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  1. And two Davey girls - if they are anything like Aliesha Newman, sign them up too
  2. For mine Oscar lost his intensity/confidence after this incident last year (which I don't think was actually too bad). I couldn't see his name in the Casey team against Collingwood - did he play?
  3. I'm pleased Sam has stayed for another 2 years. Based on his comments, perhaps he'll relax more and show the form of late last year.
  4. I was 30 and my son was 2 weeks old. My two daughter's never met Mum but she's influenced them greatly ( through me I guess). I'm sure she's watched over us all this time.
  5. DT - You forgot Garland, Watts, Toumpas and Tyson 😀
  6. Tony has attended the last two games and won't be wasting his time this week, even though down in Victoria, so: Out: Tony In: Don't care!
  7. If he comes in do we play him on 'Joey' Kennedy - he's not that fast?
  8. I don't want to see Frost in the Seniors again. Salem can hold his head high, the rest were generally average/poor today. On field Leadership non existent. Jones was awful. Same one dimensional "bomb it long to a contest" game plan, with no evidence of Plan B. Out coached.
  9. Bet a Collingwood player wouldn't have even been cited! Christian is so biased it is ridiculous.
  10. Very happy with this - very skilled, great to see his right foot kicking is getting better too
  11. What a surprise - another tall forward from Norf gifted with soft free kicks - what a joke!
  12. Awesome for Nev - Saty please congratulate him for me.
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