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  1. A climate change believer trying to persuade a climate change denier is an absolute and utter waste of time and energy, and only puts more CO2 in the atmosphere. pTGR
  2. If you can't increase the sample size during dead meaningless rubbers, then when can you?
  3. Footy gods? The locus-of-control is never ours when we fail. A consistent cultural DNA feature in the outfits that have consistently failed. Yet we have taken the unprecedented step of making massive changes mid-season, and Mahoney flagged changing quite a bit of our training services staff and approach if I interpreted him correctly. Every side has some gains in most years, but I agree that Baker and Lockhart look the goods. I agree, that it is all about next year and the year after. I am not interested in one or two wins now. I am interested in real bone-fide development. We know that May is good defender. I think we need to see him play 2 weeks in a row as the key forward target with opposition planning for him. I want to see Preuss play ruck time more. I want to see if Gawn is a liability as a KPP. I want to see if ANB can handle responsibility of being in the fab 4. I want to see if Oliver can play as a Leigh Matthews forward. The 'we know whats going on" and 'we know we are alright' has been trotted out before at the MFC. This version has a used by date of 30 June 2020. We laud the club when it succeeds. When it fails, I don't look at the footy gods. The club clearly got a few things very wrong, and should be accountable. Take a mulligan, maybe, but be careful blaming footy gods, and smugly thinking the club will be back on track in 2020. Bartlett and Goodwin are in for some pressure in 2020. I hope they have a bit of Kane Williamson about them.
  4. What has JKH shown in his career at the top level? Speed? No. Decision-making? No. Execution prowess? No. I agree that Dunkley is far from the level, but I'd rather invest in an unknown, rather than a known.
  5. You guys are absolutely blinkered. Even with their father-sons, to even compare Geelong’s past draft selections/position with our welfare/charity gifts defies logic. Even the simpleton wearing rose-coloured glasses can see that. Love to see your facts that prove otherwise.
  6. Great post. The club hope that this year was an event, not a trend. Overtly, they have addressed the forward coaching in a mini-review pre-bye. Covertly, there would be many other wholesale changes. Many here are fixated on the Misson replacement, but I expect the rest of the pyramid to be overturned come season’s end. Goody and Bartlett will feel the heat in 2020. No excuses for either of them.
  7. I think most of them would have said to Joel Smith in the pre-season game, take the rest of the game off son. That puts them in the short-list I reckon.
  8. In relation to charity picks, we have done OK over the journey. Compare Geelong for instance and what they have scrounged with picks above 10, and it is remarkable. For the sake of the comp, Gold Coast deserve 2 PP's to trade with other clubs.
  9. Fair enough Mono, but I am thinking long-term sustainability, not a dead rubber against Carlton VFL or whatever the next few weeks bring.
  10. Frost - B&F top 10. Agree with everything bar Dunkley. Like Matthews said about Watts' first game, I didn't see any component to hang a hat on. Lockhart - Courage courage courage.
  11. If we didn't have Gawn, I'd say the opposite. You obviously don't understand the fact that one really has to play FF 40% game time if both play in the same game. Preuss is too slow in defensive mode as KPP. If you can't work that out...Wow-wee.
  12. Cannot possibly play in the same team. Preuss is slow as a key forward. Max isn't super mobile as a KPP either. Only way it can happen is a Brodie Grundy and Darcy Moore (type). Unless we inflate his value, don't know why we did this. Must be traded this year.
  13. So, when we are fresh (1st 12 minutes of the 1st quarter; 1st 7 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters; first 9 minutes of the 3rd), we play premiership footy? Go join the queue of over-confident MFC supporters. It is long, and been there for a long time. Usually injuries are down to luck in a lot of ways. I don't think it is mostly luck here. Something stinks to high heaven. Even with Lever, only a few here questioned rushing him back for QB. This wasn't a medical decision; this was a PR decision, like Watts'' debut. Gawn this morning, said something along the lines of 'my intent outweighs medical and FD advice'. We searched for leadership despite making us weaker and slower onfield, yet let Howe and Dunn walk out the door. We sold the farm in a super-draft for Lever, when we really didn't have to. Blind Freddy knew we were one-paced and slow, yet drafting speed has been non-existent. Who are we apparently after now? Alex Keith? We have great players with big ticks against their names, but they also have glaring weaknesses. Richmond should be applauded for taking a punt on a rough diamond in Stack. The culture of the MFC would never do that in a million years. We recruit people that we would like our daughters to marry, rather than taking a punt on someone that would beg, bleed and fight for you. Time we started looking elsewhere than the Young Liberals, on and off-field. The private school mentality that we deserve x, rather than we will fight for y.
  14. As a long-term original critic of the Lewis import decision, Jones is more valuable to us onfield now, than Lewis was even in 2017. At half-back (he has been there 5 minutes), he is already showing something. Those that are calling for Jones' head now, are probably the same ones that wanted Roos out before his 3rd year (let Goody take over....pant...pant), wanted Frost banished forever in early 2019... My theory is, apart from the simpleton not getting it, is that Froscar has dragged down Frost; and Jonewis has dragged down Jones.
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