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  1. Are you sure we’re allowed to use Tasers?
  2. All jokes aside, one of the reasons that Hawthorn beat GWS was McEvoy’s complete ruck dominance. From there it was maintaining possession.
  3. Most certainly not, that would be appalling; accidental maiming perfectly fine of course.
  4. Mumford cleared to play. To protect Max we MUST play Pruess and instruct him to get his retaliation in first!
  5. Great post, think it’s important that we look to next year, not by tanking, but by developing our game style as well as our up and coming players. We’ll probably not make the finals, however beating as many finalists as possible in the second half of the year will go towards attracting top-end talent; free agents and out of contract players.
  6. Our most encouraging performance thus far. Looked really dangerous and by far the better team for most of the night. Lack of polish, especially in front of goals, meant we didn’t put them away when we should have.
  7. I would be all for Sam keeping his man bun: ✅ Diversity ✅ Future trade value
  8. Like his ability to kick goals from 50 metres plus.
  9. Carlton swapped their first round pick with Adelaide.
  10. A large proportion of them really love their mothers, but not enough to take them to the footy?
  11. Without Hunt’s clean hands and endeavour in the last 49 seconds there’d have been no victory.
  12. Yes, the image in @samcantstandya‘s posts shows just how much time and space was available to Ablett. To then go off your line and make contact with your opponents head has got to be at least a week.
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