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  1. Not often I wonder “why am I here?”. There was about 15k at the ground - it was putrid and so were we in the first half. I was very tested in my resolution of never leaving before final siren - the Bullring looked warm and comfortable. Was speaking to an ex Melbourne staff member about this game a couple of weeks ago - how good is footy! This and a Brisbane game around same time are vivid memories.
  2. Lucas Cook.... Was even obscure on draft day....
  3. Have you seen Bradtke play previously? Didn’t say he won the ruck, didn’t compare him to another player... he showed significant improvement vs the games I saw him play last year.... Is he AFL ready to ruck? Not a chance. Not many cat B rookies are.....
  4. Lot to like about today... Several picking themselves for round 1. Kozzie a certainty Brown a certainty Lockhard very close to certainty Bedford could play early Rivers looks very good Brayshaw.. no concerns, rust is quickly disappearing Bradke gone up another gear
  5. Missed this sorry.. No, Telstra only has the AFL contract for mobile phone size, can't remember the specs, but is why you won't see it big enough to fill an iPad, etc... they can not allow their feed to resize to anything larger.
  6. It's not Telstra that is adamant... when you only have the contract for the tiny size, you have to keep it at a tiny size.....
  7. Really? How many 3kms are they running in a game? It is a relative measure of fitness: not an absolute. I would be more concerned if no improvement in individuals time come Feb. You need to look at combination of results to get even a moderate view of their overall fitness/endurance/speed. Would prefer a midfielder who was quick in repetitive 20/50m's and a 13:45-14m Tan than a 12-13min Tan runner...
  8. Yes, Hawthorn added Ned Reeves. And this is meant as no disrespect to him, but he is no where near an option for Hawks this year; based on seeing him many times last year. He is Hawk's Project Bradke. He didn't play that much in the ruck in A grade amateurs, let alone VFL, let alone AFL. But then again, in the ammo's he was up against a guy who pushed Jamar to the reserves.
  9. It's a practise match... you don't normally get any coverage. And other than audio, which I wasn't expecting, it is pretty good. On the game, Vanders is looking good Am a fan of Bull Smith, however.........
  10. Steno

    Team Growth

    Was 2013 the debut of the blazer or was that the year before? The best and fairest will go down in history....
  11. 2013 = 15games 2014 = 13 2015 =4 2016 = 20 2017 = 6 2018 = 5 So averaging less than 9 games a year for the last four years... that ain't equal second round: and that's before you look at his talent. 3 year contract offered? If you are Dean Kent, you have to take it with open arms. If you are Melbourne, you would (hopefully) not be offering 3 years based on above!!
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