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  1. The world is over-populated. It can be a conundrum as to who to cull. Twitter provides us with insight.
  2. Stone-wear sponsors, is this an angle to explore?
  3. To Hell yes; the back bit ??? Might be more honest if the marketing department announced that we've 'twinned' with the Telluride Miners.
  4. And ironically just when you'd need it most!
  5. No offence was taken on my part @fr_ap.
  6. Of course Binman. I suspect we are of a similar vintage, hence the explanation; several younger generations may not even know what a hip flask is.
  7. I saw the shank, but did miss the kicking into the man on the mark during the match simulation.
  8. Interesting perspective, the low-punch of his kicking is what I most liked about him when compared to the other squad members participating in his drill group.
  9. Dropped by to watch training for about 40 minutes. Not a seasoned 'track-watcher' so won't go into too much detail. What I saw that I really liked: Fritsch; was sublime (playing forward) during the match simulation Vandenberg; seems to be back to his bone-crunching best. Jackson; showed some genuine pace at times. Extraordinary mover -floats across the ground; when he runs it looks like he's on a travelator. Rivers; sublime kicking skills - did shank one, it was the exception that proved the rule. Joel Smith; very impressive (playing back) in the match simulation. Looks fully fit. Look forward to reading what more seasoned track watchers made of the session.
  10. Ban on bringing alcohol into the ground; preposterous to think you'd put anything but alcohol in a hip flask.
  11. I'm okay with this if they remove the ban on hip flasks.
  12. Impressed by Jackson's decision-making; smart footballer!
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