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  1. Draft pick 73 gets it done. Only because Lions will want to free up some lust space. Cutler fits our needs. Fast. Gialkicker. Good size. Wing or half back. Good ball user. Only squeezed out by Lions new midfield.
  2. Tom Sparrow was available to play next week.
  3. Joeboy is on the money. Great summary Has taken up my line that Spargo is just a schoolboy. Year 6 actually.
  4. 6006 Gawn - an absolute giant of a game 5 Frost - beat the Coleman medallist 4 -Fritsch why did Goody even think he should be played in the backline 3 Harmes Gives 100%+ 2 Viney A captains game 1 Stretch. Now can he stay injury free.
  5. Bergman getting some good acknowledgements. Unfortunate. I was hoping he would be available at our 3rd round pick around 39-40.
  6. Tim Smith has played about 8-10 games per year over the past 3 years. Often it’s a hip or calf or leg injury. Unfortunately he is another who would be a very good player if he could keep injury free. May be delisted or retired
  7. 16 injuries. Tom Sparrow ready for next week. !! surely romance warranted Lockhart selection as he deserves promotion and is a Tassie boy. Opportunity missed to get some local tassie support. He gives a truckload more than the little Spargo boy imo.
  8. Omg. End of a horrible year. Cannot end quick enough. That’s very very sad for a game and team that I Love and are a big part of my life.
  9. How can Spargo stay. Last week was so bad. Shocking turnovers and is physically pushed aside like a 12year old schoolboy.
  10. Great pickup for virtually nothing. Nominated our club and got us up to the preliminary in 2018. Great bloke on and off the field. Leadership and good footy brain. A true champion. Media. Coaching. Relaxing. Whatever 2020 brings, he has had a great career. Hope he remembers his last few years with the Dees and might be back one day.
  11. Omg Rawlings should be on the train out to Ringwood. One of the failed posse from the mid year mixup.
  12. It’s Viney to retain the captaincy in his own right. Lots of other issues to worry about.
  13. Unbelievable. Watched it last night and again this morning. The ball bounced and neither he nor Joel Wilson the third umpire had the guts to call it. Unbelievable. That umpire Wilson had a shocker of a first test with 7-8 bad overturned decisions. Should never umpire again.
  14. I agree. Don’t know why the haters have delivered the mob view on Viney. Jack to be appointed as sole captain. Gawn and Brayshaw as vice captains Lever and Tmcd in leadership group. Not sure on May. He has the leadership on field but needs to have a Top year off field next year. He is one to watch.
  15. Saints apparently into him in a big way. Probably likely to move.
  16. MFC. 2013 - 2 wins 54%. Nil priority picks (7 years out of finals) 2014 - 4 wins. 68%. Nil priority picks. (8 years out of finals) Suns 2018. - 4 wins. 64% 3 priority VFL picks. Collins Corbett Burgess All played in 2019 40 games between them. 2019 - 3 wins. 62%. Priority. ???? Wow - Suns were given 12 of first 18’picks in 2011 draft plus 10 priority youngsters. Plus an extra salary $$$ cap. They have blown it. MFC got no sympathy in terms of priority picks for the 2013 and 2014 years because we had “made our own mistakes” my eye sight is fine btw
  17. It’s guaranteed. Afl helping their problem child by keeping the two best mates together
  18. Hibberd Frost Hore Salem Lever Lewis Stretch Viney Brayshaw Petracca Petty Fritsch Chandler Preuss Melksham Gawn Oliver Harmes Dunkley Wagner njones Lockhart emerg. Jkh Hunt Baker ins Preuss Lockhart Petty outs. Anb Spargo Jkh
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