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  1. I am with you on OMac, there is no way anyone can convince me he is any good. If we do get Lever next year, he should be at Casey for the majority of the season and only come in as depth player.
  2. I think it's a bit unreasonable to suggest the boys shouldn't be allowed their Mad Monday.....but I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that every TV in the pub should have the North x2, Freo, yesterday's Pies game and the last 10mins of the Lions game playing on loop while they get on it.
  3. Season was lost when we started drinking our own bathwater 32 points up in the last qtr against the Lions (really just one of about 20 examples I could give right now).
  4. Amazing Healy can see every 50 that should be paid to the Eagles but refuses to call out the umps the other way.
  5. A 2 handed shove in the back against Cameron goes unwhistled by the cheats in blue. Disgrace!
  6. Cheating maggots. Exactly what happened to Jenkins at the other end.
  7. We are the most frustrating football team to watch. We absolutely murder the ball going into our F50.
  8. ANB out for me. Should've been dropped for this weeks game after his 2 missed hanballs against the wind in the 3rd quarter last week cost us goals and the game. Has had a numerous amount of brain fade moments this season trying to be too clever with his disposal and in general really frustrates me, along with Harmes. Watts should be playing further up the ground as a link man and delivering the ball inside 50 for us because it's an area we are putrid at. Maybe it's a result of the horrible grounds and conditions we have been playing the last 2 weeks, but I'd give him another week to see how he goes at the G. Out: Melk, ANB, Harmes In: Stretch, JKH, Hannan
  9. Ben Guthrie(afl.com), you can't be serious. Where's Nev?
  10. Here is the Dusty Thread on Demonland before he was drafted. Maybe some of us should have been running the recruiting department.
  11. I think that is even restrictive. Players in lower leagues have already been overlooked by teams in drafts previously, so there should be no reason why they should not be able to sign a contract throughout the year. The AFL should allow extra spots on lists to allow this, or players can be bought out and released if need be to free up a spot. It will happen eventually, we are always at least a decade behind in regards to the way our league operates in comparison to the global landscape.
  12. AFL needs to adopt a similar policy to NBA where you can sign players out of lower leagues (VFL, SANFL, etc), on short term contracts and then get the rights to sign them longer term if they perform well. It gives us the option to grab a ruckman now. Why should players have to wait 6 months to go into a draft to possibly play in a year when they could be living their dream next week?
  13. This looks like a post written after a 100 point loss.
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