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  1. Well, I just hope Ticketek enjoy my $5 donation
  2. I contacted the club via Facebook messenger and they said M3
  3. Will our cheersquad be in m3 or m33?
  4. Off topic slightly: Anyone know which jumper the boys will be wearing today? Read somewhere that the lions are wearing fitzroys red and blue, does this create a clash in the AFL's eyes, or do we get to wear our home strip since it is our home game?
  5. I got my delivery within a week. This is a fantastic offer for members, I understand your frustration but think you're being a bit harsh on the club, it isn't their fault.
  6. The link you've posted for group league just links me back to Demonland, doesn't take me to SuperCoach. Quietly pretty happy with my team's progress so far this year.
  7. I really liked the players to watch on the big screen before the bounce. The crowd roar when Hogan's name was read out sent a shiver down my spine.
  8. The club should consider using this as an alternative strip.
  9. I buy my membership year after terrible year as well, and will continue to do so. The point is, people are angry right now. When they're angry, they're going to say things they don't mean, like threaten not to renew membership. The fact that they care enough to be angry shows that they're here for the long haul. I don't begrudge them their right to vent. Anyone COULD make a profile and call themselves a supporter. But why WOULD they unles they were? It's when someone grows numb to the losses and no longer gets angry, no longer caring that we have to worry. This was a game that NEEDED to be won, pre-season or not. The demons released a statement last night about Lumumba saying he was helping us build towards being a respected club. Losing to what is essentially a VFL team has dashed that goal into the foreseeable future.
  10. So sick of this line. Anyone who still has enough passion to comment here about a preseason match after the last 8 years is definitely a true supporter.
  11. Well, at least this saves me a 6 hour round trip to Melbourne on Easter Saturday.
  12. Golden monkeys. I finished 17th in the overall Demonland group last year.
  13. I'd like to join a league if there's still room, thanks.
  14. Thanks, we'll definitely go to the square. I suppose we can always catch a tram if he's not up to the actual. walk.
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