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  1. Wrong. Delisting senior players is one thing, doing it in the fashion we did is another. Absolutely appalling way to treat guys who'd given their all to the club for the bulk of their careers.
  2. He'll play the Cam Pedersen role for us. Solid pick up.
  3. I agree, but we don't know what other sides are planning. If we think he's our guy, but think the Dogs will take him at 13, you've just gotta bite the bullet.
  4. Hayden Young - not actually that good.
  5. I was at that game. Walked away thinking he was the best player I saw. Put on a clinic.
  6. Other than Weideman (who could still be a player), all of the listed players were drafted 3rd Round or lower. You can hardly expect to hit on a KPP taken with a low pick - with the exception of ruckman, good talls are overwhelmingly drafted early.
  7. Perhaps I misheard, but I reckon he said Jackson is right in the mix at pick 3. I think Twomey must have heard a few rumours, because he was very quick to ask the Jackson question.
  8. And if he's any good by then we'll get a kings ransom in return. We've seen this before (see Watts/Naitanui). With early picks you should always be in the business of getting the best talent, regardless of position. Then back yourselves in to create a culture that makes them want to stay.
  9. I remember when a significant portion of draft watchers on here wanted us to take Jayden Laverde because of his electric highlights package. Similarly, most here thought Parish was a can't miss prospect and were upset when we drafted a fat ranga at pick 3 instead of him. I love the draft. I love picking my favourites. But let's not pretend we have a clue how any of these guys will go, especially if you're forming strong opinions off highlights packages.
  10. Yes please. Absolute jet. Get the feeling he'll make some teams regret passing on him, especially if he slips out of the top 10.
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