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  1. He's already won a flag. Not like he's been stuck at a cellar dweller. Having said that, above three clubs usually attract these kind of deals because they ask the question. I'd hope we do the same in a couple of years.
  2. Erm...no. The only reason this contract is cancelled is because Boyd wanted it to be. Ordinarily, retiring players (see Kurt Tippett) still get paid their contract if the club agrees for them to go and free a spot on the list. Boyd obviously wanted as clean a break as possible, and not to rort the Dogs given how much they've paid him already. Not many players will agree to that.
  3. He came fourth in the best and fairest last year, for goodness sake. Are you honestly saying he wasn't best 22 on talent in 2018?
  4. Yes, and a fine job they're doing of it. Two years ago, Jack Viney was the one lining up guys for huge bumps. Now, he's caught prone. There's very little leadership out there, cutting the only one with demonstrated leadership experience would be a disaster.
  5. In two weeks time he will become our second most capped player in over 160 years. If you're suggesting he's been a "servant of the club" then I have to wonder why you'd bother supporting us. His co-captain has been just as poor despite being half his age, and didn't win us our only game this year.
  6. Should think he'll play next season, even if he's not in the side every week. I'll be ropable if we sack him or lean on him to retire, and will likely stop supporting the club. Sacking Junior ripped the heart out of the club, this would be round 2. Would never happen under Jackson, but I don't know about Pert.
  7. Not entirely true. There were question marks over his shape in pre-season as well. Obviously he knuckled down, shut his mouth, and worked his way back into shape.
  8. Hitting a roadblock implies that this was unavoidable. This is more like driving with your phone in one hand, a dart in the other and three kids in the backseat and then wondering why the police have pulled you over.
  9. Petty was killed by the U18s last week. He very much can do worse than Oscar, even on this season's form. You just have to think about his debut. No use bringing the saviour kids in like its 2009 if they can't do a job against underaged opposition.
  10. Steven May's preparation is clearly an absolute joke. Fingers crossed we have a strong enough culture to carry people like him for the next few years until he sorts his standards out. Lots of footy to play, but all signs point to this being an unmitigated disaster.
  11. This season maybe, but its pretty reductive to claim that Lever, May and T.McDonald aren't historically very good players.
  12. Every club that's not winning a flag is rebuilding. We may need to sell some stock to get some young runners/crumbers in but our spine remains as good as any in the competition, as does our midfield.
  13. Let's just hope this year is a step backwards (albeit a large one) for two steps forward. We're woefully underprepared for the rule changes, and that doesn't change. Leg speed and natural crumbers will be the order of the day when it comes trade time. Unfortunately, we have nobody of real use to trade so will need to hope for a JT first round special.
  14. Went to the second half of the Tiges game after our game today. They will rip us apart with their leg speed, and will use their entries well with Riewoldt coming back. I've been to the four game in Vic this year, including down to Geelong, and broken my longstanding rule around avoiding replacement bus services at all costs. Wednesday night, PH the next day, trains back on...I'm seriously considering not going. We are a side bereft of confidence, belief, leadership, guts, and instruction at the moment. Everything that could go wrong seems to be going wrong. I'm sure I'll be roped back in by next Wednesday, [censored] that I am, so here are my changes. Out: Wagner, Wagner, Spargo, Hibberd In: O.McDonald, Stretch, Garlett, Kolodjashnij Hibberd is absolutely bang out of form. We know he's better than this. He needs to sort it out. He is costing us every time he brings it out the back 50. J.Wagner was ok but we have too many of his type at the moment. C.Wagner was abysmal. The less said about Spargo, the better. Stretch and KK aren't perfect, but we need two way runners and hopefully they'll play that role.
  15. Pirlo

    Jack Martin

    People ITT haven't watched him much. He's a Heeney clone in an inferior team. He would be perfect for us, but won't leave GCS and good on him for it.
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