity has been over the years and the good that it does to the supporter base up here. Given the two games at the Gabba this year I would have thought it would be the year to really drum up support. As D77, it only has to be a BBQ and meet and greet with the players and a kick of the footy.
  13. My first thought when I read the club's email was to take the kids out of school and take a day off. Wife vetoed that very quickly. I also sent an email to the club explaining my displeasure. Even through the performances of the past years I could find positives and we stayed fat with the club. But this really p's me off and stinks of arrogance. There is two games at the Gabba this year and would have spent hundreds of dollars on the functions etc. Right now I don't think I want to.
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