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  1. The spectre of mergers is looming over the AFL. One club will merge with GC. One with GWS. One might link with Tassy. A game person to punt on the Melbourne Demons, North Kangas, St.Kilda Saints and Western Bulldogs existing as they are in 2023. Don Scott better grab that velco hawk from his bottom drawer.
  2. 1. Any player who had a heavily front-loaded contract in 17/18/19 2. Ross Lyon - Who will be (or is) the highest paid coach in the AFL in 2020. Freo gave him the RRRs; and paid him out in full for 2020. (He also gets icing $$ from channel 9). If they kept him on, he would have worked a lot more, for a lot lot less. 3. Any player injured round 1
  3. A lot of MFC supporters have pseudo-bagged Viney here over the last 2 years. Can count the posters on one hand that never sold J Viney stock. I’m the thumb by the way. pTGR
  4. I think 'impossible' is a bit of a Steven Stretch. Who was cast into impossible situations? Travelling teams? All teams? Just the MFC? If Melbourne accepted the Mission Impossible; I guess we can convince ourselves that West Coast thrived on Mission Improbable. What we saw in that game was a replica of 2019's standard. As for Joeboy's generosity...and against-all-odds predicaments.... Dom Tyson currently shaking his head, and thinking "didn't I dislocate my knee cap on camp horribilis and continued squatting, jogging, kneeling through incline and decline. Now that is an impossible situation". Joeboy, unlike Dom, I rush to this after every game. This has always been the modicom of clarity and objectivity on this site. If this is the new you, you might get more likes, but at the risk of selling your soul.
  5. Yeh coz he won’t win a popularity contest due to setting the bar too high.
  6. TGR - Lost money today 2019 - Not an aberration Viney - Our real captain Defensive spread - Not really capable Reality - one paced list Goodwin - No brave moves Goodwin - Looks outta depth MFC - 20 goto 10 Brown/Spargo/ANB - Not AFL level Lockhart - continues to grow Pickett - has valuable traits Gawn - not top 2 MFC supporters - super dooper optimistic
  7. You are basically remembered for your last effort. The 2018 PF hovered like a stench over the 18/19 preseason; the 2019 season has been the veil of hopelessness since. A good win against West Coast will probably erase that for the autumn and beyond. MFC will treat this like a GF (but hopefully not a PF). Put your stimulus cheque on the $3.50.
  8. There will be a tipping point where wireless technology actually starts to fry your DNA. 4G 30 years? 5G 2 years? 6G 15 minutes? Soon, it will be safer to smoke 2 packs a day.
  9. TGR

    16 minutes

    16 minute quarters and a bigger bench rotation means ultra quick footy. This disadvantages the MFC who are largely one-paced, and advantages young and quick teams (particularly quick) like St.Kilda IMO, who weren't slow to being with; and then have added Hill and Zak Jones on the wings. If the season is completed, it will more than likely be a year whereby a quicker younger team, before its' premiership window, will pinch a flag.
  10. 16 team final series starting August 1.
  11. You need a fair dinkum Rudd/Gillard NBN fibre to each premises though. That is where your prediction will fall short.
  12. 1. Because Peter Fitzsimmons is the smartest guy on the planet, according to him, and he thinks the ball won't be bounced this Thursday. 2. Laws of mathematics and probability. 3. The trend is your friend. In essence, it will take one player being suspected in the lead-up to first bounce. Finally, the community is entertained. For decades the middle class white man has ignored the plight of refugees in detention, or Islanders in the Pacific with oceans at shin level. Suddenly when the way of life of the middle class white man is threatened with 'anxiety', who acts most like a neanderthal? As Keating would say, "this is the crisis that Australia (+/- US) had to have". The right in this country (and the US) have been absolutely focused on issues that don't really matter. Safe schools...freedom of bigotry....budget surpluses.....woke-a-phobia: all while enshrining the boganisation and nationalisation of Australia. Trump and America deserve what's coming. Guns and 'freedom' over a health-care system for goodness sake. Sugar and fat over a nanny-state. Trump will look like the clown that he always was, is and will be. That's entertainment. This might be ground zero when it comes to a realisation of what really matters.
  13. 17 round season at best. Round 1 will surely be called off.
  14. Unlike most here, you have returned serve with objectivity and reason. Well done. I expect Grundy to go to another level; therefore neither are A+ in my book. As for Winx and Black Caviar, maybe the Phar Laps of the 70’s in Thompson, Moore, Newman and Dempsey have them covered. If I was coaching against Melbourne, TMac would be the one keeping me awake at night. 2019 was an aberration for him. The last thing is that Bob Murphy actually thinks deeply before speaking. He ain’t afraid of walking against the herd too. Rare in the footy world of journalism and cyberspace.
  15. I'm with Murphy, at the risk of being cute. TMac can play key defence, key forward, wing or ruck. Gawn? Ruck only. I stated here years ago that Gawn was no.2 ruckman in the comp behind Grundy. Time has and will prove me right. I think Gawn is overrated a tad by the media and MFC supporters. His kicking for goal is not brilliant. His marking seemed like it was going to be A+ grade, but is probably B+. He is slowish. I don't know if he is physical enough either, but expect a bit more grunt, and less indifference with the "C" next to his name. pTGR
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