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  1. Understandably looked a bit overawed on the big stage, but laid an equal game high nine tackles. Had a crack.
  2. Two goals and eleven behinds since quarter time. Leave it to Melbourne to save their best for member appreciation round.
  3. Wow. Heeney shanks the ball while having a set shot and hits a teammate right on the chest. No defenders in sight. What a time to be alive.
  4. Members appreciation round off to a superb start as always.
  5. On the bright side, congratulations on OMac for joining the exclusive 589th kick, first goal club.
  6. Although Fritsch was serviceable in defense, I get the feeling he could've had a seriously special year had he been playing in the forward line for the full season. He's very much capable of booting 45+ goals over a year. Hopefully his last month is a taste of what's to come in 2020.
  7. The end of this season honestly can't come quickly enough. What an unmitigated disaster of a year. Maxy, I hope you enjoy your second B&F trophy. You've bloody earned it.
  8. Gonna be tough to make the 16 now...
  9. Sadly agree. I used to enjoy the occasional episode of the Inside Melbourne podcast but quickly lost interest since Viney became a co-host. I love the guy, but he's far from our most competent media performer.
  10. 35 touches as a ruck defies any sense of logic, not to mention completely obliterating his ruck rival in Grundy. Leading the B&F by a deadset mile. Should go close to a third AA selection as well.
  11. Flying the red and blue flag all the way from London! Go Dees!
  12. I'm sorry, but its absolutely mind boggling that both J.Smith and Vanders were both listed as 4-6 week injuries pre round 1 which is still their estimated return timeframe 10 rounds into the season. Its especially frustrating for J.Smith who looked set to lock down a spot in the 22 yet was kept on the ground despite the fact he was clearly labouring during the Lions game.
  13. Can't believe our medical team deemed Goody fit for this weeks press conference. #SackMisson
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