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  1. AFL article explained that Newnes can refuse a contract with St Kilda and could become a delisted free agent. should be able to bring in cheaply either way
  2. Melbourne in: 5, 9 out: 3, 22 Sydney in: Danniher, 22 out 5 Papley Essendon in: 3 out: Danniher Carlton in: Papley out 9 Note: I don't think Joe is anywhere close to worth pick 3 but seeing early reports that Essendon wanted two good first rounders for Joe...at least the Swans keep a goodish pick to take to the draft. For a player who has played so little football and so injury prone, I think a mid-first round and later pick swaps in their favour should be enough.
  3. After academy selections, gws, freo Rated around or before pick 12 and possibly the hawthorn academy selection you would be looking at pick 14 and pick 21 for pick 3. They would be in deficit. Don’t know much about this draft but certain commentators who do say the talent tiers go top 2, top 8, top 30. GWS list manager recently came out suggesting their pick dropping back will make it harder to trade up now, they know they will now have to give up more.
  4. Good thinking but the club would want to do a lot better than 12 & 18 if they trade down. Would want something additional from GWS for this to be done. Papley would be a great addition to the dees if we can pull it off.
  5. Paddy Mccartin. Is our medical team better with concussions than others?
  6. We miss out, wonder what plan B is. Jack Newnes would be a good free agent fall back.
  7. You are spot on, high half forward rotating through the wing. Very underrated player with great speed, decision making, goal sense and crumbs with the best of then.
  8. Deal with freo picks 6 & 7 for picks 3 & 20. I would look at that.
  9. While ordinarily I would agree with you. He is a quick and skillful midfielder/wing that we are playing off half back. Either play him in his best position or trade him out and upgrade talent of the list. We don't need Ollie Wines but I rate him higher than an underutilised Salem. Big club mentality is not to overrate your own players and take advantage of unexpected opportunities when they arise. My preferred option would be to trade back what would be 3+37 to possible Geelong picks: 6 + 16. Would also look at Hunt + Salem for Wines and then trade back pick 3 for 6 + 16. Need to give something to get something. If the coaching staff surprise me and allow Salem to have a bigger role as a mid who rests in the backline then I wouldn't trade him.
  10. Different trade scenario: In/Out Ollie Wines, Pick 9, Pick 27/Salem, Pick 3, pick 57 Langdon/pick 20 pick 28 (32 after PP/Academy)/Frost Pick 38 F3rd/Stretch Free Agency: Adam Tomlinson, Jack Newnes and Ryan Lester (utility) Retire/Delist: Lewis, Garlett, JKH, Wagner If we are splitting pick 3 I want a really solid talent coming in...or be interested in what Geelong has after Tim Kelly leaves and see who has the most enticing offer for trading down. Shouldn't be trading down just for the sake of it. We don't need another inside mid, but he can play switch with Harmes/Petracca/Oliver resting forward so we have the right balance in the middle. Port are crazy to be looking at trading him out, or there is something there that isn't public knowledge. Don't think we will win Elliott, think Hawks or Bulldogs etc will win his signature.
  11. Really good feedback. For the Gold Coast trade I valued: Oliver (1,15)...he is 22 and his statistics are off the charts (pick 22 value more than what GWS got for Treloar). Put him in the trade value class of Cripps and Bontempelli...he is a preseason and goal increase away from being truly dominant. Salem is played out of position, I see him as a Wing/Midfielder. In this position I rate him as worth ~pick 19. Possibly unders. Maybe take pick 11 and 16 from GWS plus a player and trade 16 and 37 to Gold Coast which would be 6610 points vs. 6912. Would this be too much for just King, 1 and 2? I wanted King as well because I don't want to give up a player of Oliver's quality without having one player who has shown their potential against AFL competition. 25 for Frost and pick 57 equals pick 33...fair call. This means pick 20 for Langdon. Would have too many ins and not enough outs and so maybe future 2nd rounder for Hunt. Freo is losing two wing players in the same offseason...I thought they might want a cheaper replacement there but if they are still in line for T.Kelly they would prefer the pick. Wines and future pick for 11 and Hannan? Need someone worth a late 2nd rounder in value. You are right, losing a young captain you need something to sell to the fans, AND not worth enough to get it done. Wines not coming straight back into the team as a fit captain and being shopped currently lowers his value...this is the time to buy him while his value is lowered. Newnes is being played out of position. He is a Half forward flanker/midfielder. Peaked in 2016-17 when they played him in these positions and dropped his outputs since shifting out of position in the backline. Saints have too many small forward on their roster and due to his quality he shifted to be their quality ball user even if it isn't his best role. RFA, second round pick compensation would be about right in his value.
  12. This will be a controversial one. I am basing my ins and outs based on AFL recruiter intel I have heard that Rowell and Anderson are uniquely talented and could become stars of the competition within two years. No knowledge of this myself. Other thought is that we are heading towards a GWS problem where we will have a lot of quality players in the older bracket that will all have their hands out for larger contracts, and so we need to balance the list with more quality youth who are on smaller contracts. Trades: In: 1, 2, B.King Out: Oliver, Salem, 20 In: Pick 11, B.Daniels, X Halloran Out: Pick 3 In: Langdon Out: Hunt, 37 In: Wines F3rd Out: 11, ANB In: 25 Out Frost In: F4th, F5th Out J.Smith (heard he wants out due to injury mismanagement...not sure truth of this) Free Agents: Elliott, Tomlinson, Ellis Yolman, Newnes Retired/Delistings (senior list): Lewis, Garlett, JKH, Wagner, Stretch Total: Ins: 1, 2, B.King, B.Daniels, X O'Halloran, Langdon, Wines, 25, Elliott, Tomlinson, Ellis-Yolman, Newes, F3rd, F4th, F5th Outs: Oliver, Salem, Hunt, Frost, J.Smith, Lewis, Garlett, JKH, Wagner, Stretch, ANB (We had 39 senior players this year so we can increase that to the maximum of 40).
  13. Not saying we would pick him up to trade him after a year. My point was about asset accumulation. Don’t refuse a sure thing now for a speculative asset in the future. Especially when the AFL alters the CBA to allow this. AFLPA and AFL are looking at renewing the CBA with possible inclusions of: reducing the free agency age, increasing initial contract length to 3 years draftees (possibly only earlier rounds) and enabling trading of players who are earning more than ~500k without their consent. Don’t have the link to the article I saw on this but remember seeing it earlier this year.
  14. This type of thinking shows how the AFL is lagging behind other codes. In the NBA for example team management is about talent acquisition and building assets which can be later traded for improving the roster (list). Why not pick up Tomlinson, at worst he can be traded next year for another asset and if we have a top tier free agent want to join us next year. The old buy low and sell high.
  15. Basil > Fawlty Towers > Monty Python > Newt scene from Holy Grail > Newnes
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