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  1. Jones - Was good tonight Melb - Had a crack Gawn - Wiped Vardy’s Rsss Lockhart - Something special emerging Frost - Petruccelle met kryptonite Harmes - Great 1st half Tim Smith - Luck over due Stretch - never ever finishes Hore - Great 1st half Trac - Good and bad Garlett - Good and bad TMac - Great and OK
  2. Your speculation in the your first paragraph is totally and utterly incorrect. Typical pulpit response that attempts to get an 'A' for grammar and attempted overt common-sense, but actually gets an 'F' for accuracy. Rather than assume, it aint that difficult to do 5 minutes of relative research around here. You obviously think the current medical/training services team will continue in 2020? You remind me of the Liberals with climate change. In relation to our team, I see parallels with Jordan Lewis, who had a great history of leadership, insight, experience, respect, and bravery, but when the basics are needed (earning your spot, keeping your feet, and being disciplined) he falls short.
  3. Simpletons can look at this and blame Oliver. It ignores the countless times 2-3 forwards have lead to the same spot. Oliver is a star. Watch the Sydney game to see a guy put his body on the line for the club. This guy doesn’t get cheap possessions wide like a lot of Melbourne ‘stars’ of the past 20 years. Look deeper than the stat. Yes, he can polish up his kicking, but Oliver is the least of our problems.
  4. What about Lynden Dunn? Hang on. We sacked him for torping. If things don’t work out FCS, Melbourne need to go for someone left of centre like a young Blight or Terry Tan. 50 years of a conservative approach has yielded jack shizen.
  5. 58er, one overt example is enough in my book. Joel Smith's was pathetic, in a JLT when we had fit guys on the bench. Sports science with loading minutes has gone mad. Off the top of my head.... Steven May - Groin. Came off. Got assessed. Went back on when the game was done and dusted. Little wonder he will miss months, not weeks. But I guess we can rest easy trying to blame the 'way he presented'. Viney - AC courtesy of Stack. Got assessed as a partial tear. Came back on when game was well and truly over. (Viney - foot surgery fiasco of 2017) Melksham - Foot, but I am happy to give them a GOAJC due to the circumstances. Usually, us on the outside can only see a hint of what is going on. Might be lucky to find maybe 1 per year where the decision makers made a calculated risk. We have had a series of dumb decisions this year in particular.
  6. Anyone who thinks the injury list of 2019 is just down to bad luck is absolutely kidding themselves. There may be an excuse for Melksham (game in balance - 3 injured), but the amount of times an injured player has been put back on the park when the game was insignificant and/or the outcome was essentially concluded...is mind-blowing. The overt examples that make one head-scratch, surely puts in doubt decisions made regarding other players on the list. Pert...review inevitable.
  7. Driving past Lexus/Holden centre, Collingwood regularly train under lights. Where do we train under lights?
  8. Massive changes over a pre-season are quite unfair in a lot of ways. Also, you have pre-season games to trial stuff. I think Brisbane were allowed to play trial games with it last year if I remember correctly. Also Hocking's connections to Geelong would have given them a lead-in or wink in relation to what changes were coming in I reckon. Now that Hocking and Gill are half way across the river and struggling, they won't turn back, even if they have reduced scoring and made the game more difficult to umpire. Get ready for more rules to come in.
  9. Hore seemed happy with himself after slotting through the winner.
  10. Good call. I'd rather him ping from 50 than lower the eyes. He doesn't have touch. Melbourne won't let him go with this instinct until Hocking brings super-goals in @ 2021.
  11. Frost - Love his footy Melksham - Broken right foot? Petracca - Sulk or swagger Melbourne - 18 fit men Demonology - 1 minute hell Hibbo - body on line Brayshaw - unusually average game Frost - Take em on. Frost - Simpletons were wrong. Jones - one more year. Stretch - absolutely no vision Stretch - chook without head Melbourne - need Stretch's pace Omac - V F L Lockhart - a real gem Lewis - great without ball
  12. Good last quarter. Should get another year for mine. Just don't play him on the wing on a big ground opposite a snail. Like Frost, has been unfairly dragged down by his comparable pairing.
  13. Brutal. Brutal wins flags. Lewis is only getting a game on reputation and contract status; pure and simple. The trickle down culture of: paying big bucks to Lever and May....and gifting Lewis a game.
  14. You laugh at Frost, yet defend the superannuant to the hilt. Speaks volumes. While you're at it, email Clarkson and tell him he was a fool for letting Lewis go, and a bigger fool for not picking Roughead on reputation. And while I am at it, as I said then, Watts could have easily played the easy +1 role that Lewis played in 17 and 18. Watts wouldn't have gone to his knees in a heartbeat, and he wouldn't have given away needless 50's at crucial times. Watts wouldn't have blamed others either when it hit the fan. Most importantly, Watts wouldn't have been worst on ground in our most important game (Preliminary Final) in the last 15 years. Ms. Lewis, I applaud your loyalty, but not your logic.
  15. Is Lewis on 600-700k? Gee wiz, we aint getting much from 2.4 million (May, Lever, Lewis) are we? We have dropped ANB who was unlucky I reckon, yet Lewis gets picked on reputation only? Clarko could have used your fence-sitting approach with Roughead, but predictably didn't. The best coach in the AFL knows a used-by date when he sees it. Lewis will break some sort of record. I don't think a player of his age, has ever made it beyond a body-of-work that has been the last 4-5 games.
  16. You sound like a red bull drinking tradie, who listens to SEN, who is thick as 2 bricks; who smokes 2 packs a day, yet complains about the cost of living; who has his refrigerated aircon on 24 hours a day with windows open yet complains about his energy bill; who bought a V8 Ute accelerating hard from traffic lights yet complains about fuel costs; who thinks Clive Palmer has some good ideas; who probably likes coal but wouldn’t live within a bulls roar of a power station; who thinks the Herald Sun and Sky News are the beacons of journalism; who stands up for free speech, yet won’t tolerate what Yasmin said on Anzac Day. Give me outrage and pink haired feminists anyday, over the average non PC ‘bloke’. Take your meter maids, transistor; darts and the rest and find a cave.
  17. I do have a way with words sometimes. Other than spelling algorhythm and dais (thank Hannibal/Trav) incorrectly.
  18. Funny how my criticism is indisputable and on the mark. When did I start to criticise the club about the Lever and Lewis trade? Unlike the simpleton, when they occurred. When did I start to criticise the club about their handling of Viney's foot? When it occurred. When did I criticise Neeld's appointment and Lyon's involvement? When it occurred. Did I ever clap getting rid of Howe or Dunn? No. I don't wait for the media to say something after the penny drops. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to predict the inevitable here. You just have to stop clapping and start thinking. I pay my memberships, and when the club is earning it, I shut up. pTGR
  19. On Yobbo 360, he admitted that he hasn't been great with ball in hand, but been pretty good when he hasn't got the ball. WTF? Also said Goody is sticking fat with him; which makes Goody the guy who looked like Col Sanders on the Titanic.
  20. Jordan "Leadership" Lewis was at least honest when he stated last night on Yobbo 360, that most players drink while 'rehabbing'. It is a farce. Doesn't matter what is said, it is what they actually do.
  21. The MFC are ducking and weaving in the May saga, trying to appear golden, by putting on teflon. 1. How was their due diligence with May, seeing that they off-loaded Hogan and beat their chest privately to journos when Hogan got stuck in a pub earlier in the year. 2. May apparently presented underdone. First, the club leaked it; and then tried to imply that Gold Coast's standards were the issue. 3. The medical/football decision to put him back on the park when the game was lost, has done more to impact his fitness than any holiday he may have had in summer. Fact. 4. The club and footy-land are tut-tutting his few beers. Jordan Lewis admitted most players (including he) drinks when in rehab! To me, the club stinks more than Steven May at the minute. The leaking...the mis-management...and blame-shifting. Reminds me back to the days when Scully was scolded for 'over-training' while at the MFC. I am glad the Barrett and a few others can smell the rat. The veil of negativity and amateur-hour has returned to the club. They can feel it hovering, but don't want to look up.
  22. Me Leadership Lewis said that all players will have a drink during rehab. What a croc this is. Looking forward to the day when ‘new research’ discovers the positive effects of alcohol during rehab. Seriously, so many are obsessed with the icing (drinking rehab) rather than the cake (soft tissue injuries don’t go back on when the game is done).
  23. TGR

    Gary Pert

    Counting down to: 1. we will undertake a thorough review of the medical department 2. Make assistants scapegoat for an average season 3.
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