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  1. What are your thoughts on Ben Kelly as a prospect for us?
  2. To translate that for you @old dee, what McQueen is saying that there's still a bunch of drongos carrying on like galahs.
  3. 4 Pints and Pot please Barman.
  4. Fancy bothering to take a photo of that! God kids are soft nowadays. In my day we'd have carried a horse home on that little finger alone...
  5. Confusing; you choose to call yourself Accepting Mediocrity and then lead off with an above average post.
  6. That's right, won't be able to play until the next DECADE!!!
  7. Ahhh yes Scotch & Acid; that's the way to start your day!
  8. I’m with you. Sublime talent. If he passes the medical then by all means take the risk.
  9. It would be great if the cheer squad can incorporate these words into the banners.
  10. It could figuratively supercharge AND turbocharge our trade period!
  11. Schadenfreude, darling schadenfreude...
  12. Many of the points you make are quite valid @demoniac. From a resources perspective we're well behind the power nations, and there are widespread concerns about state of the game at the grassroots level. Placing a benchmark of winning Rugby World Cups is an unrealistic (but not impossible) benchmark; so putting the coach under the microscope with that as a KPI is unreasonable. However, a deviation from the fundamentals is not excusable. Not only did Cheika arrogantly make a point of refusing to study the opposition, he also encouraged his line coaches not to as well. That's unforgivable.
  13. Yes and congratulations to England - they put on a very skilled and accomplished display. What can be learnt from the display versus the All Blacks, and comparing the approaches taken by Michael Cheika Vs Eddie Jones, translates across to AFL: Must have a balanced team; strong defence, with the skill and speed to hurt offensively, Must study opposition; understand their strengths and weaknesses - how to break them down. Seems simple enough; astonishes me how many coaches ignore these tenets so that they can 'play their way'.
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