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  1. 54 minutes ago, goodwindees said:

    Or, just like Collingwood has with Jeremy Howe, his next Club will improve his weakness and play to his strength.

    Jeremy Howe was an absolute liability with ball in hand at the Dees, so much so that so many on this site wanted him gone. 

    Well, where are those geniuses now given he has been an absolute star at the Pies. One of the first picked in a constant top of the ladder team. Pies immediately improved his kicking & decision making and he’s been a bona fide A Grader for them.

    Watch Hawks do exactly the same with Frost. 

    Excellent post and good comparison.  Plenty of haters wanted Howe gone after one indifferent year. He has been a star at magpie land 

  2. 4 hours ago, Brownie said:

    I think there's a couple of key things that think we'd be mad to let him go.

    - speed. The games getting faster. Jetta, may and Oscar aren't. He has great closing speed and breaks the lines. 

    - size. Who do we have besides and injury prone May to use on the big forwards? Oh that's right, let's crunch Nev.

    - improvement. He has consistently improved from being a ball watcher to being more accountable.  People keep bagging his disposal but if you watch the second half of this year, you can see he is now stopping and using the short kicks much more and being more accurate.

    - effort. Something that was lacking at the tail end by quite a few others. He keeps putting in. He has the right attitude.

    - durability. Nev is getting on, May and Lever are a bit shaky. Do we really want to risk losing one of our best backmen at the moment. He's stayed pretty fit throughout.

    We are going to regret letting him go.

    And he shut down big forwards that usually kill us. Walker, Hawkins, Brown, Franklin, Kennedy.  We would be MAD to let him go.  

    Sign him up now. 

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  3. Toby Greene not getting 4 weeks for eye gouging shows AFL bias towards their “children” clubs. 

    Suns are almost definitely going to get a priority pick.  It’s where that is up for debate.  Either before any other pick (the new pick 1) or after pick 10 (new pick 11) or end of 1st round (new pick 19).  They probably need to somehow retain their existing kids and not just a draft handout. 

  4. On 9/12/2019 at 10:33 PM, spirit of norm smith said:

    Plenty of players to trade out or cut yet. Jkh Walker JWagner 

    Tim Smith likely to retire

    thats 8 out 

    Vandenburg still unsure of 2020

    Need to get Tomlinson Elliott and Langdon 

    Add 3 youngsters. keep pick 2 (3)  pick 39 and pick 57  

    keep Frosty 

    upgrade Dunkley to rookie list 

    query over stretch being held or traded to Crows 




    Tim Smith retired.  It’s been tough as he had signs of being very handy. Young Jake Riccardi from Werribee might be worth a look if we are worried about our key forward stocks.  It’s tmcd and Weid and ... perhaps Petty (appears a natural CHB though) 

  5. 14 hours ago, The Chazz said:

    Don't forget to look at the state of our own backyard before worrying too much about the state of next door's roses...

    Frost had a great year. Size and pace is a hard asset to find in a key back.  My point was that I wouldn’t want to lose Frost because we are throwing $$$$ at Tomlinson. Hope we can keep Frosty and still bring in guys like Langdon and Tomlinson.  

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