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  1. If he comes in do we play him on 'Joey' Kennedy - he's not that fast?
  2. I don't want to see Frost in the Seniors again. Salem can hold his head high, the rest were generally average/poor today. On field Leadership non existent. Jones was awful. Same one dimensional "bomb it long to a contest" game plan, with no evidence of Plan B. Out coached.
  3. Bet a Collingwood player wouldn't have even been cited! Christian is so biased it is ridiculous.
  4. Very happy with this - very skilled, great to see his right foot kicking is getting better too
  5. What a surprise - another tall forward from Norf gifted with soft free kicks - what a joke!
  6. Awesome for Nev - Saty please congratulate him for me.
  7. We have now beaten the Pies twice (out of 2) at their two home grounds in three weeks. Eddie and filth supporters must be dirty. Go both teams!
  8. I've changed from a Country member to an Interstate member for the MCC - perhaps MFC should consider similar arrangements (if they don't already)? Been a member of MFC for last 18? years. Take out the basic dual MFC/MCC membership so I get a scarf, a fridge magnet and stickers which proudly go on my cars (and my brother's numberplate - a turncoat Carlton supporter!).
  9. Great win by the Women today - next week against the Roos could decide if we make the finals or not given this unbalanced conference rubbish - should be the four best teams in my opinion.
  10. Not if he asks them questions about themselves, provides his views, gets Pendles, Sidebottom and Beams shirty about being asked and stirs up the Pies faithful on their Colliwobbles Board! 😀
  11. Trac and girlfriend were at Vic Park watching Demons AFLW team.
  12. Great Video about Jake's recovery, showing some of the exercises just arrived on my phone - Melb App Access all Areas
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