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  1. I was at the last two rounds of the championship. He looked great in both games. One of those small forwards that give you the feeling something is going to happen whenever they're near the ball. Knows how to find the goals, is really clean and applies great pressure. It goes without saying he's the sort of player we need in our forward line. No idea where he's projected to be drafted.
  2. Keeping my eye on Ash, Gould, Flanders, Serong and Stephens of those listed. It was my first time watching most of these guys on Friday, however I though Green looked the best of the lot.
  3. This guy is an animal. Put on a clinic today. He's more Shannon Hurn than Jeremy McGovern though.
  4. Noticed him in last year's carnival. He's hard to miss! Was the standout KP player on the ground vs Vic Metro.
  5. To regular Casey watchers, is this Lefau kid a draft chance? Only caught the last quarter but man he has some toe.
  6. Wanna bet? $20 says May is a Demon this time tomorrow.
  7. We'll get 2 first round picks for Hogan. That would be about right in my view. May is worth pick 5 to us, at this point in the side's development. You draft kids with high picks in the hope they will get you to this point, high picks are of less value now we are here. Players that fill immediate weak points in our team are worth more than just about any draft pick.
  8. You'd wait a year, in our premiership window, because you're unwilling to part ways with a draft pick that will almost certainly not have a dramatic impact on our side in the next 3 years? Personally I'd just get it done if he wants to play for us.
  9. GC won't cop pick 11 for Steven May, nor should they. Pick 5 is a good result for all parties. Get it done!
  10. I'm baffled that there are fans who would be hesitant to give pick 5 for May. Our list is nearly in the contender sweet spot, there is no potential draftee that will help us win a flag more than May over the next 3 years. Even if there was, you are no guarantee to get them in what is almost a lucky draw anyway.
  11. If that plays out, you take Rankine and run. The guy would walk into our best 22, he's the most AFL ready player in this draft.
  12. Smart players use the rules to their advantage.
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