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  1. Carey, Ricuito, Watson and others are all pals of Goodwin, as a result he completely escapes criticim. Roos also has reasons not to bag him. Rules a lot out. Leaves Dermie and a few others - who rightfully havent missed us. We are a joke.
  2. I agree with Lyon. Last year was a fluke. Nothing to indicate it wasn't.
  3. Roos would be worth the money for Carlton. He did a hell of a job setting mfc up. Probably slipping on the last hurdle (appointment of Goodwin), but that may not have been obvious to Roos at the time. Carlton would do no better than Roos if they were serious about taking the club to sustained success. But If I were Roos I would finish what he started at Melbourne.
  4. My only gripe with Dermott is that he shouldve excluded James Harmes. Harmes is our most effective mid by ten miles, its not fair to throw him under the bus with the rest of these stat padders and handball happy panic merchants.
  5. Brayshaw was solid to good in 2018. A third in a brownlow turned what was a good year, to many calling it a great year, resulting in Brayshaw being overrated. I like the kid and wouldnt trade him, but he has a lot of ground to make up. He looks slow, weak, disinterested, lazy and has been a turn over merchant of late. Are you suggesting we overlook his deficiencies and give him leniency because he is 23 years old?
  6. 2018 is overrated as far as Brayshaw goes. Im a fan but he thinks he is far better than he is. At times I saw him on Dunkley today he looked completely lost. Brayshaw could do with a stint in Casey reserves.
  7. Positives are that he is already slow and has already shown previous knee injuries didnt affect his output. Negatives are that he will now be even slower and has bung knees. There is more risk attached now.
  8. I think GC need a priority pick. Most other clubs wouldnt qualify but the AFL needs to build up Queensland. I hope GC end up with picks 1 and 2, mainly just because I hate Adelaide.
  9. I think Petracca has been really good the past couple of weeks. Trade him for what exactly? We would get a first rounder that most likely wouldnt amiunt to anything. Petracca will be a star, he is one of the very few on our list that we should consider trading.
  10. We would be trading low. You dont sell a comidity low for an unknown prospect. We wouldnt get a top 10 pick for him and anything outside of that is speculative. We have a lot to work with - with Brayshaw. Currently though he is out of form, looks really weak and disheartened. Id definitely keep him though. But he needs to strengthen up.
  11. Taylor has did good considering our list management blunders.
  12. We played below ourselves, made a lot of errors, kicked the ball to our opposition most the game, missed easy shots, had lots of players out, yet still nearly beat the reigning premiers at home. Id love to see what a competent football department could do with this group. It would be scary.
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