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  1. GWS pick or match Green no matter what. He will be a star and (like Hopper) the Giants again get gifted a star.
  2. This is one of the only delisted free agents to date that’s worth picking up. Great competitor. Tackles and works hard. Sure limited but brings 100% to the contest. Depth type but would be handy if needed. Worth a 1-year opportunity for “free”.
  3. Good work. I’m thinking Crows will grab Dylan Stephens at 5 and Sydney to grab Sam Flanders. Serong to Blues at 9 as a bargain. Hope it’s not a case of Ollie Wines with Young and Kemp. Demonlanders keen but we pick a Toumpas ahead of Wines and regret it for many years.
  4. Don’t need an analyst to tell you our field kicking is the worst in the league our lack of run and pace in the midfield our poor delivery inside forward 50 our poor kicking for goal Much prefer skills skills skills focus
  5. Agree. Some reckon he might be a key forward but I’m not keen
  6. Imo Jackson is a good young ruck and probably will go pick 10 to Freo. Maybe they’ll grab Robertson at 7 or 10.
  7. 3-Green. Giants (nomination by Dees) 4- Young. Dees 5- Stephens. Crows 6- Ash. Freo 7- Serong. Swans 8- Kemp. Dees that’s a great double for the Dees
  8. So the hundreds of posters here are all clowns. They reckon it was because Goody was not prepared to see Frost-ball with erratic disposal. I’ll let them know. Anywhere BB comments on Sam Murray in your opinion. Put up or ... (you know the rest)
  9. He played some average footy. Pace ok. Not a great kick so under the Frost principle shown by Goody, wtf would we be looking at Murray.
  10. Away games. Probably at least 4 interstate trips excluding our NT game v Freo v Suns v Power v Swans.
  11. Likely get away game round 1. When you are 17th you deserve nothing. But here’s my 11 home game requests. Anzac Day eve game v Tigers (lock!) Queens Birthday game v Pies (lock!) of the 9 home games at the MCG, remaining 7 to be against 3 interstate teams (hopefully Crows, Lions and Eagles) and 4 vic based teams (Bombers, Blues, Cats, and either Bulldogs or Kangas). One at Marvel against interstate team (Suns) and One at Alice Springs (Giants). Unlikely to get a Friday night game unfortunately this year. 2-
  12. I agree Serong is a smart footballer with good intensity at the contest. Small forward in first 1-2 years then progress to midfield role. Dependable Trent Cotchin style type. I’d take Young and Kemp first though as their upside is huge.
  13. Has the pace and style we need. Prefer Young, Kemp and Serong though. If Ash was there at 8 and all of the above were gone, Ash would be a good selection.
  14. I saw Vic country v SA under 18s. It was a high standard game and great performances by Serong, Flanders, Ash, Kemp and Weightman. Kemp had the ball on a string and showed his pace, strength and kicking. I thought he was BOG but it was probably also because he kicked the winning goal. Serong also showed that he will be very very good player and I wouldn’t be disappointed if we called out his name. Kid called Will Gould was also outstanding for SA. Had him for a top 10 pick. Reminded me of Shannon Hurn. His presence and long kicking was top grade.
  15. Ditto. Lockin Young at 3. Gotta grab Kemp at 8 or (if Kemp is gone) a slider such as Serong, Flanders or Stephens.
  16. Weightman at 8 is an overreach. There are 14-15 better players. I think he is good but not top 10. Maybe it’s just the media reaching for an angle.
  17. Good call. He is better than most of the Top picks imo in the thin-highly compromised draft next year. That’s why I like the swap with Kangas
  18. Agree. Perhaps with 6 spots to be added, it’s at least 2-3 delisted or free agents and 3-4 draftees. Might even grab a VFL/WAFL/SANFL player with our pick “97”
  19. 50/50 call here. Assume he wants Multi year deal but I’m not screaming out
  20. Fritsch will be a required player. Should get a 3-year deal if his 2020 replicates his last half of 2019.
  21. Just my opinion so put away any arrows, bullets and darts. These are options. small forward option - Ben Keays (x Lions) 22yo had a ripping NEAFL year but couldn’t crack the Lions midfield. tall forward option - Callum Moore (x Tigers) was behind Lynch and Riewoldt but is a good mark and handy backup key forward. (also still like Buzzzzzzza for the fans screaming out his name ) running midfielder - Connor Menadue (x Tigers) is a skilled quick wingman who delivers the footy and kicks goals. Again behind a few quality players in the Tigers middle. Whilst not delisted (could still be by thevSaints) Jack Newnes is out of contract and presents the best option as a strong running mid. Not sure on Nick Robertson. Good lockdown tagger type to play tough unsociable footy. Could be handy to stop others key midfielders. Im not a Sam Murray fan as his pace is good but ball delivery is poor. We apparently got rid of Frost for this.
  22. Kemp will be an option for Crows and Swans. Agree Swans may see the huge upside in waiting 12 months and get a potential superstar quality type. Without too much pressure, this kid is a potential serious A grader.
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