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  1. Maybe not looking at the longer term. His foot issue is serious and if Jones stands down I think it would be wise to name another co-captain.
  2. My first thought was that he reminded me of Steven Stretch playing on the wing. Tall balanced and quick I hope they persevere with him.
  3. Jack has his deficiencies but he lacks nothing in courage and will to win. His foot is not good and will not get better. He will need to be managed for the remainder of his career however long that may be and I would always have him in my team.
  4. Fritsch is having the 2nd year blues and doesn't have the game to play down back. He is missing targets and his skill drops when put under pressure. I am sure he will develop into a fine footballer but not down back.
  5. I only wanted the team to show some endeavour and compete as there were some predicting a smashing. No we didn't win but I thought that the best 4 quarter effort for the year. The team took chances and made mistakes but no one can fault the effort. My disappointment is with the established players who just don't stay in the game for long enough. Trac could have been anything tonight but he has a lot of maturing to do in the footy smarts. I loved Maxies game, he was awesome. I loved the run of Hunt and his attack on the ball. Harmes never stops running and Clarry was back running and creating. I was impressed with Marty Hore and noted that Baker shows some poise and speed an. Consider that with so many injuries we have players in the team with limitations but it was TMac, Trac and Garlett who failed in front of goal and they are are go to players. Kennedy rarely misses and two of Shuey's snaps were unbelievable. It was very notable how much better the Eagles field kicking was and ours was horrible. We made the yards and entries by overlap handball and some will not play many more games because they cannot kick. As for the umpires I thought that it was only one who imposed himself on the game, Dean Margetts the other 2 didn't appear to make many decisions it was all Mr W.A. I hope Eddie creates a groundswell of criticism against Margetts a) for pinging Smith for holding the ball and b) for not paying a free for a sling tackle. The scores were level and Smith about to snap for goal.
  6. I wonder if one of our key backs is under a cloud with Petty named in the team and Pruess as an emergency. Wet conditions forecast for Perth. Gee, it is a young team and in the emergencies Pruess & Wagner have some senior experience but Chandler & Sparrow are first year. Will Casey be able to field a team? I suspect emergencies will be on the first flight home Friday night in time for the VFL. Congratulations and good luck to Oskar on his debut
  7. Well done Nathan on achieving 272 games. Nathan showed last night that his best football is still in the middle feeding of Max's taps. Jonesy isn't a winger but gives it all he has but no-one roves to Max as he does. Clarry, Viney and Gus could all learn from Jones on this art. Harmes is IMO the closest to Jones with his reading of the Max tapout. I would rather left sided only, Viney stayed in the forward line and worked on locking the ball in our half
  8. In anyone who is fit and able. Only 6 MFC listed players available for Casey today (and still won). Hibberd definitely out and doubt on Lewis and Melksham doesn’t leave a lot. Only outs are the injuries just for stability Coach loathe to make unforced changes but Pruess was BOG today at Casey.
  9. 1. Oliver 2. Salem 3. Melksham 4. Jones 5. Frost 6. Harmes
  10. -At premium members function yesterday the Viney's were guest speakers. Jack referred to Todd as dad, then as the old man and finally started calling him Todd which was funny. Jack was questioned about whether he saw Stack and admitted he did and was happy to take him on. Post-collision was spent crouched on the ground assessing the damage. Todd stated that both May and Lever are ahead of schedule and he expects them back very soon. Jack is hoping to return next week as is Preuss.
  11. I can add to this story. For the last few years, a mates son Charlie Allen has been the club "Load Manager". What that meant was, he monitored all the players training and health needs, in particular, the GPS units on their backs. He organised blood tests, fitness assessments and whether they were actually doing the work Mission set them. Some stories I cannot tell but Charlie was keeping them honest and kept a keen eye on their activity on and off the field. After the season Charlie was offered fewer hours and eventually let go. He was headhunted by the firm that imports and manages those GPS units as he is one of the few people in Australia with so much experience with the units, their data handling and what it all meant. It was good for Charles as it meant a much better job, greater prospects and more money. He was also good enough to give me all his MFC merchandise, pity we changed sponsors. I have no idea if the club replaced him but his C.V. is impressive and he worked in Canberra with the A.I.S before he came to us and with his number of degrees etc I doubt someone of his expertise would just walk in off the street. It may just be a coincidence but there is enough FUGAZI to suggest some players had a good long Christmas and I ask who was monitoring them as the club no longer lists a "Load Manager" position.
  12. 4 of that group in their first year and first game for the club.
  13. Pruess definitely being held over for Thursday and Stretch and Hore stayed on the bench for the entire first quarter. Casey is playing worse than the seniors. Slow, cannot hit a target, badly beaten on the outside and very few who look like they will press for senior selection
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