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  1. In Burgess we trust!! It’s probably his call if Bennells body can stand the tough rigorous AFL physical requirements. Goody would be mastering his mind and motivation. Both has tough assignments. But that’s why they command the $$$$$$$$
  2. Thanks. I thought we had 6. outs - Lewis Maynard TSmith Frost Jkh stretch Garlett Keilty ins - Langdon Tomlinson I guess Dunkley now is an addition officially. He had to become listed as his mid year selection was actually because of injury list replacement for Nietschke. so it’s 5 more !!
  3. Probably a hypothetical but if we keep pick 3 and 8, and take Murray as DFA & Bennell as SSP rookie we actually might get the last two live picks at the end being around 74 and 75. BTW there’s the saying that it does not matter where you are drafted, pick 1 or 81, you go on an AFL list and try your hardest. Harmesy missed out on being drafted but went in the rookie draft. It’s the heart and work ethic that determines the outcome sometimes.
  4. Freo should grab him at pick 10. We’d be developing him to package up for the Eagles. No from me.
  5. Pickett should be around pick 50. That’s not our range.
  6. Jackson in 2020 to be better than Weideman. Don’t believe it. Jackson is like Bradtke but slightly behind. Athletic. Raw. Footy skills and smarts are low. 2-3 year minimum development.
  7. Horrible waste of pick 3 or pick 8 if we draft Jackson. We don’t need a young ruckman. Gawn and Preuss are sufficient right now. Need to draft the best players possible with pick 3 & 8 on the best talented footballers. Lots available. Young. Kemp. Flanders. Stephens. Ash. Serong. Jackson is raw. Very raw. Skills are basic if any. An athlete. Will take at least 3 years and then vulnerable to the go home factor.
  8. Good pace. Questionable kicking. Not overly solid. Character is in doubt. I think there are much better options. Why recruit a bloke with suspect skills when that is a major problem already? Doesn’t make any sense.
  9. Presumably all fit excluding Vandenburg , KK and Joel Smith. Jetta May Lever Hibberd Petty Salem Langdon Viney Brayshaw Petracca Tmcd Melksham Fritsch Weideman Hannan Gawn Harmes Oliver Tomlinson NJones ANB Hore emerg. Preuss, Hunt JWagner depth. Omcd Baker Spargo Sparrow Nietschke Bedford Jordan rookies Chandler Dunkley Cwagner Lockhart bradtke thats 40 - depth looks thin given the recent delistings and retirements still 6 more to add which I think should be 3 DFA/state league recruits and 3 youngsters through the national draft
  10. Junket at best. It’s part of their “strategic development”. Networking and bonding perhaps it’s like all those years of Jimmy Plunkett selling clubs on his “leading teams” sessions. Hundreds of thousands drizzled away.
  11. Well said. Jackson is raw. An athlete. Grundy has the footy pedigree and even then slipped to 18. I think there are plenty of other top quality players at 3 and 8. Ruck is not a problem area for us. Don’t forget our success with interstate players. On top of all that, the future “Go home” is a negative factor.
  12. No way Lever plays CHB. Was found out in this last year. Suited to intercept role.
  13. Yes spot on. Harmesy is a key part of our future. Smart work to lock in. Need a few more like CP5 to sign up again.
  14. Yes I called Worpel out as an AFL ready midfielder. Unbelievable bargain for the fuc&$)!n Hawks.
  15. Yes Jackson is a project type. Very very raw. The last “super junior elite” ruckman chosen in top 10 was Billy Longer, drafted by Lions pick 8 in 2011. That didn’t go well and most rucks haven’t worked as top picks.
  16. Yes I think there is some bargains here albeit you know the delisted free agents do have limitations. Not getting a Dangerfield/Martin/Pendlebury type here. But good opportunity as showed with Ricky Henderson last year to get a ready to go player and cover some needs. With draft picks likely 3,8,”97”, in my opinion, Mfc could look at a few DFAs, perhaps 2-3: Forward line Harley Bennell - plenty written already. I’m still in the No camp but it’s a huge opportunity and a massive test for Goody, Burgess and Brukner. If anything, it would be a huge summer talking point and he has a point to prove. Mental and physical challenges but talent unquestioned Ben Keays - he has been frozen out by the Lions small forward group. Has good skills and goal sense. At 22, he is physically ready and should remember that he was an excellent midfielder as a junior. Assume Buzza and Sam Gray are already to be snapped up. I only saw Callum Moore twice this year and whilst he has good potential, I’m not sold in him. Midfield Chris Masten - If we didn’t take the punt on Bennell, then Masten is the next best surely. At 30, his best may be behind him, however is AFL ready and talented. Excellent and fit midfield runner. Fits our need in 2020. Knows how to win and has good skills. Squeezed out by Yeo,Kelly,Gaff,ShueyEtc. but definitely AFL ready. Would help us win games in 2020* ! Luke Partington - another ex Eagle, he showed in SANFL that his junior midfield class and run were still impressive. Averaged 30 possessions in SANFL - dominated. Best midfielder outside AFL system. Skilled and physically ready. I’d definitely get him in. Connor Menadue - again not given opportunity due to Tigers amazing midfield. A runner with class who delivers the ball inside 50. Has the pace and skill we need. At 23, in the right age range for 2nd chance. Nick Robertson also an option if we want to play a lock down role on the opponent key midfielder. Never takes a step backwards which I like Defence Brandon White - a Saints supporter was bemoaning him not being given a go. I’ve only seen him a few times and seems up to it. A competitor and solid half back. Better than a Josh-Wagner type if we need cover for the Hibberd/Lever mid-tall Defender I would try to get Menadue, Partington and maybe Bennell if the gods favour us with his renaissance. I still think midfield is the key to us rising with the forward line goalkicking always needing another option.
  17. Howe was going no matter what. It was money. It was for success. It was for forward line play. It was anything to get to Collingwood.
  18. Lots of frequent flyer points again this year for the squad
  19. Assume Burgess has been given the first call. His opinion will be critical.
  20. Agree. Surely but at a cheap price. Would give a 2 year deal if cheap.
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