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  1. You do realise we only have a future 4th round pick to trade?
  2. Agree, we have nothing to trade up with outside of trading down from 10
  3. Nothing against Pickett, but I like this, purely as I'd like to go in thinking it could be anyone (even if it is Pickett), much more enjoyable. Out if interest, are you confident in this source?
  4. I think the big risk at the moment is that Pickett is taken by Hawks, Port or Doggies after our pick 10. Highly doubt we can split pick with Port, as they want all 3 picks before 18 before a bid on Mead, therefore I doubt 28 is of interest. This leaves Geelong and GC as options, but the risk may be too great we will miss out on Pickett at those picks.
  5. Wonder whether they are considering moving down from 10 and strengthining hand next year, leaving 28 as is. Maybe Geelong at 14 or GC at 15 for a future pick of some sort. Not sure what future picks those 2 own?
  6. I thought the same thing. Pretty sure it's an error in the article, as they just updated the original article from pre pick swap. I don't think they meant to suggest we are pick swapping pick 10
  7. Lord Nev is the number 1 on trade / draft time poster power rankings at the moment
  8. Bidding for Green helps the value of pick 10, kind of hoping we do bid. Even just for the entertainment value
  9. I reckon it's probably more from GWS side, where they are happy to have sold the farm for Jackson OR Green + someone else. If we bid, and they don't match, they have effectively used 12, 18 and next year's 1st on Jackson. It's a either a huge risk they have taken (that we won't bid) or they really rate Jackson
  10. Good get on this. Your source got anything else for us?
  11. It's 8 for 10, 28 and Carlton future 4th. On MFC app
  12. Yeah I thought the same, however have not been able to get this clarified for certain anywhere. A way around it I feel would be to get the owner of pick 23 (Adelaide) involved, where they receive 22 and we receive 23, basically giving them a free upgrade and enabling the trade.
  13. Cheers mate. No dramas at all not passing on source wouldn't expect you to. Wondering whether it was a Twitter / bigfooty type rumour or more solid. I'll take this as more solid haha!
  14. Agreed, Freo at the very least should do same deal with Carlton. 22 is gone, so they might as well use it to move up in the draft
  15. A bid is going to come for Henry before 22, so Freo will lose this pick regardless. Makes sense they use it to move up 2 spots. They get a better selection and remove the risk of a bid coming before 10. To me it seems a no brainer, I'm surprised the media haven't suggested it as an option more? Where are the rumours you're hearing coming from?
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