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  1. Of course I will renew as I do every year with the MCC subscription. Now more than ever the club needs our support and not joining doesn't assist and I don't think it is a protest. The club is aware of supporter dissatisfaction and if you want to protest do say via membership otherwise your comment won't be read. Also don't take it out on the volunteer who may ring you next year when you haven't rejoined. Don't shoot the messenger.
  2. I assume the weather has set in as it has closer to the city and play has become quite difficult. Any senior players present?
  3. 6- Melksham the only forward 5- Lewis. effort and solid 4- Lever. took marks and ran not an easy backline to defend in 3- Frost. please offer him a contract, has a go 2- Petracca. surprise ruck but took him to the contest and he competed 1- Gawn. The only leader in the team To the midfield who got smashed yet again. Collectively win the selfish award. Why because they are all trying to get a kick and not doing the team thing and looking for cheapies and stats to make them look good. I was horrified the number of times team mates spoiled each other going for the same ball. Coaches -10 for overseeing this garbage and leaving us with absolutely no visible style or brand as they like to call it
  4. Well done Kade on your debut. A great kid who is small (174 cm) but quick. Noted at U18 for his forward defensive pressure so I can see why he is being tried even if others cannot. Early season at gate 3 handing out scarves we were swamped and the players who came to just to meet and greet actually hopped in and assisted. If my memory serves me well It was Kade, Billy, Oscar Baker and Jordon or Walker (memory failing). Kade was first to put his hand up and took up a role immediatly at the table with many a supporter being handed their scarve by this young man. Similarly Oscar Baker was assisting organising the queue with Stretch & Jordon was behind the counter unpacking. They stayed way past their scheduled time and impressed me greatly with their character and willingness to work. Kade looks so young but will now have payed at least 1 game of AFL more than I ever did.
  5. I am so sad to hear this and my condolences to the family. Such a great person he will be missed. I met him on so many occasions at family days etc with his family and was happy to be one of the crowd but such a gentleman. My best story was at Luna Park where Frank and grand children where in the queue to get Jack Watts signature and no-one around including Jack knew who he was. I knew who he was, as he was my late mums favourite and suggested that maybe Bluey should be signing autographs as a premiership hero. Introduced him to Jack who didn't know who he was and but then started asking him questions about all those flags. He will forever be remembered in 1955 (I was 2 months old) for that short lived finals appearance of a few seconds when late in the Grand Final he sprinted onto the ground of the bench and collided with wingman Des Healy of Collingwood. Both ended up unconscious. Healy had won the Copeland that year and never played again at age 28 while Bluey went on to win 6 premierships. Another of that great era has passed.
  6. I thought that we got smashed in the midfield with Sidebottom seemingly always on his own, Pendlebury never fumbling. We were down on both wings as well which is no surprise with baker and Dunkley learning the trade. Someone needs to tell Clarry to gain some composure, as he is always in a hurry and handbills before the recipient is ready. He should kick more instead of those errant handballs. They got so much run of half back and we got none. Such a low skilled game neither team should be happy.
  7. 6 Fritch 5 May 4 Trac 3 JKH 2 Harmes That is it in an awful game with terrible skills and our usual butchering and turning over off the ball.
  8. Mac as backup ruckman .....really. I hope Drysdale is correct and there are late changes ie Hore and Stretch. Oscar can never say he wasn't given opportunities
  9. In May, Hore and Stretch Out Oscar, Preuss & Wagner or Dunkley Move Salem into the centre and leave him there to develop as a mid or stick Trac in the middle and let him develop into the midfielder we hoped to get with pick 2. Hunt to a wing and JKH back to where he started as a forward pocket rover/pressure forward Jones May Lever Hibberd Frost Hore Baker Salem Hunt Trac Petty Melksham JKH Oliver Fritta Gawn Brayshaw Viney Stretch Harmes Dunkley Lewis 1 ruckman and someone else nominated to play the Grigg role as Richmond did so successfully. If not stick with Preuss and omit Dunkley.
  10. Suggested yesterday that Stevens goes to Geelong, Kelly goes to Free and Hill goes to the Saints with swaps of late draft picks. No good for us but seems a good fit with 3 players who want to play elsewhere. If we get pick 2 please take Noah Anderson and do not trade it away for anybody
  11. I won't repeat what other posters have listed as there are some obvious ideas. History is against us because in the last 9 years only Richmond rebounded after 1 year. Incidentally they won a flag on the rebound. Most teams have taken a couple of years to rebound and often they don't. Missing this year is a Garlett type forward who kicks goals. Look at Brisbane with Cameron, W.C. with Ryan, Rioli, Cripps and Cameron, Hawthorn always had Rioli and Bruest. Richmond won a flag with a small forward line in which everybody contributed goals. A huge gap in our forward line setup that needs to be addressed Midfielders who kick goals. Gus, Viney, Clarry and Harmes don't kick goals. The top teams have mids who love to stream down the ground and kicks goals our guys would rather handball, usually to someone in a worse position,
  12. I listened to Richo being interviewed and he has no desire to be a senior coach again. He sees himself as a development coach and that is his area of strength. As luck would have it we have a vacancy for a development coach with McCartney's departure. Rich is much more of a people person than the hard edge of Macca. Already the club has recruited in a lot of youth with Sparrow, Jordan, Bedford, Dunkley and Chandler. If we don't trade of our high draft picks we will have 3 maybe 4 more kids come in.Fertile ground for a development coach to manufacture the next tier of players under Viney, Gus, Clarry and Harmes
  13. I heard Viney on SEN this morning and in between the ummms and errs he was asked about skills and such. I was surprised but on reflection i agree that the issues were there last year. He stated that we made the 8 and continued a good late season run but the clangers weren't as obvious with a full list. He gave the impression the club was well aware of its limitations this area. This year they stick out again but with a lesser team, little or no confidence they are huge. It would be worth looking back last year at our kicking efficiency and clanger count. Remember the games we weren't supposed to drop in 18 and the deplorable game in the prelim. I can see that this is not a sudden drop in footy skills which doesn't bode well for next season unless the fitness guru is a kicking (field & goal) and handball hitting targets guru. Or move on and trade out those who simply cannot hit a target
  14. Martin Flanagan is a superb writer and demon tragic. I wold never mss his regular articles in the Age. Met him at Robbie Flowers service and thanked him for the brilliant story he wrote about Tulip. His writing reflects his connection with footy especially at local levels and grass roots footy all of which came through in this interview. Rob Murphy was a perfect foil for him. He finished off when they asked about the culture atMFC and he started by stating that they are the world longest established club at senior level. He likened them to a tragedy & a comedy. He thought that Barassi moving to Carlton, modernised both them and the modern game, turning it into the running game we know now. Sadly MFC has been slow to adapt. He then said the best thing MFC could do now moving forward was make Max captain and detailed why. Well worth listening to. I agree! Note Martin said Max should be club captain and that captaining the club is different to just captaining the team on match day. It is his off field presence and personality as well as his fierce desire to perform on field and ability to lift players around him. He certainly has the current co-captains covered with his media savvy and appeal to club supporters IMO
  15. Agree we miss the speed of the Garlett of old but his prime has past and Vanders I suspect may never play again. There is an urgent need to recruit a Garlett type of small goal kicking forward who tackles.
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