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  1. Out time will come. For the first time in years i feel we are heading in the right direction. JUt need to keep improving and for everyone to buy in (Including supporters)
  2. I too am a 1 eyed demon supporter of 34 years. Just love seeing a battler club win
  3. Typical Demonland [censored] comment right there. Nothibg wrong having a 2nd club to support
  4. What a weak [censored] of a thing to say. Guess you must be jelous.
  5. So proud of the Doggies. Such a proud club that has no excuses and continully bust there guts. Well done doggies.
  6. When does trade week actually start?
  7. Looks like ill be watching the footy next year with the volume turned off. Cant stand BT talking [censored] and bruce is too busy whacking off over the hawks, cats and Cyril.
  8. Pretty simple equation. If he is best 22 then we must look at him or anyone else for that matter. Yes he may have a few shockers but a change might be what he needs.
  9. Is it confirmed he did his knee? He has been great this year.
  10. I'd like him to stay, good luck to him if he pursues another club.
  11. After reading these 104 pages of speculation I'm no clearer if he is staying or going. To be honest i dont really care. Players come and go. Dont get me wrong, we need alot of compensation if indeed he does jump ship for whatever reason. I have faith in our list management dept.
  12. Good luck to the bombers whichever way they pick him up. He still has to get on the park to play.
  13. [censored] they are dreaming. Cant base it past potential when he cant get on the field
  14. This guy must be on the good stuff. What would draw you to Richmond in there current state.
  15. To be honest if he leaves he leaves. I would rather someone who wants to be at our club. Im sure we would get a good deal in return. Honestly i would not be suprised if they say he is putting it iff for another 12 months
  16. Gee i know rhis kid has some talent, but i am staggered of what they are asking for him. Surely now after the injuries etc and lack of games he is not worth a high first rounder and 800k. I would not be prepared to rake that risk. Happily welcome him to the bombers
  17. Would be nice to see the boys hopefully win some silverware. Is the Vfl finals format the same as the Afl?
  18. Can't believe the Lions sacked him via phone. What the F**K
  19. What time is the game? Im relying on the roller coaster of Demonland to get me through
  20. Fuckem i would just make him walk. Esendon can get farked. I dare say they will want Hogan, Viney and Brayshaw.
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