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  1. 1. We didn’t get smashed with contested ball. Some of you are sneaking this falicy into explanations. 2. Agree. Hinkley built them up for this game all summer. Targeted Gawn (shame some teammates didnf fly a flag for him). Reassigned Watts. Injected speed. Consensus is that Lycett gave IP about the prelim decimation, whereas Goody said ‘we won’t look at that game...that’s the way we don’t usually play’.
  2. I have had some reservations since Viney stupidly played with his foot injury at the end of 2017 for what was essentially dead rubbers. He rushed back and suffered the consequences in 2018. With decision-making like that, you virtually deserve the consequences. Last week Viney played at Casey in the reserves, with knee taped and hobbling off. Was even shown in news footage after the senior game. That vision surely put him in doubt. On Saturday he was not running; he was ‘jobbling’, which is a cross between jogging and hobbling. These are obvious examples that someone on the outer can see. The fear is the extrapolation in relation to various cases that we don’t have the luxury of seeing. My question is does our medical staff have the brains and brawn. In other words, they might (questionable) make the right call, but does that carry weight to trump the overall hunch of the player and match committee? I doubt it. The tail is wagging the dog here, and I hope the dog is as smart as Lassie, and not Scooby Doo.
  3. What was ‘inadequate’ about the 3 on 1 that he won? I couldn’t think of more pressure than a 1-on-3? Hence, your summation is glib. If you want a definition of ‘woeful’ I refer you to Lewis’ preliminary final performance.
  4. Say what you want, but who could argue that Watts couldn’t have fulfilled Lewis’s role as a back with an easy role. I have said it repeatedly over the past 2 years. As for a disgraceful post I will are you and raise you a lot of the rubbish that demo land simpletons have directed to him.
  5. Read the thread opener. I said that Tim Kelly, Sam Mitchell and Dusty would help our uncontested possession. It’s not all about leg speed, but it’s not all about kicking it forward and hitting targets either. First, this does not help you get the ball back. Second, if you hit safe targets in non-dangerous positions you can slow yourself up and allow teams to get numbers back. Third, I saw ‘good’ kicks to Spargo heading toward the city end. They hit their target, but with a defender on his heels, and the fact that Spargo is c-grade overhead, you are dancing with the devil. 6/6/6 and other rules have been the biggest changer to the game perhaps in its history. No surprise that most of the prelim finalists, who had 1 month less prep to think about and train for the quantum leap actually lost. Conversely, the sides that injected youth and speed (Geelong and Port) had their best wins of the modern era.
  6. Agree BUT....that was when contested was king.
  7. Hawthorn under Clarkson. Only Cyril and Hill and maybe Smith had genuine leg speed. Geelong under Thompson? I see where you are going saying one swallow does not make a spring. I rarely judge on the basis of one performance. Geelong beat Collingwood on Friday night...and the Pies will be premiers to make the point. Kicking efficiency stats require caution. If I have the ball in time and space (work rate, and relative leg speed required) AND the receiver has busted his [censored] to be out on his own, then I could bloody kick it to him with good efficiency. OK I am Hibberd coming out of deep defence under pressure, I look up....Viney is incapable of sprinting free...so is Jones...Gawn ain’t quick and took no contested marks....the wind is bloody gusty... Of course my kicking efficiency is going to be average. This thread is about thinking more than one dimensionally about a problem. If you think kicking efficiency is all about a ball drop and foot contact, then your thinking half dimensionally.
  8. Much debate in the past 24 hours is about whether we really lack outside speed. We can all look at this a bit simply and directly correlate this with uncontested possession numbers. But what are the other related variables and factors? We lack speed, but does that mean we wouldn't be assisted by a Sam Mitchell (circa 2012), Tim Kelly or Dustin Martin? These players aren't quick, but would they help our uncontested possession crisis? I think they would, so it can't be all about leg speed. Despite the recency of the 6/6/6, the league has been clear on its want to reduce congestion. Congestion was our friend, and favoured teams that were hard inside with quick hands in congestion. Some of our inside work last year reminded me of Sydney in 2005/6 as well as the Bulldogs in 2016. Collingwood's quick hands in 2018 was elite too. So as the game decongests (quicker ball-ups, decisions over ball-up, 6/6/6, kick-out play-on etc...), uncontested possession is about to be gold. This ugly duckling of 2005-2018 (bar Clarkson/Hawthorn) is about to become the go-to stat of most games hereon. Leg-speed counts quite a bit toward uncontested possession; but what else. Surely there are teams without elite leg-speed that are OK with uncontested possession. So what are the additional factors? What makes the sum of the parts more whole? Foot skills have got to be a factor. Clarkson's Hawthorn had foot skills of the highest percentile. They were able to start a chain from D50, and not rely on clearance-dominance and contested possession. As stated, they were the exception when contested was king. Uncontested possession requires a chain to start and continue obviously. So what else, other than leg-speed and foot skills will enable a chain to start and continue. The ability to break a tackle must be relevant. As soon as this happens, a +1 instantly occurs, and overlap can happen. Dustin Martin in 17/18 has been the best, and regularly gave Richmond a +1 and overlap chain. Despite being dragged down yesterday, I have faith in Petracca being elite at breaking a tackle. I think Brayshaw's ability to evade a tackler is grossly underrated as well. Oliver's quick hands are elite in evading a tackle, but this delegates responsibility to the player who has just received the pill in close, and doesn't necessarily augment a chain starting and spreading to the outside. The other 'non-speed' component is lateral speed or change-of-direction speed. Sam Mitchell was like treacle in a straight-line, but somehow could zig-and-zag quicker than most. Tim Kelly has a bit of Sam Mitchell and Brayshaw about him. Not electric, but slices through. Fox Footy (Lyon with Roos agreeing) also mentioned the A2 and A3 having faith in the A1 to get the ball. In other words, does the A1 (person about to get the pill) really need support in close. Yesterday's example was Petracca (identifying this near the city end) peeling off offensively and dangerously, and having faith that his teammate would win the possession. Other factors involve defensive spread (which primarily require leg-speed), workrate and restricting dangerous space. Alternatives? If you don't do well with uncontested possession, then you have an unhealthy reliance on winning clearances and gaining territory into F50. You also have an unhealthy reliance on your forwards keeping the pill in our forward 50. Mooney on Fox Footy yesterday overheard (3/4 time break) that Port didn't rate our forwards applying pressure, and coaching staff advised Port's backs to take stock coming out of their backline. Have we built a list that incorporates all these variables? I think it is important to start judging players on the whole, rather than the simple (good v bad, slow v fast). Spargo is quick, but not lightening. He rarely breaks a tackle. I don't think his change of direction speed is great either. Spargo needs bulk (to break a tackle) amongst other things to earn a spot. Lewis should retire now. Other than his foot skills, I can only see him being a liability in the decongested era. I have said repeatedly over the past few years, Watts could have done Lewis's onfield role with much more upside. Frost is the new whipping boy. But the simpletons are mad thinking he is our greatest problem. He is super-quick. His change of direction was hampered by wearing ice-skates yesterday. When he gets it, he attracts 2-3 opposition, which in theory should create the overlap opportunity. I would like to see him bulk up a bit and break a few more tackles. Hunt - must play. Speed, change-of-direction and overlap. With 6/6/6 dump kicks into F50 will now go to 1-on-1s or 2-on-2s more often. Brayshaw - tackle evasion/breaking is understated; foot skills are better than what he has been given credit for; his non-dominant side foot skills are on the way (not there yet) to what Mitchell's was like. Melbourne under Goodwin and Roos have built a list of competitors that are suited to congestion. On paper, it is a 'pretty good list', but when it is judged on these variables, it comes up short. pTGR
  9. No more kitchen sinks left. We used it with Lever.
  10. All these MFC supporters coming out with the dumb typical cheap shot "I didn't see that at Melbourne' or words to that effect. What % of games did we try him at half-back? I would say nil if any. If he turns out to be an AA half-back, then Roos and Goodwin have a bit to answer. Sheedy would never have died wondering. He is an elite kick. You'd want him with ball in hand coming out of D50. Amazing that this was never trained and tried. Not many stuck fat with Jack Watts. MFC supporters are hopeless sticking fat against what they see in the last game or 2, or what the footy world regurgitate. I hope Watts sticks it up his knockers that far that his fist is seen in their mouths. Pick 28? Bargain. And we sold the farm in the super-draft for a like with ACL history. Urine. Bed. Rest.
  11. One one hand I am happy to walk against the herd when it comes to most MFC supporters. On the flip side, I sought a sun-tan next to the cheer squad yesterday, and I admit it was pretty difficult to see what was going on at the city end; while I was squinting, and considering either dying of thirst or digging deep to pay $10 for a cider. I will watch the game again and get back to you.
  12. A few decisions the club has taken to slow us up in the past few years; most of which the supporter-base has clapped. Urine. Bed. Rest. Roos and Goody have shared and unhealthy obsession with inside one-paced competitors. BTW, Round 1 usually means nothing, and the Pies will win the flag, but all our chooks came home to roost today. No spread offensively and defensively. Hinkley’s main message was ‘to put speed on the game’ and ‘spread em’. 17 other teams are ready too.
  13. Melbourne need Frost and Hunt more than you know. We are still slow and one-paced. 6/6/6 might make our plight worse. Brayshaw - Our best today Spago - Casey Casey Casey Rucks - 5 metres behind (at boundary throw ins) Kick ins - Far too safe Uncontested possessions - We got obliterated Neal- Bullen - Tackled O K Jack Watts - Good on him Jack Viney - Limped off last week at Casey. Was limping today. Why the hell was he picked. Either the medical staff got it wrong or Viney is wagging the dog. Did the West Coast game expose us? I read Goodwin saw it as our off-day and never reviewed it. Scratched my head about this all summer. Fox Footy reckoned Lycett would have been hauled into Match Committe to discuss last years’s PF. Get ready for the opposition to really expose or one-paced brigade. They will stretch us wide, and accumulate uncontested possession.
  14. Rather that than a safe short kick wide in that situation. If that fired up the troops, that doesn’t come close to our +1 that cremated us in the prelim.
  15. Roos' greatest strength is probably his weakness. Pretty sure all under him understand what he wants all the time, and those methods have worked well. Only a Robbie Walls or an Andy Demetriou might disagree. But there is an element of Sheedy/Wallace that I loved which was looking for the edge (Roos would call a trick perhaps), and leaving no stoned unturned in terms of what-if. Tom Mc might just be the most valuable KPP forward in the game. He might actually be my first picked. If 2018 wasn't a blip, and McDonald becomes (as I think he will), in the top 3 forwards in the game, then Roos needs to acknowledge. Not many excuses when a team has many games that are decided by half time, to explore the what ifs. Before Melbourne, I challenged anyone to have a go at Roos' recruiting record of those that played AFL before. It was 2nd to none. Can't remember a player he let go of at Sydney that shone. But his decision to stay head-strong with McDonald for instance, meant that maybe Dunn +/- Howe were too easily let go as tall back options. Refreshing that players are honest BTW, about a less than imperfect relationship with a coach.
  16. Can't see how Lewis will be anything other than a bonefide liability onfield in 2019. Lewis wont get the easy +1 gig anymore, not from a centre bounce anyway. I reckon he will give away multiple 100m penalties this year too...if he lasts all year. Some may argue, at the bottom of the barrel, that the new rules require an on-field coach. Clarkson, who is undoubtedly proven to be the best football mind in the game, saw his used-by date in 2016. We were an insecure beauty queen looking for a prom date at 10 minutes to midnight with the Lewis get. Conversely, in 2018 our weaknesses were KP backs, and without them we got pretty close. Would it have been enough to scrounge a MCG prelim final? Likely I reckon.
  17. His final performance was amazing, but so was Tom Boyd’s GF. We gotta be careful making that game the benchmark; and rather what is possible for KPP that won’t fill out for another 2 years. I will take his 6 and 7 out of 10 games in 19/20; over the 2 and 8 out of 10 games that Hogan may have provided. Don’t know if the inpatient supporter base will.
  18. I am assuming that you are reaching these conclusions based on hearsay evidence. I would say Lewis' onfield leadership has been poor. Actions over the past 40 odd games (Indiscretions, 50m penalties, losing his cool) are vivid in our memories. If he had an ounce of fair dinkum leadership, we would have seen none of this at all. Let's assume you are correct though, and I doubt it....gee the transformation in (Howe & Dunn) leadership has been exponential. Who knows, if this transformation is possible, Harley Bennell and Wattsy might be captains of their respective clubs in 2021.
  19. Amazes me that the poster probably refers to 1964 every week. Probably refers or thinks about the 1987 prelim every month. Then there is 186 and the like. Amazes me that the poster probably consoles an irate poster, who is aggrieved at a club decision, to ‘’wait and see’ what the ramifications will bring. If you think that It is unreasonable for me to reflect on the club’s rationale over the past 2-3 years to bring in leadership (Lewis), while simultaneously letting leadership walk out the door, then let’s disagree again. If what I am discussing is ancient history, then you, I suggest, routinely reference subjects that are light years past. Your energy eclipses mine: I only have time for ancient history, and not the entire spectrum of time.
  20. Next to Richo, probably the worst overt body language in a footballer I have seen. Never salivated over him, unlike many here. Has special talents, but will never be the complete footballer IMO. The gap between his best and his worst footy will always be massive. As far as reported mental illness goes, I reckon (no stats or facts for a change), a third might be bonefide. A third have massive resilience issues; and the other third are looking for a cop-out. When prominent people stuff up in the modern era, mental illness is invariably connected. I don't doubt mental illness exists, but it has been used too conveniently as a get out of jail card....for those that stuff up, and those that have no resilience. Resilience must be indirectly related to CO2 in the atmosphere and smashed avocado. Our ancestors would eat us for dinner. pTGR (Gen X)
  21. Point is that surely Dunn would have been retained if anyone had any idea that TMac was a forward AND if he elected not to kick a torp from fullback. Is there a YouTube clip of his famous torp?
  22. Fact is either: Melbourne got them wrong. Collingwood are getting it wrong. Or, their leadership credentials have grown exponentially since they left. Less confusion now.
  23. Lever? You talking about ‘on paper’ and in theory? He is so far from AA it ain’t funny. Easy exercise for you to show the fab-four as if they are 4 aces. But what was the cost? Time will tell, as I said at the time, that Adelaide will ultimately win from the deal...easily. Freo showed us the way to deal (Hogan); whereas we blinked like a nervous teenager with Lever.
  24. Dunn and Howe make Collingwood’s leadership 5. We apparently lacked leadership and an AA and sought the superannuant. Did we get rid of Dunn because of the torp kickin from full back? I’m confused.
  25. Give me this fad over the plethora that AFL and elite sport have offered over the years...like pilates; hyperbaric chambers; and snow running.
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