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  1. My kids are split and don't all barrack for Melbourne
  2. I have seen and spoken to Paul as he still attends MFC games and at the golf club for grand final week pennant he is in melbourne colours.
  3. Former Melbourne player and test cricketer Graeme Watson passed away yesterday from cancer at the age of 75 . Recruited from the Ormond amateurs, where he had been a star full-forward, Watson was tried as a wing, centre and rover in his first season debuting in round 3 1964 with the Demons. He was named as an emergency for both the Semi Final and Grand Final sides in his debut year. Watson played just five matches in his second year after suffering two broken jaws and retired to focus on his cricket. I believe he was one of 3 sportsmen who played for MFC and and MCC as well as for Victoria in cricket. The others were Peter Bedford and Harry Graham with Watson and Graham also playing test cricket for Australia. There is a wonderful article and tribute to "Beatle" as he was known by Ian Chappell the link is here https://wwos.nine.com.au/cricket/ian-chappells-heartfelt-tribute-to-graeme-watson-after-former-aussie-cricketer-loses-cancer-battle/2b520db5-fa9f-45d9-ad4c-7394129b97be
  4. What a huge disappointment and so frustrating that nothing much has changed from last year. The turnovers were appalling, I cannot believe the game plan is to bomb it to the best intercept marking backline in the league but every time we kicked a point ( 1goal 5 behinds from set shots) the ball would slingshot down the ground to the Eagles forward line. Precision kicking, short kicks to advantage and end to end without our guys getting a touch. What are we teaching them? I also think we practised social distancing from our opponents because no-one went near Gaff (30 touches) no one wanted to tackle and no-one would go near Liam Ryan. Shocker start to the season and thank god we don't play GWS next week. Don't care if the footy does come back after that error riddled waste of 2 hours.
  5. Not just games being cancelled. Midweek meeting for club volunteers orientation cancelled and today at the Coterie Golf day coaches, players and staff not allowed to play. The club has been instructed to quarantine itself from any unnecessary contact with non staff who may harbour the virus. As soon as a player or coach tests positive then you have no team for 14 days and game/season over.
  6. Is it possible that MFC will reside itself at Casey away from the G? It keeps the playing group of both teams together ie isolates them far from the fans
  7. A very good point. Jetta is just the best mentor around and a relative (correct me if wrong) of the Picket clan. max is very personable and his story and 6 years for the penny to drop was pertinent. maybe Viney is just too full on or max & new had a specific message to share.
  8. Seriously!! You should be ashamed for accusing Max of shirking an issue. He was in hospital all week with sepsis, prior to round 1 and should not have played. Can you site any other time Max has taken a short step? Just because Viney likes to bump bodies does not make him captain material. How did the bump on Stack work out? The kid fixed Viney up and cost him 2 weeks. There is a fine line between courage and stupidity. Max is a leader, articulate and has the playing group behind him. Max is just as driven and trains harder than anyone else at the club. He leads by example in all facets of the game. I have no complaint with Viney but he is too one dimensional in his leadership which may come with time. No, it isn't a popularity contest but a reflection on the role Jones played filling in the areas of captaincy where Jack was lacking. Not having Jones as co-captain is another factor in the change. As for honesty I quote the great Leigh Mathews who is a great corporate speaker when he warns "Brutal honesty leaves scars and isn't always the best avenue to set standards or achieve your goal". Don't question how high Max sets the bar or his courage!
  9. The inaugural Bulldogs AFWL coach mentioned this 2 years ago as guest speaker at a lunch. There was an awareness that many of the ligament injuries occurred coinciding with the monthly cycle but there was no direct correlation. It was assumed that hormonal changes may be a contributing factor but also mentioned the different pelvis structure and running gait may contribute. The complication for a club is would you not select someone because of their cycle. Equally many players don't get injured when they play at that time of the month. Certainly there are lots of knee redo's performed on netballer and one orthopaedic surgeon I know said he did way more redo's on net ballers than footballers. If there is a direct correlation what will the clubs do about it?
  10. My mates theory from the team photo is that the captain always sits on the right of the coach. Gawn has pole position with Viney either co captain or vice captain. Nev in the group with TMac & Lever and it would be no surprise to see Jones in their too.
  11. Thanks again you have captured training for this of us who cannot get there.
  12. This is good news. At this time last year one commentator (I cannot remember who) from S.A. likened him to Dangerfield at the same age. Explosive pace and hard at it. Let us hope he gets a good run at it this season
  13. Jordan lewis on SEN late afternoon was asked about Smith and stated that he had a cut on his foot that kept him off the track today.
  14. For all the rough stuff mentioned Paddy was a gentleman. He was my first coach at Caulfield in the VFA and such a contrast from Tony Jewell who he took over from. Tony was fiery and could give a spray and left you in doubt about what he thought whereas I don't think I ever heard Paddy swear who was measured and always referring to Len Smith's coaching notes. A great career as a footballer and a wonderful man. My condolences to the family and may he rest in peace.
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