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  1. 1. Dank has released texts and now MFC looks like liars and cheats 2. MFC lied in statement from 5-Feb. He had links and we denied any involvement. Poor choice. God thing Schwab has gone. Others must follow. 3. Dan Bates must be sacked. Poor choice and should have come clean post the Bombers conference. He should have said "Yes. MFC had used bt belived all approved". I run a business. Have a family. Make many many decisions. MFC are a shocking basketcase. I love footy. I love MFc. But they (the people at the club) are very disappointing. Dankers & Tankers. Bruise Free footy. Worse AFL Team ever. (I cannot argue right now). ((((
  2. Frawley will stay ... he is a keeper. Wait until we can get a decent midfield - that would help rather than the defence being under seige
  3. The hope: Terlich T Mcd Garland Tynan Frawley Grimes Toumpas Viney Josh Kelly (2013 draft) Sylvia Clark Howe Blease Hogan Watts Gawn Trengove N. Jones Int: Jordie Mckenzie, Kent, Strauss, Taggert. Depth Backs: Nicholson, Jetta, Pedersen Mids: Magner, Barry, Evans Fwds: Tapscott, Dawes Ruck: Jamar ??? Sellar, J Macd, Byrnes, Gillies, Davis, Davey, Bail, spencer, Dunn, XX Fitzpatrick, Rodan 2013 recruits - mid, mid, mid. (Josh Kelly is our target... best under 18 player since COTCHIN).
  4. Changes this week backs: Terlich, Frawley, Garland, T Mcd, Pedersen, Jetta Mids: N Jones, M Jones, Viney, Grimes, Trengove Ruck: Jamar Fwds: Clark, Howe, Sylvia, Watts, Tapscott, Blease Int: Evans, Kent, Mackenzie Sub: Davey. Out: Byrnes, Toumpas, Bail, Sellar In: Mackenzie, Kent, Blease, Watts 1. Watts & Blease to play deep forward within 35 metres of goal. 2. Frawley to run loose across half back or into midfield 3. shutdown Scully. We cannot let him get an inch.
  5. We need Jordie McK back. He is a big loss.
  6. help... read through our prior posts. We said pick Wines ...
  7. agree. Wines was my number 1 choice ...even ahead of Whitfield.
  8. agree ... hard to know Col was only put in midfield in 3rd qtr (was frozen in haf fwd line for 1st two quarters)
  9. Our personnel is like shuffling deckchairs. Neeld has words but I would like to see TANGIBLE improvement or signs. "Tough Love". We need more than that. Neeld said "No idea. Didn't see it coming in round 1"... why ?? I saw them agst the Suns and we were lacklustre.
  10. A loyal servant. Enjoy the mental break...
  11. This weeks plan 1. tag Priddis (mandatory). He got 38 possessions last time we played the weagles. 2. Clark, Davey and Howe inside fwd line. 3. Do not allow weagles a loose man in defence 4. Jamar to compete and run to crunch the opposition. 5. 2nd efforts 6. Let Frawley run, run and run. play him as a HBF. 7. Tapscott in. 8. Direct footy & fast(no going backwards ever). 9. Tackling a priority. 10. Kick to 15 metre hotspot from goal (not to the pocket ever).
  12. I am not a Schwab fan but he was professional in the press conference. That is him. Style. But has lacked substance and failed over last 12-18 mths. Don is struggling under the pressure. Maybe a new president is on the way. Stuart Grimshaw may be our next in line. Has the firepower and corporate connections.
  13. If the AFL offers help, take it. We need some outside review. Schwab is gone. NT Tourism is our big corporate sponsor... please. Schwab is damaged goods. He mistreated Hankook and Kaspersky. Failed to get Nestle over the line, when I know it was very close.
  14. Neeld's pre-match address. The message was "attack them with speed, hunt them with speed". Where is our speed? Blease and ... ??? It is one of some key problems. Ability to burst through packs, run the lines, run to create are all missing.
  15. Port played with an intensity and strategies that exposed Melbourne as mentally brittle and a team without any systems at all Agree with Patrick Smith here. We were lost. When we got 5 goals behind, we waved the white flag (again). And against Essendon, they asserted themselves and we just let them. No system. No strategy.
  16. agree. It made me laugh. Footy is about entertainment and we don't get any excitement on game day. Thank you for brightening my spirit.
  17. maybe they should all get the footy and try to break a Storm players tackle. We are too easily caught and certainly our tackling is sub-afl standard
  18. Its a start ...a plan!!! No sign of a plan in round 1 or 2. Our gamplan is like under 9's ... non existent.
  19. Agree. Fight this with any legal power we can muster. Fight this. We supporters need to remove this stench. Fight the AFL. What rules? They created the priority. We back our men. Threaten the AFL with defamation and a fight.
  20. Yes it is strange that we have these numbers free. Not great thinking in terms of marketing. "Hi Dad. Now Liam is gone, who is number 24". No one !!!! Huh.
  21. Agree ... 10 wins is the goal and is achievable. I think 11th or 12th in 2013. Go demons.
  22. Sorry Kangas ... with Trengove being in doubt with stress fracture, another quality mid is needed ...Ben Ross is the best mature age mid outside the AFL.
  23. Hannath would be a great backup for our ruck stocks.
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