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  1. Baker is on par with our game’s best indigenous players in the way he can extricate himself from packs and make space ! 👌
  2. 4” = 103mm = 10.3 cm
  3. I don’t think Billy Brownless would agree with your view! 🤔
  4. I hope that he not only stays as a coach but puts in a few seasons with Casey, leading by example!
  5. Maybe a bit early to call, but I think Baker is going to be a Star in the back end of the season. Go Ginger Ninja!
  6. I would have preferred Viney for Lewis!
  7. 6 Oliver 5 Harmes 4 Gawn 3 Frost 2 Brayshaw 1 Hunt
  8. I am not sure whether the option is lost at all! No applications have been lodged so there have been no refusals. Dan has no love ideologically for the (so-called) “East Melbourne lobby”.
  9. My humble worker’s cottage didn’t come with a basement! 😢
  10. I can’t believe Bill Shorten has promised the Pies a $70Million upgrade of their Olympic Park facilities, including a “Women’s Sports hub”! (As reported on the front page of this morning’s Herald Sun ) > This doesn’t inspire me to vote Labor! 😡
  11. I try to never miss a Grand Final. It is the highlight of my football year watching the Pies being beaten on the big stage!
  12. Lewis on Dustin Martin? Surely that will be an outstanding success! 🤔
  13. The Club has not broadcast their plans nor submitted them to Local or State authorities for approvals! When they do, if it gets up, then he is “smart”. It is the best position on a number of levels so I applaud the Club for pursuing it! I am assuming that they are getting first-class advice! 👍
  14. It is not as though Bedford or Chandler are likely to be surprise inclusions! Sparrow maybe? 😳
  15. On another note, I hope that it is an omen that so far this weekend, three “away” teams have triumphed! St Kilda is an away team! 😳
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