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  1. Thanks for the training reports Sayy and the pictures, much appreciated. Someone asked if Jordan had bulked up but I am more interested in Sparrow. In know Burgess said last week that bulk isn't ideal for our game now perhaps he meant they need power and speed without the bulk. Back to Sparrow, last season one of the many commentators was asked, who of our crop of draftees would play senior games for MFC. Without hesitation he said Tom Sparrow who he thought was a steal. He likened him at the same stage to Dangerfield which of course is easy to say and Tom's year was cruelled by a knee injury. I would keep a close watch on this one as the pre season develops.
  2. Quoting the famous "The castle" line "Tell them they are dreaming. He wants 5 years at a million a year for many club wanting him in the pre season draft.
  3. Interested in his thought on the difference in training at Arsenal. Concedes soccer is less physical but their traing loads are higher and centre around pace, agility and speed of the mark. Fascinated that Robbie Graysons would be considered average for agility in premier league. I suspect the greater training for speed and take off may lower the number of hamstring injuries which is still the number 1 injury causing loss of game time.
  4. Grapeviney that is pure gold thank you for sharing the story.
  5. MFC had a data manager or as they called him the Load manager in 2017. To some, he was the guy that loaded those GPS gadgets into the back of the players jumpers. In conjunction with the fitness staff he was also responsible for blood testing, ie Haemoglobin and White cell counts etc to ensure they weren't getting run down with training etc. He was poached by the company that sold the GPS units, with his knowledge he now markets them internationally. He has more sports degrees than I can name and worked at the AIS unfortunately the club saw fit not to replace him. Not sure what they were analysing this year but 2019 was a stinker This appointment suggests that the club has decided that they need to collect the big data and compare it with previous years and what the other clubs are using. Think of it as doing the 1% in the hope of getting a slight advantage over other teams. Correct it won't help if the team cannot kick or has poor skills. I can only assume that Burgess wants data analysis as part of his entire fitness regime.
  6. Bernie Massey, Phil Rhoden (briefly) maybe even Alan Johnston later on occasionally, Derek Feldman
  7. The question to ask is will he improve our team or fill a gap in our playing list. In my opinion the answer is NO and Fritch can more than adequately fill the role. Remember Richmond spent years poaching Collingwood players as payback and it got them nowhere. If Carlton want him they can have him. They have played Gold Coast to get him for nothing and ironically the last time I remember this they took Nick Stevens from Port. Clubs have long memories and it will come back and bite the Blues as Martin just isn't worth $700K.
  8. THanks for the table and updates. With 35 seniors and 4 rookies we can add 5 players to the mix. Realistically we have 2 viable picks in the national draft unless we split pick 3 and I don’t consider pick 97 as viable/useable. I doubt we would take more than 1 in the PSD but there are a lot of players without clubs at the moment. I can see a scenario where we take 2 picks in the top 10, upgrade 2 rookies and take on 2 new rookies and then 1 player in the PSD.
  9. Would we rookie one of them if the cards don’t fall right in the national and PSD? 3 picks in the national draft unless we split pick 3
  10. Well Max will certainly miss Frosty. I still think we will regret getting rid of him.
  11. Most clubs pass on picks that late. Maybe no-one or as mentioned the rookie upgrade. Lots of space on the rookie list now.
  12. I am not sure whaat MFC have in mind for the PSD or rookie draft but we only have 3 selections in the national draft. Stretch and JKH not offered contracts yet and may have to wait till all drafts. It would be unfair and most unlike MFC to delist players after the PSD. This said I wouldn't go after martin. He wants big coin and I believe he would be competing for a spot with Melksham, Fritter and Hannan. His strength is his overhead making and he can kick goals. We need a small forward in the mould of Papley, Myers (at Geelong) or Rioli (the Cyril variety). Draft what you need not because he is unexpectedly available or has potential. That is all Martin is a tease who hasn't played to his potential.
  13. Jake Nial also reporting in the Age the same scenario. GWS must be crazy desperate for pick 3 offering pick 6 and next years first rounder.
  14. Given the way he has been treated by the club no surprise. He did not want to leave and was effectively hung out to dry. Gawn is holidaying with him and did not want the club to ditch him. Content that the club had too many backs and saw a way to balance the list but some of the unfounded rumours thrown about here are just that rumours. I wish Sam well and the chapter is closed
  15. I think that now that the Saints have split their pick we won't split ours. I agree with others that we go to the draft with pick 3 and pick the best, classiest we can as we need more A graders. Bid for Green if we want to, remembering you can trade picks live on draft day. No offence to Bonar he is another big bodied mid with 2 knee redo's no thanks. I also believe that Saints will have to trade away players if they want to get everybody in who they are chasing.
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