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  1. Match high 33 disposals. Fantastic all game.
  2. 32 touches and 10 marks for Tomlinson
  3. Lockhart has been very impressive.
  4. Hibberd looks a shadow of his 2017/18 self. Nice goal from Jack!
  5. These are fantastic. Probably the best piece of media content to come out of the club since who knows when. You could hear the emotion in Harley's voice when he was asked to train with club. I really hope it works out for him.
  6. Welcome Harley! If he can get his body right, he could be an absolute dynamo for us in the second half of the year.
  7. Yep, definitely agree with Jako. The more Demon material on YouTube, or anywhere for that matter, the better, especially considering the lack of engaging material on the club website. Looking forward to 7:00pm for some Jimmy highlights. There's surprisingly very few highlight packages of the man on YouTube.
  8. Not too much happening now. Mainly just some more running drills and a bit of kick to kick. I might leave it there for today! Thanks for tuning in, so until next time...
  9. Bedford takes on Clarry and beats him with a classy pirouette out of danger.
  10. Trac, Melksham, Clarry, Lever, Bedford and Harmes are in the middle of some tackling drills. Not much to report here except for the fact that I wouldn't want to be holding a football in a dark alley with Trac lurking nearby.
  11. Haven't seen KK, but it seems as if there're a fair few absenses today. Jones, Pickett, Bennell, Hannan, Baker and Spargo are some I haven't been able to spot this morning.
  12. ANB, Weid, Dunkley, Chandler, Fritsch, C. Wagner, Jackson, Brown and Hunt now doing some running drills. Edge of your seat stuff!
  13. A large chunk of players look done for the day. Petty and Vanders now running laps.
  14. Some notes from match simulation - Langdon used the ball nicely. Not nessceraliy accurate, but he had a knack of finding players in space. - Petracca dominant in the middle. He just demands the footy. - Absolute bullet of kick coming from the boot of....OMac, lands smack bang in the chest of Jayden Hunt. - Beautiful one handed mark by the birthday boy, Bayley Fritsch, who played on and snapped truly. EDIT: two for the birthday boy! On fire at the moment!
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