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  1. Browne also said that Freo had all the advantage in these deals and that we want May more than Hogan... So "in his opinion" it would be pick 5 and a second rounder.... I am setting myself up for disappointment here.. We arent going to get what we want
  2. Some of you people are far too precious! Jesus - we should re-draft Morton for the way we treated him over his career.. I'm sorry, but you guys are nuts if you think JT had no idea that was going to happen.. And I am very certain he would be happy enough to be close to making the best 22!! From where he has come from that is an achievement in itself! The coaches and selection staff don't have to answer to us for the reasons they do things and for those who think it is a massive lack of respect, think about what industry we are in! Most other clubs wouldn't even have JT on their list this year. AFL life is cutthroat, and the people complaining will be the first to call for his delisting when he inevitably plays a game this year...
  3. Two problems with picking the 2 ruckman set up that I noticed far too many times last night 1 - we kicked it long to the top of the goal square most times going forward last night. Made us extremely predictable and burnt some good leads by Watts, Hogan and Weid in doing so. 2 - pressure coming out of our forward line was non existent. They ran it out with ease. Early in the game when Spencer was on the bench we locked it in for some time and had a few scoring opportunities. This may also be helped by getting Vanderbilt, Kent and Jeff back. I still don't think we can go in with 2 rucks against STK and at Etihad I'd rather play Hogan, Watts and Trac as our three marking options and leave out both Weid and Spencer. Garlo played well too I thought! Took the game on and skills were decent when he did get it
  4. Is it just me, or is this not a very strong squad?? Trengove, Bugg, ANB, Garland, Spencer & Harmes are borderline best 25 players. If these guys play round 1 I am getting a bit concerned. Harmes probably hard done by a bit there Plus playing Spencer and Gawn is all well and good if Jake can do anything other than ruck. Right now we have the best big man in the AFL and we are going to have to play him forward (where Hogan, Weideman & Watts already are) to fit this other tall in. WAAAAY too top heavy. We desperately need Garlett, Kent and Hibberd back soon!
  5. And here I was thinking the days of the 20 page Jack Watts threads were all over...... Good luck and get back Wattsy! Better than ever hopefully!
  6. Top 10 from when I remember supporting around 1999 Yze Hogan Neitz Viney White Gawn Farmer Davey Jones Robertson I think a few current players will probably start overtaking this lot fairly quickly
  7. Jetta to finally receive some external recognition Hibberd to be in AA form at the halfway mark, but fade late. Hunt continue to exhillarate, albeit with inconsistencies Vince and Jones to spend more time on flanks and the wing with Angus, Oliver and Jack taking over and playing consistently well. The package gets rebranded to TRAC People will remember just how good Jesse is Gawn to a new level.
  8. Gotta have a crack at this B: N Jetta. T McDonald, S Frost HB: J Hunt, O McDonald, M Hibberd C: B Vince, D Tyson, N Jones HF: A Brayshaw, J Hogan, D Kent F: J Garlett, J Watts, C Petracca R: M Gawn, J Lewis, J Viney I: C Salem, B Stretch, C Oliver, J Melksham
  9. Don't be ridiculous! Absolute spud. Needed to rid our list of him finally!
  10. I don't get the love for Fitzy.. He is unorthodox. Is not in our best 6 forwards, and yes that does include Dawes, and is certainly not in our best 6 backs. I would be very surprised if another team was interested in him as well. He is simply NO GOOD
  11. 1. How did you start following the Demons? The run of wins in 2000 when I was just starting to love footy.. Jumped on board 2. Who was your very first favourite player and why? Yze would be the number 1, but I loved Woey and Tingay too 3. Best moment as a fan? I think the final against St Kilda when Chopper Carroll took Gehrig to the cleaners.. Young blokes stood up that day 4. Worst moment as a fan? The Semi Final against Adelaide when we fought so hard for the lead and a McLeod led Crows ran over the top of us.. 5. Anything else you would like to share? I have a massive love/hate/hate relationship with the Dees.. I love the red and blue too much, that losses hurt so much that I can't stand the sight of us.... For seven days
  12. There is absolutely no chance he is the next Martin.. He's no good.
  13. Things I see that worry me. a) No 24 - 25 year old mids to help take that load off Angus, Trac and Viney.. Jones and Vince will have to carry a load into their early 30's. b) Frost should be a key back. This will strengthen that depth when you have McDonald, Dunn, Frost, Fitz and Oscar. Garlo is more of a flanker c) Need more mids!!! d) Besides Hogan our KF depth is weak.. We really need to draft one this year. Would love a Lloyd, Lucas / Lynch, Brown -combo
  14. If Spencer or Gawn had to play on Lonergan on the weekend, they would have been no good forward of the ball either. Dawes needs to play as he does command a defender who will show some respect.. Yes he isn't the greatest option, but between him and Hogan they take the oppositions best talls.
  15. Viney has the unlikable quality to play against.. He actually likes hurting people.. He's not one to throw punches or cheap shots... But he will always do the hard things (heavy bump, tackle) that will make the opposition players think twice when he is in the area. Massive part of our future and we really take him for granted right now.. Wait till he plays 60 games and starts really hitting his straps.. He hasnt even played 40 games yet!
  16. Am I the only one who thought some of Gawn's hit outs were really valuable.. Yes he needs to hold more marks, but he is already better than Jamar and if those marks start sticking he is a very valuable player.
  17. I'd like: B: Jetta, Dunn, Frost (take Jenkins - then go with him as back up ruck) HB: Salem, McDonald, Garland C: Howe, Tyson, Lumumba HF: Kent, Dawes, Brayshaw F: Garlett, Hogan, Watts R: Jamar, Jones, Viney I: Cross, Newton, Michie Sub: Vince In: Michie Out: vandenBerg Having Viv in gives us an extra midfield rotation - which we desperately need. He has reportedly been in great form in the magoos too. I think we definitely need the back up ruck and unless Dawes does it, Frost needs to be in the side. He has to go back though and play. This in turn means that someone has to leave the back 6 - where I don't mind the idea of freeing Howe up a little bit and playing him on a wing. He can then drift all over the field and use his good marking as a target going out of the backline - plus he can drift back and sit as a loose man if he has to. The only reason I have vanders out is that he isn't being another rotation through the middle yet - other than that he would be in. Kent is quick and has goal sense - which is something we lack. He has X -factor.
  18. If Tomlinson were to go back up ruck for GWS, couldn't we just have Frost follow him around all day? Including in the ruck? It's a role Jackson Trengove plays for PA. Plays on the resting ruck and then just follows them into the ruck when they go in. Could have Dunn on McCarthy, McDonald/Garland on Cameron?
  19. If you want a bit of local flavour - head to the Waggon and Horses in North Hobart!! Plus the brothers of one of our beloved Dees players run/own it I know I'll be there, drinking Australia's finest brew (Cascade Draught) ha
  20. Reckon we have seen close to our starting 22 B: Jetta, McDonald, Garland HB: Salem, Dunn, Grimes C: Lumumba, Tyson, Newton HF: Kennedy-Harris, Pederson, Watts F: Garlett, Hogan, Frost R: Jamar, N Jones, Cross I: Vince, vandenBerg, Viney SUB: Kent Emerg: Howe, Toumpas, M Jones Think only one of Howe and Vince play. They won't risk both players. So I go with the experience and class of Vince. Howe will play one more week then come in. Kent gets a game as the sub. If he had've played one of the last 2 NAB games he is starting. Frost plays as the second ruck and gets subbed off. I don't think the forward experiment will last too long. Pederson plays for Dawes in Rd 1. We will miss him, he is in good form and has had a big PS Bail makes way for JKH, who will come straight back in. I think M Jones will play, but have Vince as the player who takes his spot. We need Viney more as we need the midfield rotations, plus he has been used as a tagger in PS. Toumpas needs confidence in the twos. It won't hurt him. Brayshaw is a massive chance to play rd 1 too. Think they will give him another week or 2 though.
  21. Pretty sure that depending on what happens this week in regard to the GF, we will either be playing Geelong down at Skilled or Gold Coast in GC next week. Would rather play GC and try and go into the season on a winning note I think.
  22. I've heard a little whisper: 1 Whitfield 2 Menzel 3 Plowman 4 Toumpas 5 O'Rourke 6 Macrae 7 Grundy 8 Wines 9 Vlastuin 10 Daniher Call me stupid, but I've heard GWS love Menzel and Plowman.
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