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  1. It's all out fault, we're an evaluative audience: https://believeperform.com/performance/why-are-some-players-afraid-to-shoot/
  2. Probably will be. However @Demon Disciple's question was "If you were the recruiting manager with pick #1 in the draft, would you pick Rowell or Anderson first?". @dazzledavey36's response was Anderson. So interested in Dazzle's, and any other draft talent watchers for that matter, opinion as to the merits of Anderson over Rowell.
  3. Okay, but why? Not challenging your judgement, just interested in your rationale.
  4. Amazed that you can find the Misson Position on the internet!
  5. Suns now lobbying for an additional pick at the pointy end of the draft.
  6. 6. Oliver 5. T.Mac 4. Preuss 3. Fritsch 2. May 1. Petracca
  7. Yes @Return to Glory, that’s along the lines of what I’m hoping for (apart from the coming 2nd last bit!).
  8. Just be sure to check the fine print on the invitation @dazzledavey36, there's a world of difference between 'free alcohol' and 'alcohol free'.
  9. Who has seen Corey Weightman play? If so, how good is he and where is he predicted to get picked up in the draft?
  10. Whilst I agree with you Bub, is this the right thread?
  11. Reports on AFL that Orazia Fantasia want's to go back to South Australia. What impact could this have on the draft? My first thought being that Diodora would want Adelaide's first round draft pick. Then, upon further reflection, I realised that's ridiculous, it's not how he rolls. He would want Adelaide's first pick and Port Adelaide's first pick too!
  12. From the outside looking in it's very hard to tell what they contribute in an on-field & off-field capacity. For example, back in 2007-2008 , when off-field, James MacDonald was a ray of sunshine that kept the spirit around the club up; quite different to his ferocious demeanour on-field. As far as Nathan and 300 games go, it shouldn't be something the club 'gets him to'. If he gets there it should be on merit only. 300 games or not, he's carved out an impressive career.
  13. Two weeks ago I would have labelled trading Brayshaw as 'a very brave decision'. Then he started repeatedly hand-balling back over the top of his head to the opposition? JTFC what was he thinking? Let's all hope that's a one-off aberration; in which case why shop him around?
  14. Yes, Dr. G, that would be my assumption too. But...maybe that’s what she wants us to think? #stillhatesmelbournecameronschwab
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