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  1. I believe Barrett is what plumbers refer to as “sewerage that gets stuck and just smells putrid”. That’s about right.
  2. Anyone think Conor Menadue from the Tigers could be a handy wingman. Has the pace and skills. Stuck in Tigers VFL Team. Clearly better than VFL standard.
  3. Yes I watched it for 10 minutes. Sad to see legends deteriorate with age. It should be players who retired in the last 5 years. Jakovich could hardly move or bend. He was a champion for the Eagles but needed a walking frame last night.
  4. Agree Marty Hore kicking the goal to level scores v GC Suns was worthy of a Top 10 nomination.
  5. 5- Jayden Hunt. Matchwinning goal versus the Blues. Pressure shot from 45 metres out. 6- leading the reigning premier Eagles twice at 3/4 quarter time only to be overrun in the last quarter. Familiar story for the year. We gave it a crack against them with an undermanned team both times. 7- beating the Swans in Sydney. Great spirit after 3 losses to start the year. Viney, Jones, Gawn were matchwinners. But that was about it in terms of strong wins 8- big Max Gawn. All Australian. Proved to be a star again. Tried to carry the team but was so badly let done by others. thats the end really so now to stretch it .... 9- end of round 23. Close out a horrendous year 10- no one should be missing round 1 in 2020 I have not included our accidental error riddled win over the Suns. It was a shocker and tommy mcd winning point was a mess. Nothing to celebrate there.
  6. I’ve done this in 2017 and 2018 and was able to complete it across great games, marks, goals, tackles and team play. But 2019 may be hard. In fact ridiculously hard. I’ll start with 1- Bailey Fritsch. Mark round 23 above Scott Thompson. It was our MFC mark of the year. 2- Tom McDonald. 6 goals in 3/4 quarters versus the Blues. He was on fire until of course he got injured. 3- Sam Frost chase down on Petruccelle. It was “special”. Petruccelle thought he had Frost covered. 4- Dees win at the G versus Dockers. Dockers were top 6 and playing good footy. Tom McDonald last two goals to seal the win. Also watch for the 3rd quarter end to end goal. Seven handballs. Frost run from the back 50 to also receive on firward 50 to kick to Tim Smith. It was 2018 like. Run and reward. No turnovers. Wow amazing
  7. Definitely give these a big miss. Didn’t show anything for the Blues or at prior opportunities Garlett (at Suns) and Pickett (at GWS).
  8. Oh AH. Oh um. Maybe no. Maybe tempting. #2/3 for 11,13,and Patton. Well. No no. No. Nah. Um. Could we. No. No ummmmm well. Let me think. No. Ah. Umm.
  9. Brayshaw is a keeper. Fantastic player. Over his concussion issues and 2018 showed his gun potential. 2019 not ideal but he wasn’t alone. Need to retain Oliver-Viney-Brayshaw-Harmes-Petracca and add outside runners like Langdon & Amon and gun pick #2/3 like Anderson or Ash.
  10. Petruccelle and 32 for 13. Madness!! He’s hardly worth giving up a potential young star in top bracket.
  11. I like it. Trades make sense to get Langdon, Jenkins and Amon. Anb and Stretch are perfect trade options. Walker will be gone but probably only have 44/45 on list. Use pick #2 or 3 on Anderson/Ash. #39 (Miles Bergman Wing) # 57 (Brodie Newman HBF) rookie option is Blake Kuipers. 196cm ruck/forward. Impressed in games for Dandenong Stingrays. Reminds me of Tom Lynch (tigers) in style but only new to footy after volleyball background. Huge potential.
  12. I’d keep pick 3 imo. The Josh Kelly outcome should be enough warning to keep our low pick.
  13. I’m so confused already with all the trade algorithms. It’s a busy crazy time.
  14. Well deserved Big Maxy. If not the best, he was the equal of Grundy. Max Gawn. Triple All Australian.
  15. Would be good as a straight swap. They can have both Spargo and Oscar McDonald.
  16. Lewis $$ replaced by Langdon. Expect circa $450000 per year over 4 years. Still very good coin.
  17. Young would be a good pick but imo Ash is a better fit right now. His pace is the standout.
  18. Agree. Amon for peanuts is a good option
  19. Agree. Pick 21 is starting point. He is out of contract and we have #2 in pre season draft.
  20. Dan Butler is more likely as he has been surpassed by Bolton now. He has good aggression, tackling and goal sense. Worth a late 4th rounder trade pick around 60+. Not sure about Sam Gray but probably about same price. Zac Langdon could be a good option. Worth a conversation. From the draft, I’d go with Elijah Taylor. Could be there at pick 20-21 for us. He would add some excitement and pace around goals which is badly needed. It’s a NO on Cody Weightman . We already have Spargo as a young miniature schoolboy type.
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