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  1. Its been a long hard and cold winter. Look forward to the preseason. It cannot come quick enough.
  2. After seeing May do his hammy after a bout of tightness it would be crazy to risk Max after his hammy tightness last week. Let him go into the break with a clean bill of health. Every single time this year we have rolled the dice its turned out crap. Hamstring tightness is its way of telling you it tired and needs a break. Throw the gauntlet down to Pruessy and challenge him against his old team.
  3. Yes, Its not always the pre draft favourites that go in predicted order. I would not be surprised if we go Ash either.
  4. If GC do not get a PP no. 1 then I think we use pick 2 on Anderson or Rowell. If GC get the priority (spew, spew) then GWS will be keen to swap for it as they want Green and a player with say the Ds pick 3. A couple of first rounders and maybe a player for pick 3? GWS will likely get a 1st round for Coniglio if he goes. Never know we may want a player like Ash who has pace or Young who is pretty quick as well. However it is they need pace and outside smarts. Our quick players tend to ok but only in a straight line. We have recruited largely inside contested players. No amount of training can stop their instinct to be drawn to the ball. Playing Brayshaw etc on the wing shows this. Reduces a good inside player to an average outside player. Get a couple of really good outside smart players and we will cut the number of opposition goals from turnovers. Notice how for example how many times the magpies got the ball out of a pack to an outside player. It was frustrating how they do it but we stuff up.
  5. Hope he is quick and has outside smarts! Good luck Kade, enjoy.
  6. Looks like it could well be done. They need established players not kids. If they get one it will be Picks 1, 2 plus Lions first rounder. Plus Rankine available after missing 2018 with injury. The difference in pick value for us would be equivalent to a pick 49. Third rounder. You can bet we will not be compensated. Its the player available at pick 2 this year that really hurts if we miss out. Evidently there is daylight between the first 2 picks and the 3rd pick. That happens some drafts. Last year it was the top 3. Not happy if they get 1.
  7. If we entice Langdon from Freo I would say they would go hard for Baker.
  8. Cant see us finishing higher than third last. Probabilities are with second last because of our lousy %. I would use pick 2 on the best player available. Anderson sounds good. Can play inside and has class. Having said that I would not be surprised to see a trade of pick 2 for later 1st rounders as we did for the deal that landed Salem. Under AFL rules I believe we have to use a first round pick this year. Depends whether we have our eye on players expected not to go to early in the first round.
  9. Would be surprised and very angry if the GC got a priority number one. Geez, Rankine a number 3 pick for them last year has not played AFL because of injury. He should be up and about next year. He will likely be a gun. There would be 4, 5, 6 or 7 young players at GC not getting a game that we would love to have on our list. Its simply not kids they need its mature guns. Maybe the AFL should fork out big for a couple of guns to go to GC with compensation for clubs? It will cost big to do this. Priorities will not work. It will just mean there will be lots of round 1 picks running around in the NEAFL.
  10. Champion data say the early picks that make it win a heap of contested ball at TAC level.
  11. Anderson, Kemp or Ash seem fine. PP for GC. Hmmmm. The Dons were reduced to a rabble with top ups and not given a heap of draft picks or special access to contracted players like GC. Yet Dons are now possible finalists in fairly quick time. GC still crap and getting crappier. Reason Dons are an established club and players want to go their. Priorities not an answer for GC. Trouble is the AFL might not get this. Somehow AFL have to get some established players up there.
  12. Its GODS 'waiting room' up there. Why not spend those last precious moments following footy. After all its treated very reverently.!!
  13. None have survived because like the AFL they stuff the execution of the plan.
  14. Probably already been discussed but Frost or Petty forward today??
  15. The GC list is already stacked with young talent. More will not help straight away. Its a joke. Paul Roos had the great idea of priority players from State and other leagues. The AFL just big time stuffed up the execution of it. They told GC and the Blues not long before the draft it was going to happen. What they should do for example is tell GC and the comp after the end of the 2019 season that GC will be getting priority access to these players prior to the 2020 draft. GC can put on say 5 full time equivalent staff to scout these competitions during the 2020 season. Then just as the old VFL had an 8 week playing permit arrangement with the Amateurs GC during 2020 could bring over a few players to play NEAFL and train with them so they can have a close look at the potential picks. Gives them the best chance of snaring a Kelly, Fritsch, etc,etc. Maybe the AFL could also assist a couple of good free agents to go to GC. Ie, subsidise pay or moving costs. The AFL just keep throwing a few cheap doggy biscuits at GC to shut them up for 5 minutes,. Its time to give them a bone with a bit of meat on it. Its going to take a few years or more to get them really going well. But no more of this priority pick before first pick. We have been there before and it does not work.
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