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  1. http/the_age/sport/zac jones in acoholic brawl worth a go ... Zac will go with pick range 25-35 IMO. I am excited by all our trading but gutted Zac may go elsewhere. If we don't get him, I hope an interstate team does so we can "bring him home in 2 years
  2. 1-4 ... Boyd, Kelly, Aish, Scharenberg 5 - Kolodashnji, Sheed, Bontempelli, # fs Mcdonald Therefore we hopefully get the choice of Crouch, Billings, Freeman or Dunstan. Happy with any one if these.
  3. Dom Tyson is a great get ... whats left ...Nd picks ??? 9 *mid (freeman?) , 36 * small fwd, 53 * young full back ??? to add to Hogan, Michie #54 trade, Tyson, Vince (compo trade) Zac Jones might be marooned!!!
  4. Deal with Vince will most likely be all signed up by Monday. Win-win IMO.
  5. Bugg is good mates with Shiel, both picked as 17yo to GWS & both were at Caulfield Grammar. I think Bugg would become a good mid with his ability to win the footy. From Pakenham. Buntine is 189cms, strong build with great leadership and skills. #5 in 2011 draft. Likely HBF from what I have seen. From Dandenong Stingrays. Add #9 ... Billings, Crouch, Salem, Freeman or Dunstan #2 swap may be a good deal ... GWS want Scharenberg
  6. correct 3 years for $800k being $266k per season ... reasonable offer IMO
  7. The Age 17/10 Matthew Buntine and Tom Bugg are young Giants linked to the proposed swap for pick two, which would also see Melbourne gain the Giants' selection No.9. Buntine, a backman, was the No.5 selection in 2011 while midfielder Bugg was signed as a 17-year-old keep talking ... no Aish or Scharenberg BUT would get Bugg, Buntine & pick 9... say Luke Billings (yes, we may have a deal). That's Hogan + Michie, Vince, Bugg, Buntine, Billings and pick 24 (Zac Jones), 36 (Cameron Giles - highly talented young full back in the draft) , 70 (Clisby - rookie upgrade). (BTW here's my top 20) 1 Tom Boyd 2 James Aish 3 Matt Scharenberg 4 Josh Kelly 5 Matt Crouch 6 Dominic Sheed 7 Luke McDonald [ F/son] 8 Marco Bontempelli 9 Luke Billings 10 Kade Kolodjashnij 11 Christian Salem 12 Nathan Freeman 13 Luke Dunstan 14 Ben Lennon 15 Lewis Taylor 16 Blake Acres 17 Cameron McCarthy 18 Isaiah Miller 19 Darcy Gardiner 20 Trent Dumont
  8. Bernie Vince is on the cusp of signing a lucrative long-term deal to join Melbourne. The Crows and Melbourne are understood to have agreed to a trade where the Crows would gain pick 20 for Vince, who is holidaying in the US and yet to sign off on the deal. The 28-year-old, contracted for one more year at Adelaide, has been offered a three-year deal to join the Demons' midfield, with a trigger for a fourth season. A ready replacement for Sylvia. And the female fans stay interested !! Pick 20 is slightly over but we had to get the deal done. This is more targeted than Neeld's scattergun !!
  9. 16th October - Off: Sylvia to Freo (TBC compo pick)\ - IN: Viv Michie from Freo for MFC pick 54 ... fair IMO - pick 2 ... offers pending - MFC interested in Bernie Vince and Jarryd Lyons from the Crows (murmurs still about David Myers from the Bombers)
  10. Its Shiel trade for pick 2 or its ND#2 Aish or Scharenberg or Freeman.
  11. Dear Dylan Melbourne Football Club is pleased to offer you a 5 year $500,000 a year (total $2.5million) offer to join us as we embark on re-energizing our club. With Paul Roos leadership, you will form a vital part of a new midfield, alongside Nathan Jones, Jack Viney, Jimmy Toumpas and Jack Trengove. You will play footy on the might MCG, and help us rise once more to excite our loyal supporters. The Melbourne Football Club would see you as a future leader and a key part of our future. Peter Jackson (Dylan Shiel in exchange for MFC pick 2)
  12. 2007 - Cale Morton pick 4. Patrick Dangerfield pick 10 (hmmmmmmmm). But Morton was regarded as the new elite model, who could run, jump, highly skilled, athletic, aerobic ... but we failed to check his heart problem !!!!
  13. Dear Jarryd A 3 year deal for $800,000 is offered by the Melbourne Football Club. You will be a key part of our future success, with a role in our emerging midfield available for you. You have developed at Adelaide and Melbourne sees a great opportunity for you. It will be an exciting time for the Melbourne Football Club. Peter Jackson (Lyons is still contracted and may stay...but we will knock again if we have to in 2015 ...)
  14. Dear James ... Here is a 4 year contract extension for 2015-2018. I have managed to get $450,000 a year ($1.8 million) for this. It is a fair offer based on the longevity and your vital role in our team as a leader. You are a very important part of the future of the Melbourne Football Club. Peter Jackson CEO and informal saviour (enough to save him from GWS who will offer a 9-year $10 million deal !!!)
  15. 2 for Shiel OR Aish/Freeman 21for Myers OR Zac Jones/ Cripps 22 for Vince OR Zac Jones/ Tsitas 36 for Lyons OR Battersby / Giles 54 for Michie OR Holman / Apeness delisted FA . Cross psd:Anthony Miles Jesse Hogan Clisby (rookie upgrade) that's 9 on to the list Sylvia, Davey, Rodan, J Macdonald, Tynan, Sellar, Gillies, Davis & (1 of Jetta/Nicho/bail) off
  16. OUT - Neeld, Craig, Royal, Nichol, satterley, greaves IN - Roos, Allison, Matthews, Miller, <plus 1>, <plus 2>. Staying - Rawlings, Viney
  17. trades 2 for Shiel 22 for Vince 36 for Lyons 54 for Michie delisted FA . Cross add #21 Zac Jones #70 Joel Tippett #78 Clisby (rookie upgrade)
  18. Lyons for pick 36 is about right. Would be paying overs if picks 21-22 were given.
  19. Freeman will be a STAR. If we keep #2, he is hard to go past. Strong, fast, determined, skilled and a local lad !!!
  20. Vince would be a good get as a 2nd round exchange. Crows want to get in now before he becomes a free agent next year (and maybe no compo). Offer our "Sylvia compo" likely pick 22. If we can 3-4 good mids, we may start ... um, er, well, hmm ... even to be ... yes here it comes ..."COMPETITIVE".
  21. Pick 54 (4th round) is the right trade ... or tell Freo we will get him via pre season draft as Pick 2.
  22. again you are against what everyone else thinks is reasonable... feeding time at the zoo!!!
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