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  1. Yep, definitely agree with Jako. The more Demon material on YouTube, or anywhere for that matter, the better, especially considering the lack of engaging material on the club website. Looking forward to 7:00pm for some Jimmy highlights. There's surprisingly very few highlight packages of the man on YouTube.
  2. Not too much happening now. Mainly just some more running drills and a bit of kick to kick. I might leave it there for today! Thanks for tuning in, so until next time...
  3. Bedford takes on Clarry and beats him with a classy pirouette out of danger.
  4. Trac, Melksham, Clarry, Lever, Bedford and Harmes are in the middle of some tackling drills. Not much to report here except for the fact that I wouldn't want to be holding a football in a dark alley with Trac lurking nearby.
  5. Haven't seen KK, but it seems as if there're a fair few absenses today. Jones, Pickett, Bennell, Hannan, Baker and Spargo are some I haven't been able to spot this morning.
  6. ANB, Weid, Dunkley, Chandler, Fritsch, C. Wagner, Jackson, Brown and Hunt now doing some running drills. Edge of your seat stuff!
  7. A large chunk of players look done for the day. Petty and Vanders now running laps.
  8. Some notes from match simulation - Langdon used the ball nicely. Not nessceraliy accurate, but he had a knack of finding players in space. - Petracca dominant in the middle. He just demands the footy. - Absolute bullet of kick coming from the boot of....OMac, lands smack bang in the chest of Jayden Hunt. - Beautiful one handed mark by the birthday boy, Bayley Fritsch, who played on and snapped truly. EDIT: two for the birthday boy! On fire at the moment!
  9. Vanders and Petty in rehab. Might just be a hopeful observation, but Vanders doesn't look took far away from full training. Moving very freely at the moment.
  10. We're into some pretty fierce match simulation now. Players look like they're working hard. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Joel Smith is in full training. Just pulled off a nice pick up and handpass in the backline.
  11. Jackson (number 17) and i presume Rivers (number 24) doing some hip and shoulder drills an the sidelines.
  12. G'day all! Just arrived at Goschs on what's a pretty gloomy morning. Sketchy descriptions of drills and new players to follow. Just caught the end of what looked like a defender drill where players would attempt to spoil the mighty Maximus Gawn. Some nice efforts by Lockhart. Read the ball flight well and got his fist in before Maxy had a look in. Maxy just copped a nasty Jake Lever spoil in the eye. Ouch. Looks like he's shaken it off though.
  13. Shattered for both players. The delisting process is always one of the toughest times of the year. Both definitely deserve another chance somewhere, even under a rookie contract. Loved watching JKH's three goals against the Tigers as posted above! On that topic, here's a couple of iconic Billy moments, including his first kick/first goal against the Swans on debut and his brilliant running goal from our win against Hawthorn in 2016.
  14. Fun fact. This year's B&F is the first time since 2010 that Nathan Jones has finished outside of the top 5.
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