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  1. At least we will never need to reschedule Friday Night drinks...
  2. Have paid attention to this guy since the interest in him started. Haven’t seen anything that makes me want him. Himmelberg available?
  3. Wondering if random supporters can join the pre-season camp, and bust their guts showing the lads how to give everything you’ve got..
  4. Really worried that Brayshaw isn’t right in the head. Takes an eternity and no lateral vision (doesn’t help that Clarry didn’t block either)
  5. That sack of [censored] Walters has been falling over all game.. as Digger says... don’t touch him! Pathetic, Jonesy. time and place.
  6. I know Tommy isn’t this kind of player but I’d love see him just smash a few packs if he’s struggling one on one, or on the lead
  7. Bring Back Neitz. Would have at least crunched somebody under those hospital kicks.
  8. great vision by Hannan to get that to the captain.
  9. Already blowing up at these umpires... and we are in front!
  10. Most likely the AFL will come out and say it should have been a free and 50.
  11. Ryan and Rioli ran around doing whatever they liked all game. All the selfish, hang off the back of the pack garbage you'd expect that type of player to get away with against Melbourne. Commentary fawns over it as usual.
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