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  1. There is 1 KPI not mentioned yet and it is often used when negotiating contracts. It is where you place in the Best & Fairest. When shipping off Watts it was always mentioned he never got in the top 10 at the B&F. MFC may be waiting till after the B&F and where Frosty finishes before offering a contract. Frosty was 8th in the Demonland player of the year and a similar result at the B&F would increase his worth.
  2. For those with short memories here is the 2007 draft in which master was taken, There are some interesting names and he was taken pick 3 just before Cale Morton. McEvoy at 9 and Dangerfield at 10 with Rioli at 12 wow. Shows that the gems can be later than expected. Furthermore Tarrant at 15 harry taylor 17 and Alex Rance 18. For me I think we can do better than Masten
  3. You are correct that Jared Rivers coaches a VFL side and is a life member at MFC and still very close to most of the MFC players. Say no more
  4. His foot injury is not my opinion but direct from a former team mate who left, retired and now coaches a VFL side.
  5. I believe it is the brain child of Gary Pert and mimics what he did at Collingwood. It would be of interest if any of our Collingwood contacts remember this being done and how often along with the format of the meeting.
  6. I filled in an online petition some started with a submission to re-sign Frosty. It is run by change.org I think it would be a grave error in judgement to not offer Sam an new contract, but then the FD have made a few blunders in recent times. I cannot divulge more without giving away my identity
  7. One of the things I admire about the current setup is that there are NO leaks. For all we know a review has been done and while we are emotionally invested we are not in the loop who this is info is supplied too. We rely on opinion, rumour and innuendo. Roos gave sound reason why you don't have an external review and reminded us all that the board meets regularly to look at and review each department. The club is constantly reviewing itself and without knowing the exact information we can see that at mid year some serious re arranging of coaching staff occurred. In the last 8 games there was always at least 2 first year players in the lineup often irregardless of form and players sent off you season ending surgery. I suggest there has been lots going on and several assistant coaches have moved on, again this didn't happen by accident. The external stuff and leaks of info are not about fixing things but appeasing the excess number of journos and the insatiable desire supporters want in order to see justification for what is happening at the club. Be patient sit back and see how much of the so called stuff actually happens. The club has plans to have a members forum later this year where members will be invited to hear what is going on and express their opinions give feedback.
  8. Jack will be the first to admit it hasn't been his best season. He had half a game at Casey in their last practise match and then came into the team for game one against the Power, as did Jones. Not the ideal prep for a season and that foot injury has to be managed and will never be 100%. He has a role to play in the team and most times does it to the best of his ability. I wouldn't trade him but wish he would learn to use his right foot instead of always turning on his left and to occasionally not get drawn to the contest and cover the outside. He has been told to toe it down as he is so footy focused he can be annoying to the other players. he has on occasions admitted that he needs to backoff onfield and on the track when communicating to his team mates. Nothing that cannot be fixed and let him develop.
  9. Someone stated elsewhere that Jamie Elliot was a free agent and in MFC sights. Maybe that is the other free agent. Not sure I like the idea but have to trust the footy dept.
  10. Thanks for you service Jade your efforts are appreciated. He got a good offer to join his younger brother at the Kangas so good luck to hime. It doesn't appear he was pushed but decided to move on. In terms of coaching intellect he is a big loss and one of the few coaches who has achieved his level 4 coaching training. Good luck Jade
  11. 2 delisted and Lewis, Maynard and yet to be confirmed Smith retiring which is 5 off the list and we realistically have 4 draft picks. With 4 off the main list and 1 off the rookie I believe that any other moves will be trades or swaps.
  12. Viney in Italy, Hunt in Sri lanka and Max posted on Instagram he has taken his bike with him to Europe. Holiday mode
  13. And we would not play him at CHF and only saw him as a beckman. He thrived at Carlton up forward, we got that one wrong.
  14. Well GCS are a very weak team. On the other hand Port bought in three first year draftee, Rozee, Duursma & Butters who played 22, 20 &19 games respectively. This is an excellent return on an investment in youth. One would hope with the core group of MFC regulars high draft picks could flourish with us
  15. Thanks Drunkn all the best to Dec he is a ripping bloke who even posed for pic with my daughter and her dog at family day. Polite, easy to talk to and a gentleman. I wish him all the best in his football future.
  16. MFC have exit interviews till Wednesday so I doubt there will be a Mad Monday maybe Thursday!!!
  17. I read in a VFL report that Tim Smith has announced his retirement. Can anyone confirm this please?
  18. Thanks Demonland that is a great summation of the contested possession winners. To my surprise even though I think Clarrie handballs to much his kick to handball ration isn't that much different to the other gun mids in Neale, Fyfe and Cunnington. I wish he would kick more goals and maybe it is the quality of handballs or their outcome that lets him down. Another thought is that is a setup/organisation thing where rather than handball to an outside mid he dishes off to a ten mate who is also in the contest. Dangerfield is the only mid who kicks more than he handballs. Something the coach and midfield coach ned to work on
  19. It has been shown many times over that players who don't have a full pre season often have a poor year. Jones and Viney both had minimal pre seasons and played their first half a game for Casey a week out from the season opener. I am not saying they will be better next year but it comes as no surprise that they got off to bad starts and had ordinary seasons It is common for a player over 30 to be offered year to year contracts with incentives. Boomer Harvey did it for many years quite successfully Viney is problematic with his foot but still has a role to play in the team but I don't think he should be captain. I like what the club has done with the Jones contract offer if what he hear is true. He may not like it but I hope he will back himself to have a great pre season and play games next year and thereafter. I suspect he will only be offered annual contracts by MFC for the remaining duration of his time with us. If GC have offered the security of 3 years up north then it is up to Jones to make a pragmatic decision on what is best for him. He should, in my opinion, step down from the captaincy and expect that he may (if he stays) spend time at Casey just as Bernie did last year without a complaint
  20. No for me! We already have too many inside mids who cannot kick. There is a reason he has been dropped 4 times and the new configuration doesn't suit hime and his only role is as a tagger. We need elite outside run and kicking
  21. On this note the recent discussion about the culture at hawthorn says a lot. Should Roughead get a farewell game? Well he did but the Hawks mantra is that you never get gifted a game. It goes back to the days of Dermie when interviewed about Roughy also said when you look back at your Hawthorn career you know you earned every game. No freebies, no sentiment and that is why Hodge retired, Lewis and Mitchell were moved on and Roughy has spent most of the season in the 2's I hope Jones accepts the offer of 1 year, surrenders the captaincy and is prepared to play at Casey and develop the next gen because sadly he will not be in the next team to play in a GF
  22. Just read the article and it suggests Tim Smith Keilty JKH and Garlett unlikely to get new contract Guy Walker has shoulder problem and Maynard and Lewis are retiring. That is 7 of the list and 5 of the senior list with the rules saying we have to delist a minimum of 3. Anyone else of the list would be a trade
  23. Forget the personalities and let us look at what we want the captain to do and what abilities should he have. Let us treat it as a job application. 1. In absence of runners, someone who can weigh up the game and organise the team. Footy smarts to put it bluntly and the respect of players so they will do what he demands. Think Hodge, Selwood, Cotchin and Hurn. In the event of a run or when the opposition is on top someone who can re-organise on field and is the extension of the coach 2. Someone who provides leadership on and off the field. The position is Club Captain not match day captain. Leads by example in games, at training and away from the club 3. Media savvy. No potting players in public, ability to front the cameras and take the heat and questions. Being articulate and able to speak in public is good 4. Ability to develop and grow into the role and commit to further training and development 5. Have some leadership experience Having said this I am happy for others to add to the job description and requirements for the job. There is no-one on the list who satisfies all those requirements but some who cauldron grow into it. I suspect the idea behind Viney and Jones is the hope between them they provide the above and create a succession plan. I think the Viney/Jones hybrid lacks footy noise and ability to lift and lead. If need be leave Viney there but add Max and develop him as he has most of the skills and the potential to grow in the job. Then groom others in the group for the role IMO Lever is a natural born leader but has dodgy knees, T Mac and Melksham come to mind Comments requested
  24. Of course I will renew as I do every year with the MCC subscription. Now more than ever the club needs our support and not joining doesn't assist and I don't think it is a protest. The club is aware of supporter dissatisfaction and if you want to protest do say via membership otherwise your comment won't be read. Also don't take it out on the volunteer who may ring you next year when you haven't rejoined. Don't shoot the messenger.
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