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  1. Very sad news - was my favourite player from when I as a little fella with my Dad in the later part of the 60's - hence my Avatar. Ran around with No: 11 on my jumper. Been some bloody great 11's since then! Condolences to the Anderson clan.
  2. Three days later - still coming tomorrow?
  3. Can we spell his name correctly (out of respect for all the games he played)
  4. Me! http://demonwiki.org/Tony+Anderson
  5. Average Kin Fanatique Demon - Average footballers (Kingsley and Wilkes) have days out against Melbourne - kick 5 goals, rarely if ever do it against anyone else
  6. Some backmen staying on the ground (not 3+ Dees going up for the same ball) to get the crumbs, rather than watching opposition forwards waltz into easy goals
  7. Any reports on training would be appreciated for those of us interstate. I'm not interested in the rest of the nonsense posted.
  8. Lockett or Dunstall knew how to kick goals - wouldn’t mind either of these
  9. Spud was so humble that when asked to carry the Commonwealth Games torch in his leg he sought out children with disabilities to carry it with him. Our daughter was one of the lucky kids chosen- this act proved to me what a lovely guy he was. Such a tragedy - my prayers go out to his family and loved ones at this time.
  10. Why didn't he take on Casey mid-year if this is his thing?
  11. And two Davey girls - if they are anything like Aliesha Newman, sign them up too
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