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  1. Optimistic outlook for us to get Kolodjashnij, Vandenburg, Jsmith and then also Bennell all injury free and fit. If we can , the best 22 looks impressive.
  2. So do Bennell and Brown now train with us from next week. Assume we have 2-3 months to top up with 2x rookies or an upgrade.
  3. Both got picked up as rookies. Desperately unlucky not to be drafted.
  4. Sokol would be the one to choose IF BENNELL fails in his comeback. Sokol has all the skills and smarts and goalkicking to be successful at AFL level.
  5. If only we had one more pick. Mitch O’Neill or Fraser Phillips. Both look likely AFL Players with excellent skills and that class to play at the top level. Both will definitely get rookie listed.
  6. Agree. Twomey has him going to Lions at pick 23. Rivers and Jackson from the West.
  7. Agree. It’s a win. I thought he would be top 25 - around 18-25, so good get imo. Skills needed in our team.
  8. I like it. He is a classy ball user and runner. Strong mid or half back.
  9. I like the inclusion of Brock Smith. I saw two power games this year and he looked a solid smart defender. Strong build, composed and can deliver the footy. I know there is about 8-9 really good other youngsters but Smith would be a good call out as well. A local boy
  10. With is getting Kozzzy, it’s unlikely we’d go for ET at pick 30. But it would be tempting.
  11. Kozzzzzzzzy that’s the call that will get the members and supporters and young kids excited. we need some X factor and I hope this kid can deliver it. Cost us 2020 1st round draft pick but imo should be worth it.
  12. Yes it seemed split between Young and Jackson. Love the irony in the names. We can always get Young if Jackson decides to go home. That’s going to be the annual discussion after 2021 imo. Hogan was also mentioned each year to go back home and he did.
  13. Agree. It’s just showing that plenty of good options in next 9-10 players available. I rate Jeremy Sharp highly with pace, run and skills. Good size at 187cms 78 kgs and experience at senior WAFL level. Harrison Jones could also be a good option as a young key forward.
  14. Yes draft pick will fall to around 65-70 but I think there is 5 spots available pre draft now down to 3 That’s pick 30 and then Bennell and Brown as rookie/SSP Listings.
  15. A potential mock could be 22 Port - Trent Bianco 23 Lions - Josh Worrell 24 Crows Deven Robertson 25 Crows Will Gould 26 Cats Trent Rivers 27 Swans Elijah Taylor 28 kangas Jay Rantall 29 kangas Hugo Ralphsmith 30 Dees Jeremy Sharp
  16. Wow. Pickett and Jackson. That’s two extremes in height? Get kozzzzy a ladder!!!
  17. Kemp? Robertson? Pickett? Green? Flanders?
  18. Liken him to Austin Bradtke. Similar background. I don’t expect him to play any senior games in 2020. Jackson is raw, with limited footy skills. He hunts and runs like a basketballer. We should support the pick and hope he develops BUT we will always have the annual media beat up about him going home to the Dockers or Eagles
  19. Agree. Whether us fanatical long suffering Dees members think someone else should be picked, Luke Jackson is now a Demon and we need to support him to deliver us the holy grail.
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