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  1. MCC and MFC need to dangle a better carrot here. Should be a section for Melbourne v. Non-MFC tennant games to get priority seating, or a tweed jacket, or pipe or Range-Rover key ring.
  2. I will admit that first viewing didn't look good, and most suspected the worst. But those that jumped on the keyboard and labelled him a 'cancer' etc... on the basis that it was cocaine, should really think about getting on here and making edits at best and apologies if they are courageous enough. Jack Watts wasn't the worst thing that happened to the MFC...in fact, if he was playing loose man instead of Jordie Lewis against West Coast Prelim Final, you might have seen a significantly different scoreline at the end. Jordie was BOG for West Coast in that game, that I unfortunately wont forget for a while. A nervous rookie would have done better. Said it for years... Jordie's blood in brown and gold....the only red and blue is the superannuation check...Jordie on field is inferior to Watts. Money is probably the same.
  3. In the current era of trading future picks, you need to judge a trading period over 2-3 years. If we did a Freo last year, we would have got Lever for much less. We need to think about how that trade impacted our recent efforts. Even getting May, trading away a 23 yo power forward with 600 goals left in him should have got us a pick in the top 10 remaining in our pocket. The Lever trade impacted this IMO. I give us a D+ over the 2 years.
  4. Give me May's body language any day of the week. Dustin Fletcher and SOS would have struggled playing FB for Gold Coast. I am more bullish on May than Lever to be honest. As for Hogan, Melbourne supporters have salivated over him for years. His good is very good, but his bad is bad. We don't need a sulk playing deep; and we need instant defensive pressure when things aren't going his way. Hogan will be great for Freo and he will get there. Freo have played us well. They have reduced our expectations (and Hogans) on what we should get for him (and what $$ he should be on). If only Peter Bell was here orchestrating the Lever deal, when we blinked and paid overs; when we actually didn't have to.
  5. Freo bluffing? This has a long way to go till Wednesday.
  6. About time we stood strong. For Lever we blinked before we sighted the other car, and paid overs. Graeme Wright and Clarko lead the industry by a country mile. We need West Coast in a bidding war in 12-24 months anyway. Roos sees Hogan as a CHB possibility to allow Weed and McDonald stay forward in the same team. Might happen in 2019....who knows.
  7. Contrast the way that the Geelong supporters handled Ablett's departure, versus the way our supporters handle Scully's departure. During his time here, we were a rabble. Senior players and staff used to pull Scully down with the "over-training" accusation, rather than seeing that a 19 year old was actually setting decent training standards. Why would he come back here, playing for supporters that really have half a brain. Clarko is on the money. Scully has had his pay-day and will now accept unders. Clarko is reaping the rewards of trading out dead wood when it should happen; not 3 years after.
  8. Bloody Oath Will win Coleman next year.
  9. TGR

    Harley Bennell

    As long as we get Bomber Thompson to provide a bit more experience to our coaching panel.
  10. You would be saying that if he was still at Hawthorn getting a game.
  11. Financially prudent of Liam Pickering and Lewis. After all the club and most supporters sanctioned the 3 year deal, to a guy that Clarkson knew had little left. You reap what you sew in life, and the club and it’s supporters deserve what is coming in his 3rd year. Even after the importance versus impotence debate, the fact is that he has robbed gametime from a few that are/will rightfully look elsewhere. Experience? Priceless Steak absolutely cooked? Year 1 - Well done Year 2 - Nailed to a tree in a bushfire Year 3 - Cremated
  12. Absolutely pweak from Bartlett. This is old Melbourne. Weak, petty and paranoid. Pathetic. But there will be some simpletons that applaud it.
  13. Sorry, FWIW I would have felt more comfortable as Watts playing the easy +1 role in the back half. Might not have the tough intense reputation of JL, but the difference is actually mythical in the past 3 years. Lewis is a protected species in many parts of the media. Dermott Brereton highlighted Frost and OMac as those that made almost career-ending errors in the first quarter. Roos turned around and raised Lewis’ undiscipline and handball. Dermie turns around and blames Jones for handballing to Lewis in the first place!!! This is a so-called expert who is ultra-conflicted with his old mate Jordie. The single most inaccurate assessment by a footy expert in my memory? “Absolutely” to use a tired old Dermottism.
  14. No faith in Weed and or Joel Smith with more development and body maturity? We sold the farm for Lever; and let’s hope we don’t sell the farm for a second ruck.
  15. Would have been post of the year, but you forgot his penchant for exploring the ‘narrative’. On a separate matter......How can you work with Robbo and not suffer fools? How can you keep nodding at Robbo, whilst he is spewing emotional brainless pub-talk? Like a bible-basher, cuts talkback radio simpletons off if they use a word such as ‘[censored]’; yet it is a word that Robbo would use without flinching. I applaud his intellect and the fact that he is raising the bar. But for god’s sake, find a suit that fits, don’t continually smile like a 6 year old receiving a chrissy present, and give Robbo more RDOs on 360.
  16. Our set shots during the pressure of finals was actually elite IMO.
  17. I’m bullish on the Smiths. I think the Joel selection was going to be accidental brilliance if we won, as he would have taken Mason Cox in the big dance.
  18. Time that our supporters started judging us as a team, and players as individuals, against the quality fit teams in harsh environments. How many switches v. Richmond? None. How many switches v. West Coast yesterday? None that I remember, but I was sitting on level 5. How many v. Collingwood? None or 1???
  19. 1. Goodwin does not rate leg-speed enough. This must change. We have an over-supply of one-paced tractors. Hunt, Garlett and Frost were stamped for Casey until he had his hand forced with the latter. Our wings yesterday were Tyson and Jones FCS. Wingmen surely must be able to cover the ground. Also Lewis as our +1 in defence slows an already sluggish team. 2. Due in some small part to factor 1, WE DONT SWITCH EVER. We predictably kick down the line hoping that Gawn will bring it to ground. With Frost and Hibberd back we should be switching at least to keep the opposition guessing, and forcing their attack to hang back and leave more room for our mids. 3. We can’t play tempo at all. As Roos says, we are 100% ballistic. We are nervous when we need to control the pill. The Hawthorn last quarter proved this beyond doubt. Yes, it was a gettable flag, but we have cracks under the wallpaper to patch. A credit to our players for doing so well despite this.
  20. TGR

    Leaving Perth

    I’d say 8.30 Would have planned returning to Melb ASAP for GF recovery
  21. Experience should get you a steady hand, cool head, decent decision-making, good execution, discipline and leadership. In that first quarter we got anything but. We hardly had a winner on the day, but he set the tone and was WOG for mine, when the game was there to be lost. If he plays next year, we might as well rebuild.
  22. Gee wiz, who was I a tad negative about? Fritch and Tyson. 1 week later, Fritch is dropped and Tyson conceded he was "nervous" about his selection. Your optometrist only sells rose-colored devices. pTGR
  23. I will wait at Virgin Lounge. I will be the guy wearing the Cam Pedo duffle-coat
  24. I might have a spare. Any desperate youthful looking (18ish) MFC supporter of male or masculine appearance that wants to fly Friday am and fly out Sunday late. PM me. If domestic flights need photo ID don’t bother. Might be your cheapest way there.
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