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  1. If the club is throwing all the modern evidenced based treatment at this, Bennell is shot. Finished. Capput. Why? Coz Freo tried it for 2 years. I can’t wait for the presser that says the club is now employing a psych to help his calf issues. Come to think of it, most physios think they are psychologists anyway. The top down approach. My guess is that the club is more concerned about his gluteals than his gastrocs. The top down approach mark 2. Frosties calves are wagu beef BTW.
  2. Sheeds. We rejected him for Neeldy remember. What a croc it was to put him through the process.
  3. This sounds like it is from the mouth of Scomo, who believes in God, but not climate change. You sure you weren't playing a board game? If I blur my eyes a bit, Deemania looks like dementia.
  4. I am on Richo-watch for the word "positive" or 'poshitive' in Richo speak. I am guessing 200 times in the next 12 months. Richo probably is the next Ratten.
  5. According to the Fin Review: "Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest's Fortescue Metals generated $9.1 billion in sales in 2014-15 for a taxable income of $208 million, on which he paid just $13.2 million". Only 2 certainties, not 3. And the last aint a badge of honour either.
  6. While your at it....Gold Coast nearly kicked our score. Why not just swap lists? Love your name. You epitomise most of us.
  7. If we get this guy, what, will he get $250-280k? Watts would have stayed for what 470-500? Howe for an extra 50k on his current contract I am told unreliably. I think the extra 220k gives you more flexibility. I just can't work out the overall strategy and big-picture here? When you get rid of treasure and lure in trash, you have no choice but to gamble big (Bennell/Murray) and scrape the bottom of the barrel until your finger nails bend backwards. I can smell....a big rebuild in 12 months time and.... Clarko or Ross Lyon - 6 year deal 2021/2/3/4/5/6. Ross Lyon + EI = flag.
  8. Of course...we are looking at him. What did you say when he was no.4 or 5 in the Essendon forward line? Do you remember being concerned about him on the way the G earlier this year? I will give him one thing. He is a tad better than the Zac Clarke.
  9. Gee wiz. Get out stakes in the last at Gawler.
  10. Our tackle breaking ability was surely worst percentile in 2019. Hill work should also assist this somewhat.
  11. Forward small in 2020 65%/35% onball split.
  12. My thoughts exactly. If Paul Roos was here, he would be saying " the stuff that the players do at the clubs across-the-board varies slightly. The big discrepancy is what the players do in their huge time away from the club". From my end, nothing really changes until the decision-maker(s) (regarding players getting sent back out after injury onset) changes. Brukner for example is great at what he does, but that becomes insignificant if you have: (a) a desperate coaching box ordering injured players back on the park. (b) a head-strong player (Viney) wagging the dog and insisting that he comes back early from foot surgery; or that he gets back on with his stack-induced-AC when the game was over.
  13. Little do you know. We offered a level 4 coach a 3 year deal; which included kicking as a part of the brief. He could make a footy talk....drawing, fading...you name it. He thought long and hard, but ended up saying no. While Lewy is our 2nd choice, I welcome it. Should have happened years ago. Is he our discipline coach too? pTGR
  14. On the contrary. This appointment is 2 years overdue.
  15. History repeats? Journo is critical of the MFC. MFC supporters and the club go ape-droppings, shoot the messenger, and basically ridicule the journo. MFC invariably fail and end up a laughing stock. Journo invariably proven correct...again. 20 Goto 10
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