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  1. Agree. It’s how many feel. Tired of negative posters. I bit more respect.
  2. A good call. But he got the combine call up and tested to a high standard athletically so given that, I’d expect him to go at or around 60. He is the type we need. Quick. Quick. Quick.
  3. Exactly. Ditto. Agree. I think Kemp is a Dangerfield type who don’t come up too often. I’m all for the risk of taking Kemp at 3. If he was injured he would have pushing up to Rowell/Anderson as likely no.1 pick. I can understand choosing Hayden Young at pick 3 (4- depending on pick swaps or nominating Tom Green) as he is the type of ball user we desperately need But if Kemp was available at 8, you CANNOT pass him up. Simply too good. Tall. Fast. Great kick. Midfield. Goalkicker. Sure you have the wait out 2020 while he recovers but huge huge upside for start of 2021. He would be (on form at national championships) into our best 22.
  4. Ben Keays might be worth discussing. Had a great 2018 but behind Charlie Cameron. Now available after Lions delisting.
  5. Actually thought if Zak Jones was coming back to Melbourne town, he’d have chosen us. Saints must have the secret sauce as the new DESTINATION club. With a fistful of $$$s 😳
  6. Gould is a gun like a Shannon Hurn type. Runs. Strong. Great kick. I have him about pick 9-10 in the draft. Probably may drop to Power at 12 (Carlton likely pick Ash at 9 and Freo pick Luke Jackson at 10. Hawks likely to pick Deven Robertson at 11.
  7. Can’t understand why we had availability in salary cap for Langdon and Tomlinson and an offer for Elliott. Given Elliott stayed at the Pies, I’d presume we would have the $600k-year over a 3 year deal availability for Martin.
  8. Top 10 1&2 Rowell and Anderson pick 3 Tom Green (Dees should nominate him if we don’t get the required pick exchange ) 4- Young 5- Kemp 6- Serong 7- Stephens 8- Flanders 9- Ash 10- Gould others like Weightman but I have him around 18-20. I’m a wrap for Jeremy Sharp from WA. Another WA kid who might fly under the radar because he’s not in the NAB league focus. Already playing seniors. Could go at 14-15 imo. Deven Robertson is also a gun from WA and likely picked as a top 12 player.
  9. It’s still Young at pick 3/4 and then likely at pick 8 it’s choice of Kemp (hopefully) or Stephens or Flanders or Ash. Though likely Crows may grab Dylan Stephens first.
  10. Hayden Young. Absolute gun ball user. Exactly what MFC needs!! We are turnover kings. Young is a smart player and has gone aerial skills and endurance. Has the makings of a 10-year plus player. Hard to bypass at pick 3.
  11. Kemp is the player (after Rowell and Anderson) who has the biggest likelihood of being an absolute star. Pace. Size. Strength. Can go forward. Goalkicker . **** Dangerfield like qualities. **** Will miss 2020 but they will only make him stronger and has a whole 12 months in the gym.
  12. Disappointing for him and the Saints. Had makings of a gun but lacked the edge in pace and endurance. Excellent VFL standard player.
  13. Good post. I think Billy Stretch should be retained as he runs and runs. Running mids are required in our team. I think his deficiencies can be coached and decision making solved. I’m not sure JKH fits into the team as a mid or a small forward. Probably delisted in next week or two. Agree on Newnes as a out of contract player. Size and pace to make it to our best 22.
  14. Absolutely. This would be sensational. Both could be absolute stars. Young’s delivery and aerial marking are exceptional. Kemp has all the qualities of a Dangerfield clone. He’s worth grabbing and waiting 12 mths (if JT and Mahoney and Goody have the guts)
  15. A steal at 97? An absolute punt !! I think Charlie Sprague (Falcons under 18s might be available) Saw his 2018 highlights and thought unlucky not to be drafted. Agile, great mark. Goalkicker Played for Barwon Heads senior team and as a overager in Falcons team. From the Falcons footy factory, he has the makings of a AFL player. Lachlan Potter (nth knights under 18s) - pacy running mid. Absolutely a classic wingman. Vic metro rep. Got injured 2/3rds through the year. You can never bypass kids with footy smarts and lightning pace. Likely to be drafted imo at 50-60+ but could slip. Would be one not to ignore Perhaps a mature age type Sam Lowson (Coburg)- 22 -small forward. Will Fordham (Frankston) -23 - tall running ruck Rover Hayden Schloithe (Sth Fremantle) -26 - solid running mid Jordan Lockyer (Subiaco)26 - 193cm full back - ex Sydney Swans listed / best defender in WAFL I’d definitely grab Schloithe. Ready to go. Past 4 years has been one of the best mids in WAFL. Will be a guaranteed player to cover any midfield role. Would succeed and cannot underestimate him given success of Pickett, Menegola and Kelly.
  16. Moderator. Not sure why Newnes thread is not within the Trade and Drafting posts. Newnes has great skills. Size. Pace. Running power. Exactly WHAT WE NEED. MFC WOULD BE MAD TO IGNORE HIM. SEEMS AN OBVIOUS FIT. Iwould offer a 3year deal and see what he is after.
  17. Agree. Best available and look beyond 2020. Kemp is worthy of longer term vision in what this kid could become. An absolute star.
  18. Doubtful. I’d draft him for his name alone and excitement for the fans. “BUZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAA”. Could light up the youngsters
  19. Kemp is Dangerfield like. That’s as simple as it gets. Can win it inside. Can burst clear. Can play outside. Can go forward and win it and kick the goal. Physically strong enough now to play AFL. 188cms 83 kgs. Built. His injury kills 2020 but providing rehab goes to plan then he walks in to our best 22 for round 1 2021. If we pass up, he’d be a steal down the order. Whilst I’d like to see Kemp drafted at 3, I know Young is a safe call at pick 3 and I’d support the safe call. Certainly if Kemp was there at 8, I’d be hoping JT is screaming out his name.
  20. If Stephens goes at 4, then option of one of Kemp, Serong or Flanders works pretty well also
  21. Dees must be struggling given 17th and under tight salary cap pressure. It seems like Frost was jettisoned to fit in Tomlinson and Langdon. But we were after Elliott who would have been after $500k+ a year. Hard to calculate our true position. Lewis $$$ presumably goes to get Langdon in.
  22. Agree. I saw Weightman play three times and wasn’t overly impressed. Is a smart player and skilled. Not top 10. Probably worth a 20-25 pick to be honest. 1&2 Suns. Rowell and Anderson. I agree with many that if we keep pick ... then Nominate Tom Green. Giants to match. Uses their pick 6 up. 3-GWS Tom Green use pick 4 on Hayden Young. A very impressive skilled footballer 5- Crows:Brodie Kemp 6- Sydney: Caleb Serong 7- Freo:Sam Flanders MFC use pick 8 on Dylan Stephens, or Lachlan Ash. Pace into the midfield. I’m leaning towards Stephens. pick “96” may go to a ruck or tall forward option.
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