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  1. Frost had a great year. Size and pace is a hard asset to find in a key back. My point was that I wouldn’t want to lose Frost because we are throwing $$$$ at Tomlinson. Hope we can keep Frosty and still bring in guys like Langdon and Tomlinson.
  2. This must be a joke. Not anywhere near Frost. Tomlinson was poor to average tonight. Would want to show something v Pies next week
  3. Tonight he was ineffective and a bit of a lump. Probably get a closer look next week.
  4. Agree if we give up 3, it’s likely to be 12, 14 and Bonar. Thats very appealing.
  5. Dangerfield is absolutely trying to influence the AFL. UNBELIEVABLE ARROGANCE. Hawkins deserves 2 weeks minimum. Head high. Off the ball. Medium impact.
  6. Eagles fell apart under pressure Hawkins must get 2 weeks for hitting Schofield off the ball in the head afl will be soft to bypass that hit but it’s likely. Greene gauges Bonts eyes and gets nudda but a flap of $$$ to pay
  7. Should be ripping prelims this week. Power v Ranges and Dragons v Chargers. Anderson and Rowell (Suns 1,2) trying to get chargers into GF.
  8. Unlikely bridge. Afl are soft when it comes to their two “children” (Giants and Suns).
  9. I’ll back Hibbo to bounce back in 2020. Was getting back to form before the Suns bump ruined his season really
  10. Not really. Never really played footy. Persistent and intense Shoulder injuries. Why retain? It was always a punt.
  11. Plenty of players to trade out or cut yet. Jkh Walker JWagner Tim Smith likely to retire thats 8 out Vandenburg still unsure of 2020 Need to get Tomlinson Elliott and Langdon Add 3 youngsters. keep pick 2 (3) pick 39 and pick 57 keep Frosty upgrade Dunkley to rookie list query over stretch being held or traded to Crows
  12. Agree. May wanted the 5 years deal for less $$$ a year. Hopes to play in finals.
  13. Is Elliott really that likely? Still be favoured to stay at Pies imo. But he is exactly what we need
  14. Negativity again. It’s your ongoing moaning. Look at the big picture. He was one of the shining lights in a dismal disappointing year. That’s not in doubt. Yes he makes a turnover or two but his run and competitive streak are unquestionable.
  15. Frost is a keeper can play and shutdown Brown, Hawkins, Lynch, Franklin, Daniher, Walker, Kennedy, etc etc.
  16. Agree. What about skills and delivery and a game plan. At least a plan b when teams use a spare man against us.
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