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  1. I cannot think of any other player on our list who improved to the same extent in 2019 that Frosty did. Many in fact went backwards IMHO. To say that there is no role for him with Lever and May having an injury-free preseason (which hasn’t happened yet) is ingenious and defies the role that he played this year in a ramshackle back half.
  2. Boyd! (Albeit only in the match that counted).
  3. At least you have observed and given it some thought, unlike some poster’s opinions. 👍
  4. With Frost ranked 8th, it makes the decision to offload him for peanuts even more idiotic (despite the Club’s spin).😳
  5. Seems to me something wrong if the reason that Frost is in jeopardy is because they gave Oscar a contract. Comparing the two, Oscar’s contract is a red herring. Even if you had to keep Oscar and play him at Casey, retaining Frost is a no-brainer IMHO. you only have to look at their averages: SAM FROST’S 2019 AVERAGES Disposals: 13.5 Marks: 4.3 Metres gained: 224 Intercept marks: 1.7 Intercept possessions: 7 OSCAR MCDONALD’S 2019 AVERAGES Disposals: 8.9 Marks: 2.6 Metres gained: 125 Intercept marks: 0.3 Intercept possessions: 3.4
  6. Balme was our coach. Remind me of his wonders?
  7. Flabbergasted that we would let Frosty go before Oscar.
  8. Baker is on par with our game’s best indigenous players in the way he can extricate himself from packs and make space ! 👌
  9. 4” = 103mm = 10.3 cm
  10. I don’t think Billy Brownless would agree with your view! 🤔
  11. I hope that he not only stays as a coach but puts in a few seasons with Casey, leading by example!
  12. Maybe a bit early to call, but I think Baker is going to be a Star in the back end of the season. Go Ginger Ninja!
  13. I would have preferred Viney for Lewis!
  14. 6 Oliver 5 Harmes 4 Gawn 3 Frost 2 Brayshaw 1 Hunt
  15. I am not sure whether the option is lost at all! No applications have been lodged so there have been no refusals. Dan has no love ideologically for the (so-called) “East Melbourne lobby”.
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