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  1. The arm is a trial. Pretty soon all limbs will be similarly fitted so that Goody can remotely control from the coaches box (or the bunker)! Look forward to all players running out for Round 1 if it proves a success.
  2. Can’t wait to watch a Chinese team play in a Grand Final against a Russian team at the MCG! 🇨🇳 vs 🇷🇺
  3. It was even more significant the last time the Olympics were in Melbourne (1956). We beat Collingwood by twelve goals in front of 116K people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (when it was our home ground and nobody else’s)! 👍 MEL 2.4 (16) 6.11 (47) 10.16 (76) 17.19 (121) COL 3.3 (21) 4.3 (27) 5.6 (36) 6.12 (48)
  4. At least in “Hell” we have the home ground advantage. May we should play there more often, particularly since we sat back (as the MCC Football Club) and watched Richmond, Collingwood etc highjack the MCG as ‘their home ground’! 🤬
  5. Am I missing something or don’t we have two positions? 😳
  6. And Petty is better for us in the forward half so shouldn’t be an option. Happy to try O’Mac (assuming May is FF). I like Joel Smith but again he may be a forward (at the risk of clogging the forward half). Hore on interchange or pocket.
  7. I am surprised that you didn’t pick (sic) Pickett? 🤔
  8. Also Tough Kent didn’t mention Clarry or Gawn, our ultimate weapons!
  9. I am not going to argue with the core 18, merely to suggest that the interchange should be Oliver, May, Fritch and Gawn and emergencies Lever, Petracca and T.Mac.
  10. Not sure that having Saty and Old Dee as our sole media frontmen is necessarily a good idea? 😳
  11. Might be nice to see a practice match between your two teams. You might encounter a few surprises.
  12. We have three months of intense training before we have to select our round one team. I trust Goodwin and the selectors will put our best (fit) team on the park!
  13. An even greater shock to me (born in the first half of last century)! 😕
  14. 5 minute Little League matches will be fun for the kids! 😕
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