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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. But do we still have 1 list spot to fill prior to 15 March? This article suggests we do. If so, I imagine we are waiting to see how pre-season goes with injuries / form etc before filling? http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-12-01/six-spots-left-wholl-get-the-last-afl-lifelines-for-2019
  2. Be interesting to see how they plan on designing the oval. The land has a pretty steep slope where its planned to go.
  3. Is there a way posts can be tagged in threads? So that the reports on the actual training can be filtered so you only have to read those if you like. I really enjoy reading training reports from actual Dees followers, but there is a mountain of rubbish to sift through in nearly every single thread. Would improve the quality of the site immensly I feel
  4. I've always thought the same. It's not like you get paid peanuts to do so either. Seems such a simple thing to do, for not that long a period, to well and truly set your life up financially.
  5. How I read it: Freo offer 11 and future 2nd. Everybody outraged. They then real late in the piece appear to concede and swap pick 11 for 5 and we accept. However they are just trying to avoid giving up 5 and 11. I hope we call their bluff and keep young Jesse
  6. I'm not that keen on the 2019 pick swap. Competition is so even, some bad injury luck can change the outlook so quickly.
  7. I think it's completely fair enough Freo are playing hard for a big haul for Neale. 25yo, contracted, top 2 in their bnf last 3 years. It's why we shouldn't concede at all on a big haul for Hogan. If it's not 5 and 6, or 5/6 + freo 2019 1st, then I think we should keep him. Happy to risk losing him for nothing later if not
  8. There is a big difference here. We are talking about giving up a potential top 6 pick for May (or Hogan, depending how you look at it). Hawthorn got B Lake for effectively pick 41...
  9. If GC are banking on a top compo pick, they're also banking on not signing any free agents themselves next season (as this would dilute May compo). Which to me seems like a very defeatist attitude from a long way out. I'm not sold. I think they'll take a good pick for him this year.
  10. My thoughts: - J Kennedy will be 32 after next season, meaning WC might come real hard for Hogan next year. This might add to Freo wanting it done this year when they've got their best hand. They may not get a better chance. We need to demand the farm in return this year and not waver - Talk of May fetching a high compo pick next year as a free agent if GC dont trade this year. I think there is a lot of uncertainty around this. Firstly he'll be 28 next year. Secondly this would mean GC don't sign any free agents themselves, as this would dilute the value of the compo pick. I think they snap up a good offer this year, certainly wouldnt offer any more than pick 5/6 (Im not convinced he's even worth that)
  11. The talk that GC will get 1st round compo pick (effectively possibly top 5) next year if he leaves as a free agent. Is this actually a sure thing? He'll be 28.
  12. Think improving his tank will see his largest improvement. Looks noticably more tired around contests after half time in the games I've seen him at AFL level
  13. I would say it is more likely than not that you will need 14 wins to play finals. Key outcomes to require this: Geelong to beat Hawks - Highly likely on current form North to beat Adelaide away - probably most iffy result, but big chance Adelaide season already over when they play Port to win one of WC at home or Pies at G - Big chance given Gaff impact and Pies massive injuy list Hawks to beat Swans round 23 - if Sydney have nothing to play for likely, if they do, they probably beat us this week, which is not good! Amazing we could possibly be top 4 AFTER this round and still miss!
  14. Question for the regular VFL watches. Im interested to know what Declan Keilty's kicking disposal is like. Would this be considered a weakness of his? I see a big weakness in our key defensive players kicking skills and decision making. A team like Essendon has a huge advantage that their CHB Hurley is a threat with the ball in hand. I think in modern footy you cant hide 2-3 poor users of the footy in the back half. The match reports of Keilty sound good, but wanted to see if hes much of an improvement on McDonald brothers and Frost?
  15. Didnt know where to put this, but does anybody know why the coaches votes from last round havent been released?
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