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  1. Wow , I opened this thread this morning when it first started and now I come back many pages in. I haven't read it all and given the snapshot on this page I won't be. All I will say is I love King Nev. Only player I asked for an autograph and I think he is a champion human. I hope he finds form this weekend and plays a blinder. I have no doubt many here feel the same way. I don't pretend to understand what he or many others go through but message to Nev, not everyone is a hater and you have a lot of support. I don't care what colour your skin is, I care that you negate the opposition small forwards and carry yourself in a manner befitting respect. You do that consistently as well as serving the community selflessly. Well done.
  2. Selwood antagonised an opponent on the boundary line with an arm around the neck after he had been beaten. He then collapsed like he was shot when given a light jumper tap in retaliation. Not the first time I have seen this from him.
  3. Pity he will probably go for that, but Selwood and Ablett will get away with staging......
  4. Chin up. The game will still be on and I hope you can find a lot of enjoyment from Jackson, Bennell, Rivers, Jones on the HFF and King Nev. Good luck on the home front. Everything will keep improving.
  5. That is what 39 is sarcastically inferring.
  6. Is posting lots sequentially in a thread the online equivalent of raising the volume of your voice in an argument to talk over someone to get you point across?
  7. The soil focus must have broken his heart then.........
  8. Probably the most level headed and non self serving post I have seen you make over the many years Rono. I still hate Scully though!!!
  9. Loved them both but had to vote for Matty Whelan purely for that bump that laid out Hird.
  10. Never thought of Hughes as a Key Forward. Always thought he was more of a flanker.
  11. I'm trying to go by the language being used. Is number 6 Mark Jackson?
  12. I'll have another stab. I would have guessed Max Gawn for question 1 but that has already been done. So my guess is Russel Robertson with a left field guess of Earl Spalding. For question 6, was it Neil Balme?
  13. That was my wife after the 2018 Hawthorn final. My first game at the the MCG. Some of the photos in the stands wern't overly complimentary.....
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