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  1. 6 hours ago, Redleg said:


    I agree Redleg.


    The petulance and immaturity of the supporter-base in vilifying Scully and his old man on social media...and the club's effort to play the emotional card (promised a dying man) during a period of absolute off-field mis-trust and skull-duggary (Connolly, Schwab, Bailey).....yeh, I reckon the way the club pressured this kid off-field, and the juvenile antics of its supporter base, was absolutely BS.


    Beams, Ablett, but not Scully.  Do the maths sunshine.  


    The debate rages for years over which supporter base has nothing in-between its' ears.  Gee, over the Scully saga, and the applause for Lyon picking Neeld, and the salivation over the Lewis deal, we are definitely right up there in the mix for gold.

  2. 4 hours ago, sue said:

    No doubt whatsoever?   I'd love to live in that universe. 

    Is the opening 'we' referring to supporters, or the players and coaches who played with him.  The supporters' views would hardly matter.  Also I hadn't realised that our incompetent medicos had examined him and rejected him.  Sorry, I have a niggling doubt you are right.

    Do the maths Sue.


    Beams, Ablett, Sam Mitchell, Hodge (will), Lewis (will) all return to their true homes.



  3. We are paying Lever and May 800k each right?


    If the Swans come to us, we can give them salary cap relief for 2 years and they can pay all but 900 k annually for 2020 and 2021.  Then we have the option of shifting him back for 2022 onwards, where he may be of 'some' use to them by then.


    I think Hawthorn are in the box seat.  He will play for them for peanuts I'd imagine.

    Hawthorn supporters (with Buddy) and Geelong supporters (with Ablett), didn't get stupendously irate like MFC supporters with Scully.  If we had calmed down to a rational level (a kid was offered the deal of a lifetime that we would have encouraged our kids to accept; and the club forced him to lie essentially), and our medical team was on par with Hawthorn's, Scully would have come back.  No doubt whatsoever.

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  4. 20 hours ago, one_demon said:

    I don't think we can beat St Kilda's fast, hard running

    Smart supporters should be worried.  St Kilda are up and about, and we wont have the small confines of the SCG restricting a keepings-off or helter-skelter game slicing us up.

    Preuss debuted well, but gee I am concerned the other way.  We are slow to begin with, and many of our forwards have question-marks about defensive pressure.

    Weed - definitely

    Spargo - not physical nor fast enough.  The sum aint there.

    Preuss - can easily be run off on turnover.

    Melksham - usually concerned about why he didn't get the free or kick a goal instead of applying instant defense on turnover.


    We are so easy to exploit by leg speed and ball movement.  Interesting game coming up.  Only the 3 day extra may save us, and/or blitzing contested possession and clearances.

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  5. 55 minutes ago, chookrat said:

    I might be in the minority but I find Bruce McAveney extremely annoying to listen to when watching the game. He seems to have no grasp of what is happening,  fawns over well known players whether they are playing well or not and then distracts from what is actually taking place.

    Keen to hear others views re Bruce. 

    Genuine love the game.

    No ego.  Intelligent. Experienced.


    Gee wiz.  You can never please the masses.

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  6. Our wings got slaughtered in the 1st half; and Florent was BOG really.

    If you look at most of their centre clearances (1st half in particular), their mids were pushing us under the ball and wings were vital.  Good midfield changes (one mid started 10-15 metres away from the centre bounce) in the 2nd half allowed us to start clearing.


    My issue is our wings on most grounds bigger than the G.  Roos wants TMc their and floating forward.  I still think Jones will be exposed on the wing for most of this year.  Last night shows that he might be able to do something forward...but it needs to be a trend not an event.

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  7. 10 hours ago, Watts the matter said:

    A bit generous to Oliver I think, had some real brain fades with the ball in hands this week. Effort was great though.

    Yeh I reckon he went a bit quick in the last when we needed to slow it down and take time off the clock.


    BUT, after getting the mother-of-all knocks (Jones should get suspended), getting back on and then launching back to spoil a Sydney I50 entry and colliding, this guy has 5 stars from me every round.  Guts personified.  The MFC is so fortunate to have this guy.

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  8. Jones - proved me wrong (on a small ground)

    Viney - Will to win

    Gawn - ground ball domination 

    Hore - Liked his reach

    Frost - Hands on heart

    O.McDonald - One to forget

    T.McDonald - Solid game tonight

    C. Wagner - The OK brother?

    Oliver - Crazy bloody brave

    Salem - calm and collected

    Petracca - Backing his strength

    Petracca - Having a ping

    Hunt - pace effort essential

    Brayshaw - Due for average

    Harmes - Got mids started

    Fritsch - some important contests

    Preuss - can’t question intensity

    Melksham - put team first

    Stretch - BOG (his opponent)

    J. Wagner - VFL

    Wwideman - better defensive pressure

    Hibbo- love his drive

    Spargo - not there yet

  9. 20 minutes ago, rjay said:


    So currently we have a lazy, selfish and disorganised midfield, a virtually non existent forward line and a VFL level defence.



    Why stop there?  Why not add in something about the coaching staff, medical staff, dieticians and psychs?


    Our first tier midfield (Broliver) has been carrying the side.  Full-stop.  Gawn has had a decent 2 weeks, with Scott admitting he pantsed Stanley.

    As Barassi would say "give me GPS and I will shut up'.


    The media and many posters just look at the scoreboard and then conclude that A, B & C are lazy selfish and disorganised.  The media and many posters look at 0-3 and THEN start questioning recruiting and selection.  Generals after the war is just lazy with non-existent thinking.


    The figures don't back you up at all; but I would say our 2nd tier midfield utilities (ANB etc...) could be seen as lazy with a preference of being first to the front half having a shot at goal, at the expense of implementing instant defence and running hard back to help and fill dangerous space.


    Any criticism of Broliver in the media and here is a joke.  44 hard-earned possessions aint enough in hostile territory against the hottest side in the comp?

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  10. 7 hours ago, John Demonic said:

    You really try and shoehorn your anti-Lewis rhetoric into almost every topic and have particularly doubled down this week in the face of hard evidence (0-7) to the contrary. It reeks of desperation.

    Come over to my place and lets watch the PF again.

    The worst on-field decision this club has made since the Neeld era....just behind the Lever trade.

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  11. 6 hours ago, Lord Travis said:

    Every single club can say the same about a stack of different players. McInerny last through to pick 37 in the rookie draft, so every club passed on him over 100 times.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I have no idea if this guy will make 50 games; haven't seen him play.

    You can talk about hindsight, but I will just refer to list-clogging.  Who has clogged the list in the past 2-3 years that have prevented us from pushing up a project player.  We persevered with Spencer for too long and Clarko also sold us a 'pasties' .

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  12. Might get an intercept mark, but I reckon he might get dropped for Preuss, who at this stage will show more defensive pressure and fight when the ball comes to ground.

  13. 25 minutes ago, demoniac said:

    You can't hide Jones or Lewis at half back. Both are slow and not natural aerialists. Look at the teams in the 8 and their ballistic running off half back. Can you see Jones or Lewis running the lines? Can you see either matching up on a marking 3rd forward?  If the answer is no there is no role for them down back.  

    I rate Jones more valuable onfield now compared to Lewis even 2 years ago.

    That said, reputation has counted for more regarding these 2 in relation to selection (Lewis) and position (Jones).

  14. 15 hours ago, beelzebub said:

    All you have to do is run 10 sec 100 m

    That's basic.

    All you have to do is guard space...that's basic.

    All you have to do is kick it to that sixpence inbetween those 3 opposition players at 60m...that's basic.

    Much of Goodwin's plan is basic. It's also unachievable on an ongoing reality plane.

    It's also unrealistic if the opposition , bless their little hearts , have other ideas about the game.

    We have novices in the box surely if this is their idea of progress.

    Our game is unplayable.

    Goodwin's game style and his cattle are suited to congestion.

    Goodwin's game style is ballistic and 5th gear.  Against Essendon, the scoring end was clearly Punt road.  You'd think we could slow it down when Essendon were kicking to the scoring end.  We couldn't.  We have had one speed.  Most teams have 2-3 gears.

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  15. The only place he can hide is half-back like Jordie Lewis over the past 2 years.


    Footy world (Lloyd on FC) has worked out the bleeding obvious.  MFC get out-run in terms of speed and spread.  Jones can't play wing on big grounds anymore.  Go to half back and stiffen us up, and Jordie retires after the Hawk game.



  16. 3 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    When's he due back?

    Sydney, St Kilda or Richmond?

    He can only be hidden in the small confines of the SCG.

    Otherwise for me, farewell game v. Hawks.

  17. 9 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    I think he means the time Frost went sprinting out 30m away from Zac Clarke to confront the kicker even though Fritsch was about 2 steps from closing him down. Clarke then missed the goal at the City end from 25 out directly in front.

    If it's coaching to always leave your man then the coaches have to get the sack, but I don't think it is because I've seen Jetta keep tracking an opponent and wait for the chase down in a similar situation. 

    Pretty sure that was it.  Don't think Fritsch was going to run him down.  I think Frost's job there is to create a bit of uncertainty for the player with ball in hand.  Frost left a little too early to enable an easy pass.

  18. 17 minutes ago, stevethemanjordan said:

    I think you mean when Frost left Stringer to confront the kicker who of course then hit Stringer. Stringer then hit-up Parish who missed. 

    As for the 'Frost having the last laugh' comment, I can see why you think 'simpletons' are the ones who believe that Oscar and Frost are our most significant problem defensively speaking.. Your unabashed love for Frost is shining through.

    Some posters just genuinely have no idea as to what's going on..

    My issue is the whipping boy at Melbourne was probably Dunn, Howe, Watts, and now Frost.  Ignoring the merits of getting rid of those 3 (I am sure Howe would have taken a D50 mark on the weekend), Frost has what we significantly lack...and that is speed.  Frost is asked to do more than shut down a player; he is asked to take them on.


    We as MFC supporters can choose to shoot darts at the whipping boy of the day, but my arrow has been firmly pointed at the club for getting Lewis (3 year deal) and selling the farm for Lever.  Said it since day 1.  These two decision had and will have massive implications.  I was saying it also, unlike the simpletons, when we were winning and making finals.  That is the key difference between the simpleton who looks at the scoreboard, then re-thinks and then regurgitates.




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  19. 1 minute ago, stevethemanjordan said:

    Many have been pointing that out for the past 4-5 years.

    Clearly there are other contributing factors as to why we're so easy to score against, but Oscar and Frost bening our first and second key defenders is the main one.

    That is without a doubt question. Neither are trustworthy enough as one-on-one defenders or intercept players.

    First three goals of the game vs Essendon.

    19:24 - First goal against Essendon, go and look what happened. WTF are Oscar and Frost doing? Did they forget that they're not both supposed to be manning Zac Smith? It's just comical stuff.

    13:56 - This one is amazing. Oscar is caught in absolutely no-man's land. It's just incredible. His decision to leave his man (Bellchambers) to try and influence the contest was a complete fail given he ends up on his own in the middle of both Bellchambers and Hurley who had the kick. Wow...

    This of course begins the domino effect whereby Hibberd leaves his man Tippa to press up to Bellchambers. Bellchambers then kicks to a free Tippa which in-turn results in an indecisive Wagner becoming lost and leaving Fantasia on his own when all he needed to do was stay on him. So the break-down starts with Oscar's baffling positioning on the wing and ends with Wagner's inability to assess the situation and stay with his opponent who was clearly going to be in the most dangerous position.

    6:58 - Stringer kicks the goal. Frost's man in this particular play. Hibberd was poor in letting the ball out so easily in this scenario but Frost decides to waltz over to the goal square whilst Stringer stays in the play and of course the ball bobbles out to him and he goals.

    Man, the sheer amount of stupidity I witnessed from Frost on Friday night was incredible. I simply can't describe every time he made a monumental error of judgement by leaving his man when to try and influence a contest when he didn't need to. Because there were too many of them!

    I just cannot believe that people rate these two. It's unfathomable.

    I must admit I questioned Frost coming out to confront Darcy Parish leaving him an easy pass to someone at the city end.  But Frost had the last laugh as he kicked a point.

  20. 35 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Brisbane are still pretty bad defensively. At times in the last 2 years they were a basket case.

    Aggressive up the field zone defending took the league by storm - Hawthorn 3 flags, Dogs a flag - and the Eagles still intercept and peel off as much as anyone. I've got no issues that Goodwin implemented that system for us in 2016.

    Yes Lewis is occasionally used as a 7th defender but so is Hodge, and even when he's not a 7th Hodge isn't sticking on a man the whole game, he's dictating to his opponent as much as anyone.

    The main differences between us and Brisbane - going back to the JLT game - are:
    1. They have been far more fluent with the ball and not giving it away in bad areas
    2. Their midfield and forward lines are defending at a decent (but not brilliant) level
    3. Harris Andrews is a gun and Josh Walker is doing a job, they don't have Froscar.

    I like 'Froscar'.  Remember Watts and Howe and co. were the source of all our ills?

    In relation to Brisbane, surely most of the footy world had us 3 years ahead in terms of development and windows.

  21. 6/6/6 has hurt no other club like us.  Ironic that satin's number will hurt the Demons the most. You now need speed, line-breaking ability and a thirst for one-on-one footy.

    We were an inside team that lacked speed on the outside and line-breaking ability to begin with.  Then we recruited Lewis, who played +1, who lead our zone defence.  According to Bartel, Brisbane's defence has been ingrained with one-on-one learning since he stepped foot in the place.

    Geelong got taught a lesson by us in September 2018.  But they transformed, and injected speed into their line-up.  We didn't even review the PF, because that wasn't us.  Maybe in retropect, it was us in the most important game of the year.  Clarkson has got rid of slow old legs in the past 3 years, and brought in running power amongst other things.  We were a bit hamstrung.  We sold the farm with Lever, and missed out on injecting the list with speed/talent in the superdraft.

    We can't re-write history, and don't deserve to, but there are some things that can and must be done pronto.

    Goodwin must put TMac (who I rate as a forward) back to provide some assurance down back.  He will take marks in D50 and hopefully work well with his brother.  Frost and Hibberd particularly, must be freed toward the wings.  Jones must re-invent himself down back or retire this year.  Lewis should retire in the upcoming Hawks game and get chaired off as a courageous skillful player 3 years past his prime.

    Goodwin must think about Preust, especially if Weed's defensive efforts remain average.

    Goodwin must persist with Lockhart and Hunt.


    Think I might start looking at June snow-deals and September holidays.  Will the small SCG favour our penchant for inside footy?  Maybe, but Essendon and Port showed the footy world to be daring with ball-in-hand and take us on with speed..and dare us to chase and tackle.







  22. 2 minutes ago, Deesprate said:

    There are easier assignments than feeling sorry for O Mac and Frosty. Those two cause more heart burn than any others.

    The most simple of simpletons can put OMac and Frost (who really should take the 3rd and 4th banana) as out main problem, and ignore putrid defensive spread, pressure on the opposition ball carrier, and relative ease into our D50.  I agree, I wanted a mark in D50 from them and got nil, but please look at the whole pic.

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