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  1. Didn't surprise me that Frawley is not even in our top 10 as far as 2013 or 2014 payments go. The guy is a turnover merchant and is basically a one-position player. I know he had a front-ended contract, but he wouldn't be in my top 10 at the club. Roos probably rates him at this stage, as he nearly had a coronary when he thought Frawley did a knee on the weekend. I reckon he will go. Another club will be able to pay him over the odds and guarantee finals in 2015. Depending on the Watts experiment in the midfield in 2014, a Frawley exit might mean that Watts and McDonald become the 2 pillars of an MFC defence IMO. Watts doesn't turn the ball over.
  2. He just didn't look right to me during Training 26th Feb "Pedo did his left hamstring (grade 1) and shouldn't play Friday. Hogan right low-back-buttock soreness, but continued on modified." The fact that he then played a fair-dinkum game, and all of the sudden he has a back injury that might keep him out for a while. Some think injuries are just bad luck. pTGR
  3. Gee wiz. Small mindedness in questioning this pissy role. Haven't we moved on since Terry did Talking Footy? Our sponsors must love the fact that Roos will show up to this show, I assume, wearing Melbourne's uniform. If Allison, or Miller are on Fox, good for them. But if Roos is on, I won't miss it. Full stop. Andrew Demetriou made nearly 3.8 million last year; and this clown belly-laughed at a dwarf with a burning buttock! Mark Neeld earnt 800,000 last year when you really think about it. The football world will soon work out that the 1.5 million Roos will earn this year, will be well-earnt, and almost under-payment for the hardest job in league football. pTGR
  4. Interesting thing from his brief discussions was: Roos felt "pressure" coaching Melbourne in the NAB, whereas during his Sydney days, there was absolutely none during NAB. I guess he realised that the membership needs hope, and the players need to believe quickly. The other thing was his take about the modern game. Zones are out of favour as scoring is too easy if you can get through it. Man-on-man has returned more so. BUT, he was adamant that Melbourne's first task is to get "what always has been constant" right first. In other words I'm assuming, the basics....the contested stuff, the spreading, the pressure, the 2-way running etc. Does someone have an app that can pixel-ate Yobbo's head and bleep out his simpleton, blokey, pub-talking bulldust? If you do, PM me at fields@demonland.org
  5. Toumpas showed a heap of courage, when he sat under the ball twice and didn't flinch. First time copped a reckless forearm. Viv just looks like a footballer to me. Daniel Cross is just going to fit right in. His field kicking might be getting better with age…finally. Dom looks like one of those rare quickish players that have the hardness and build for the contest. Hogan just presents well. That run-up for a set shot won't last surely. We will rely a lot on a Sam Blease, because he represents all of our line-breaking in one player. He must come on for us to achieve and over-achieve this year. Without having aerial targets (Clark/Dawes/Ruckman), it forced us to chip a bit. If Melbourne were worried about this NAB 2 game, Watts would played high forward. But they are really playing them to develop roles. Our lack of height played into Geelong's hands, who tightened their zone toward us after half-time. Scoreboard flattered us, but then again, our turnovers gifted them. We obviously run backward with handball from the contest. Will be interesting to see whether St.Kilda really bring a few forwards up to crowd this area, leaving Maister (good record v. Melbourne) one out. We are on track for 6-9 victories this year…by the look of it. A loss to St.Kilda brings that back to 4-7, as the first game is worth 2 for us IMO.
  6. Best way to sum it up on here is.... I have ball in hand at left half-back. You are standing in centre circle. You first run (away) toward left half-forward (same side), then dart back for the hit up toward me. I am going to ring up SEN and ask your question in relation to "structures"; the most over-referred to...least understood terminology in football.
  7. Pedo did his left hamstring (grade 1) and shouldn't play Friday. Hogan right low-back-buttock soreness, but continued on modified. Good drills...learnt a bit today. Lot of "v-leading" near the boundary. Lot of half and full ground running drills. They also share the ball, but not to the point of inefficiency. They look for the handball receiver on the move. The defenders are often asked to close down space as well. Stafford did a bit with the rucks for the whole time; boundary throw-ins, and contested stuff deep near forward 30. Roos just in encouraging mode. Clapping effort...even after clangers.
  8. Neeld's recruitment of dad's army second-handers just showed you the guy couldn't pick talent from the phone-book. That said, Pedo put his body on the line in a NAB Challenge first rounder. Even though he aint in my first 22, he gets a gig if he puts his body on the line regularly. Super-hands named a hotel after him by the way.
  9. Chook remembers that Neeldy's demons beat the reigning premier in week 1 of NAB cup too….perhaps. But this is different….surely.
  10. I hope Spencer makes it, but we can't keep giving away 2 goals a game. On topic, Frawley's decision making and execution doesn't warrant hanging out for elite money; but I guess the market is the market. Looks fit, but gets more kudos than he deserves week-in, week-out. Scully will be more of a loss, if Frawley does go IMO. Other than Edwards' misses, Richmond were pathetic (and we made them look that way in many respects). They weren't far off full strength; whereas we were so far from it. Our turnovers gave them at least a third of the their goals. Loved the fact we didn't bomb high and long to the boundary. Was sick of it after Neeldy's 3rd game. Just hope our supporters stay smart and patient with our sometimes backward, slow steady and hopefully composed ball movement. I don't want to hear a thousand "just kick it long" screams by simpletons at the G this year. Our best win since the often mentioned Sydney draw.
  11. Amazing how they do all this profiling, all this psych testing, but a basic such as "OK Mark, you are the Coach, this is a scenario.....we are the players....what are you going to say?" is considered so basic and so junior, it would never be asked....probably for good reason. Problem is, that Neeldy would have struggled to pull it off unless he quoted Kennedy. Can't believe some are even comparing Bailey with Neeld. One of them you wouldn't mind coaching your son; the other you would be sitting in your car with your phone (speed dial DHS) in one hand, and in the other, an elephant tranquilizer ready to go. God, imagine if they ate his lollies! Under 9 banner "Hunt with speed".
  12. Skills-under-pressure and work ethic = ability to hold the ball for long period of time in possession. Interesting to see if Roos' Melbourne suddenly acquire this ability.
  13. As stated by others, Roos never rated the NAB cup. Like always, it won't be the scoreboard that pleases him or displeases him. I think he will be looking at our: clearance work, 2-way running and decisions&skills-under-pressure. Howzat for stripping it to the bare essentials. Others might have included "structures" or "shape" if we are talking cricket.
  14. Agree….some of us were calling for a cultural overhaul and quasi-revolution more than a decade ago. But, Neeld was one of the few that sent us backwards years in some areas. Go look at the rejects the guy recruited for one. On the other hand, Roos credits him with getting some basic standards up from poor to just OK. On the whole Neeld left this place is a worse position. Furthermore, several players look like they would have ran out the door had he stayed.
  15. His biggest issue was his body; pure and simple. If it was OK, he's still be captain…with Grimes. Anyone out of the Essendon scene, that contemplated borderline medicines must have been in a bad way.
  16. The fact that the Roos-Jackson duo appointed Grimes co-captain, and the chronically injured Trengove in the LG, in many ways, vindicates the Neeld decision a couple of years ago. I strongly disagree with Nathan Jones as captain, but the duo have runs on the board, and so I'll let it be for now. Interesting that Brock McLean makes Carlton's LG BTW.
  17. Can't be N.Jones surely. Grimes or Garland perhaps...but no standout Roos might pick 4 frigging captains...who knows. Viney must be in the LG IMO. If not, it aint a LG in my book.
  18. Pendlebury is a good comparison, but surely Pendlebury's sidewards agility is grades above. As for the victim of poor development? While I think Neeld treated him appallingly (subbing Essendon game 2013), hunger for the pill should be so intrinsic that it can't be taught or erased. Personally, I can't see Watts the midfielder. I want to see it, but I can't. I know Roos is trying to emulate the Freo midfield giants (Mundy, Fyfe etc..), but I can't see how Watts can be the transitioned into the midfield. I really wonder whether Roos knows this (Watts midfield) will work. The good thing is it won't do him any harm trying. His engine will be better. His body will be more hardened and his tackling intensity etc. will be better. But he will end up forward; he is a natural; and he is the guy I want having 8 shots at the big sticks come GF day 2018.
  19. David King was one of the few commentators to put his balls on the line early and call for his sacking in 2012…for memory. School kids better come with the right coloured laces to training from now on; is my tip. Also, the canteen better have David King bring Neeldy the mandatory 10 lollies in the coaches tent.
  20. Since the Ross Lyon era in particular, the defensive attributes have been emphasised by most. This is also backed up by the fact that most teams with a low against, win the thing. However this objective you raise (receiver being at full tilt) is so vitally important, and yet is dwarfed by the "defensive" mantra of commentary and the SEN sub-elite. This objective is an area where we have clearly failed in our history, and went backwards under Neeld. The targets were basically lead-footed. Even Matthew Knights had his Essendon receivers (Dempsey, Lovett-Murray) running at full tilt. First you need an engine and a work ethic. Second, the giver needs to quickly spot the ideal potential receiver. The midfield of Cross, Vince, Tyson, Trengove etc... wouldn't break any records for first 5-10 metres surely; so they more than most need to dish-off quick, or receive at top speed. Again, most of the commentators and SEN sub-elite have labelled Roos a "defensive" coach. I'm looking forward to his much underrated influence on our offensive structures and patterns. The guy is a genius at maximising our strengths, minimising our weaknesses....and vice versa for the opposition.
  21. Irony is that Daniel Cross is probably a worse kick than Godfrey. Always looks to dish off by hand after a mark etc. No confidence in his kicking at all. On par with Spencer in his first 1-2 years of league footy. Having said that, we had to do everything to get our midfield up from e-grade to c+/b-. When Cross has the ball in a stop play situation, look for 2 teammates to stream past with for the gimme; also look for a few players to spread to clear space (even behind the ball); because Cross won't back himself to find a needle in a haystack by foot. Roos will not let him go by foot to the corridor, as the turnover will be costly. But one good thing about the MFC forward line of 2014 with Clark/Dawes/Hogan/Howe, is that Cross might be one of a few players allowed a "bomb entry".
  22. I'll go absolutely he if Viney aint in the leadership group. He trains like a captain, eats like a captain, talks like a captain, hates losing like a captain, shows the persistance of a captain, shows the committement of a captain.... and because of a so called failed experiment, "son your too young to be in the leadership group". Christ, he is the first person who should be in the LG. TGR
  23. McLardy, CC, Guest. Judgement issues. Apparently smelt like a Ponzi scheme a mile away. We could have had Vlahos on the board in the Neeld error.
  24. I am glad you mentioned Ray McLean, as Roos often refers to him as the spark when they had a chance meeting at an airport 10 or so years ago. Leading Teams leaves a sour taste in my mouth over the Akermanis bulldogs debacle. Here, the most boring sporting team in Australia, was trying to tell this guy to stop doing something remotely interesting like a frigging handstand after a game. Was that LT philosophy? Or was that small-mindedness from Eade, Brad Johnson, and Smorgon?
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