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  1. Brayshaw with no helmet? Not sure about that? 🤔
  2. Hate to see him as a forward coach (even if he is a nice bloke). During his time with Melbourne as a KPF he was great at leading and taking marks but never seemed to have the confidence to take his shot at goals, preferring to pass off to somebody else and, more often than not, turning it over.
  3. Essendon should forfeit ‘clear and simple’ and we should be awarded the four points. We miss out i) on game practice, ii) a stirring win with Kosi, Vanders, Hannah, Bennell and Petracca, all playing blinders, and iii) a membership surge on the back of ii). No use postponing the match as that will further compromise a debacle of a season for everybody. Bad luck for the Bombers but we shouldn’t have to pay for their bad management. On our side, we penalised Kosi and Spargo for their Covid-19 breach so we cannot be accused of not playing our part.
  4. 6- Petracca 5-Gawn 4-Oliver 3-Salem 2-Hunt 1-Rivers Also Viney was hard at it.
  5. Clarry played a good game yesterday (and Brayshaw was serviceable if not stellar)!
  6. If you didn’t know better, you could be excused for thinking that the two teams had exchanged coaches at halftime. 😳
  7. Footy membership is hardly a “luxury spend” considering that you probably pay it in expectation of either attending matches (and spending more money on fares and/or F&B) or watching either at a pub/club or home on a subscription. This year, (reduced) membership subscriptions are the only revenue stream for most clubs who lose their entire home game gate takings (ANZAC Eve & Queens Birthday in Melbourne’s case). This could tip some clubs to the brink who are already contending with the scenario of half their list getting paid, whilst not getting any game time with the VFL abandoned for 2020.
  8. Forget the tv rights (that the AFL, 7, Foxtel & Kayo are doing nicely from), surely the AFL if it was genuine about helping Clubs and fans, could allow the MFC to live stream to members (who will receive little benefit otherwise this year)? 😳
  9. Saturday On a chartered Virgin flight. Admin: TAKE THE DISCUSSION TO THE TEAM SELECTION THREAD: https://demonland.com/forums/topic/47861-teams-rd-01-vs-west-coast/
  10. About the same advantage as us playing the Giants at an empty “G” the following weekend. Frankly, if there is a 500 rule, each Club should be permitted to allow 150 cheer squad members to add a bit of noise and atmosphere for the tv coverage. Easy to have the nominated attendees tested for Coronavirus at each Club’s expense.
  11. Just play the matches as per the existing fixture with the only persons allowed into the ground being 150 Cheer Squad members from each participating Club (pre-tested for the virus). Everybody will miss out on blockbuster game revenue but the AFL itself retains the broadcasting right revenues and at least the stadiums won’t be deadly silent.
  12. Love to play our first round against West coast at an empty stadium. No crowd would reduce their home ground advantage (and gate takings)! 😆
  13. An extra 20,000 members also won’t do any harm (especially if they turn up and cheer on the players). It will be interesting how much it will bring back the power clubs if they play to quiet empty stadiums. Methinks it will take away an advantage that they have always had.
  14. When I was a tad younger, the only cockatoos that you would see in the inner suburbs were those acting as lookouts for the two-up schools.
  15. We should refill it with water and drown the ferals! 🤔
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