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  1. The only place he can hide is half-back like Jordie Lewis over the past 2 years. Footy world (Lloyd on FC) has worked out the bleeding obvious. MFC get out-run in terms of speed and spread. Jones can't play wing on big grounds anymore. Go to half back and stiffen us up, and Jordie retires after the Hawk game.
  2. He can only be hidden in the small confines of the SCG. Otherwise for me, farewell game v. Hawks.
  3. Pretty sure that was it. Don't think Fritsch was going to run him down. I think Frost's job there is to create a bit of uncertainty for the player with ball in hand. Frost left a little too early to enable an easy pass.
  4. My issue is the whipping boy at Melbourne was probably Dunn, Howe, Watts, and now Frost. Ignoring the merits of getting rid of those 3 (I am sure Howe would have taken a D50 mark on the weekend), Frost has what we significantly lack...and that is speed. Frost is asked to do more than shut down a player; he is asked to take them on. We as MFC supporters can choose to shoot darts at the whipping boy of the day, but my arrow has been firmly pointed at the club for getting Lewis (3 year deal) and selling the farm for Lever. Said it since day 1. These two decision had and will have massive implications. I was saying it also, unlike the simpletons, when we were winning and making finals. That is the key difference between the simpleton who looks at the scoreboard, then re-thinks and then regurgitates. pTGR
  5. I must admit I questioned Frost coming out to confront Darcy Parish leaving him an easy pass to someone at the city end. But Frost had the last laugh as he kicked a point.
  6. I like 'Froscar'. Remember Watts and Howe and co. were the source of all our ills? In relation to Brisbane, surely most of the footy world had us 3 years ahead in terms of development and windows.
  7. 6/6/6 has hurt no other club like us. Ironic that satin's number will hurt the Demons the most. You now need speed, line-breaking ability and a thirst for one-on-one footy. We were an inside team that lacked speed on the outside and line-breaking ability to begin with. Then we recruited Lewis, who played +1, who lead our zone defence. According to Bartel, Brisbane's defence has been ingrained with one-on-one learning since he stepped foot in the place. Geelong got taught a lesson by us in September 2018. But they transformed, and injected speed into their line-up. We didn't even review the PF, because that wasn't us. Maybe in retropect, it was us in the most important game of the year. Clarkson has got rid of slow old legs in the past 3 years, and brought in running power amongst other things. We were a bit hamstrung. We sold the farm with Lever, and missed out on injecting the list with speed/talent in the superdraft. We can't re-write history, and don't deserve to, but there are some things that can and must be done pronto. Goodwin must put TMac (who I rate as a forward) back to provide some assurance down back. He will take marks in D50 and hopefully work well with his brother. Frost and Hibberd particularly, must be freed toward the wings. Jones must re-invent himself down back or retire this year. Lewis should retire in the upcoming Hawks game and get chaired off as a courageous skillful player 3 years past his prime. Goodwin must think about Preust, especially if Weed's defensive efforts remain average. Goodwin must persist with Lockhart and Hunt. Think I might start looking at June snow-deals and September holidays. Will the small SCG favour our penchant for inside footy? Maybe, but Essendon and Port showed the footy world to be daring with ball-in-hand and take us on with speed..and dare us to chase and tackle. pTGR
  8. The most simple of simpletons can put OMac and Frost (who really should take the 3rd and 4th banana) as out main problem, and ignore putrid defensive spread, pressure on the opposition ball carrier, and relative ease into our D50. I agree, I wanted a mark in D50 from them and got nil, but please look at the whole pic.
  9. Heard a quote of Bartel over the weekend. Applauded Fagan for 'teaching' Brisbane's backs to defend one-on-one as opposed to us, who have done the opposite. We have regularly played a +1 in Lewis defensively, and played zone. Again 6/6/6 has forced more one-on-ones in D50. I feel sorry for our backs, when the ball just gets slingshot out of our I50, with hardly any defensive spread we leave open easy dangerous options. I think also the pedantic back rules are going to kill Nev Jetta who relies on grappling to neutralise a contest. By the end of the year, he will have the most frees against, and goals by extension. No wonder we are so easy to score against. Tom Mc must play D50 until May (+/- Lever) return and settle in.
  10. We are a slow side to begin with. Let me get this straight. Most supporters are still blinded the need for Lewis' leadership; and some want to get rid of Hibberd delist Frost. I don't think we get it. I don't think our list management 'got it' either 2 years ago, but then again their defence might be in the pre-6/6/6 era.
  11. If Hibbo is body on body, then how to we get significant rebound? Supporters have to look at both aspects of the game.
  12. If Hibberd lacks pace, give me your opinion on the speed of Jones and Lewis.
  13. Nail. Head. The Hawthorn game must be his farewell game. For anyone suggesting we are missing his leadership down back, watch the Prelim again. 6/6/6 doesn't even allow a +1 starting in your defense anymore. Sliding doors 2-3 years ago. Hawthorn got rid of Lewis/Hodge/Mitchell and got quicker; we got seduced by Lewis, which made a slow team slower; and sold the farm for Lever.
  14. Needs to play wing. TMac to go back until May +/- Lever come back. FCS, Goodwin is giving roles (Lewis +1 in 2017/18; and Jones wing) on reputation. The wing is super-important with 6/6/6 and requires speed there. Also Hibberd swinging around on his left gets the ball I50 quicker and deeper, and avoids Mick McGuane's trampoline zone that he referred to last week in the HUN. If Jones keeps playing, he must re-invent himself in the back-half taking over Lewis' role. Jones is too slow to be a wingman in the current game.
  15. Farewell game v Hawks. That must be his last game if this club is serious about addressing uncontested possession.
  16. Do the bloody maths. 6/6/6 don’t allow him to hide in a +1 down back any more. Even if he did, go back and watch the prelim again. He will slow is further. He needs to retire now. This club will pay the price for making us slower (Lewis has soaked up 50 development games somewhere else) and selling the farm with Lever in a super-draft.
  17. Hunt - career bravest game Gawn/Oliver/Brayshaw - Carrying the team 6/6/6 - Exposing our legs Umps - Pedants Pedants Pedants Hibberd - Play him wing ANB/Melksham - All about me Lockhart - Great 2nd game Goodwin - First real challenge Goodwin - Review Prelim Final? MFC Simpletons - Get on valium
  18. Feel sorry for all concerned here. The AFL obviously threatened all MFC staff with potential life bans from the game. With that hanging over their heads, of course they spilled the beans on each other. Also, those giving evidence would have been assured of confidentiality of their evidence. Who was the biggest crook? IMO, Demetriou and daylight second. Demetriou was in denial. The biggest carrot was dangling and it was too good. The footy world knew it. Tanking wasn't invented the year Melbourne did it. Fault here is completely with the architects of the rules. The footy world might be all shock horror, but decent people would definitely has contemplated it....even in hindsight.
  19. Don't know who I am agreeing with. My question is who were the leaders at the dogs in 2016? Murphy wasn't even considered when Griffen got the gig. Don't know about leadership? Who here was singing Cotchin's praises in relation to leadership at Richmond before they won a flag? We can skirt around the issue of leadership, but the ingredients of a cake are talent, effort, knowledge, resilience....and the list goes on. Think for one moment why Clarko was happy to turf out Hodge, Lewis and Mitchell within what...18 months? He wanted youth and leg speed in, at the expense of the most overrated ingredient mentioned in footy-land. May was co-captain of an AFL club, yet turned up to pre-season totally unfit. I would say, and I have said consistently, that the "leg speed ingredient" is missing far more than leadership. That is why we were suckered into the Lewis deal. Well done Clarko....you fooled the MFC and 95% of its supporter base.
  20. Jack Viney will be captain for another 5 years at least. Brayshaw will follow him.
  21. Didn’t notice a limp on Saturday night
  22. Angus Brayshaw....by a country mile. Comes from good stock. Principled. Looks into your eye when his speaking. Doesn't speak BS. Bloody good player with low centre of gravity and evasion. Right mix of professionalism and 'havin' a laugh'. pTGR
  23. I hope you are. Look at Brayshaw's interview last night. Refused to use the surgeries excuse and referred to Oliver blitzing. Like Caro said, Melbourne (the club) aren't complaining, nor excusing. There are so many in the media, in this 24 hour cycle, you actually have to say something slightly ridiculous as a point-of-difference.
  24. May pulls up sore. Goes off. Gets assessed. Allowed to come back on? Now we know he will miss weeks for the same issue he was assessed for? a) Why did he go back on? Medical call? Player? Coaching staff? Medicos would have cleared him surely. He will miss more than this week. From afar I have always given the benefit o the doubt to the medicos....but.... The benefit is getting smaller; the doubt bigger. One day we will learn the short term pain (rule him out), gives you long term gain (plays round 4).
  25. A better question is: a) he initially went off complaining of what was obviously this issue. b) Why did he go back on? He will miss more than this week.
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