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  1. The Saints had a great win last night against the premiership favourites, they play Etihad very well. Their style of play suits playing on the quick track under the roof, same goes for the Dogs and North. But in my opinion teams who play Etihad well or play home games at Etihad don’t win premierships. The last team to win the flag and play home game at Etihad was when Essendon beat us in 2000. The Saints went close in 09 and 10 but couldn’t quite get the job done on the G. I think and hope that Roos/Goodwin are trying to build a game style that will stand up on the G under finals pressure.
  2. Pretty sure Hogan didn't play against the dogs in the NAB challenge. I also think Jesse will kick 4-5 on the weekend.
  3. I think the only way to make a completely fair draw is to play everybody twice, One at home and one away. That makes 34 games. To combat the extra games - I would scrap the NAB cup, straight into the real thing. Clubs to organise there own practice games if they want them. -Play footy seven days a week (AFL would love this) with teams only getting 5-6 day brakes -Increase the team list size too say 50-55 with a player only aloud to play around 25 of the 34 home and away games for the season. Clubs would have to learn how to manage their lists, rest good players against weaker sides (might make for a few upsets). -probably make for larger number of bad games but every sporting comp in the world has bad games. -still doesn’t fix the problems with dead rubbers. Probably a bad idea but I like footy, the more the better:) Note- I’m not a word smith so please excuse my spelling and grammar.
  4. not sure, but it might be wires from his broken jaw.
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