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  1. 6 Oliver 5 May 4 Fritsch 3 Salem 2 Petracca 1 Lewis
  2. Same as prior eagles game. We are so disappointing AGAIN. FFS
  3. Wow. That’s what smart delivery inside forward 50 is. Looks like 2018.
  4. After today there’s only a few more Casey games. Some will be playing for their spot. Delist? (14 blokes could be unlikely to be here in 2020) Retire- Lewis injury queries to continue- Vdberg Jsmith kolodxxxxji highly likely - Walker, Jkh, Garlett, Maynard, Keilty, Probables - Chandler, Josh Wagner, Stretch , Omcd, Spargo,
  5. It was exactly what’s killing AFL. SHOCKING DECISION
  6. Best 22 JETTA. MAY. LEVER SALEM. FROST. HIBBERD BRAYSHAW. VINEY. FRITSCH PETRACCA. TMCD. ANB MELKSHAM WEID HANNAN GAWN HARMES OLIVER PREUSS LEWIS NJONES HUNT (Jsmith Vandenburg would be considered in best 22 if they ever get fit) Tomorrows team has 18/22 so we are getting back. Tomorrow has Petty Lockhart cwagner jWagner rather than Tmcd Melksham both injured and Weid and Hannan really out of form. Probably harsh on Hannan as he had no preseason.
  7. Really. Two soft frees to Lions kills the game. Very soft. Unbelievable in such a contest. It would rip out Norfs heart. If that to the Dees I’d be uncontrollable
  8. Apologies. How did I forget Harmesy. Yes Harmesy is a soldier. He loves the contest.
  9. Wow now Norf get two soft frees in front of goal. These umps are a joke. they don’t even understand the game.
  10. Lions getting an absolute armchair ride from the umps again. Free kicks now 25-14. Was 9-8 at half time. Lots of marginal calls go to Lions yet the Roos have to get obvious frees only. Dees would like that sort of treatment just in one game EVER.
  11. Watching the Tigers-Power game today and the Lions-Roos game tonight, footy is a game on real intensity. If we have not got real grit and energy and desire to win the footy, talent alone isn’t a factor. Loved the Martin-Prestia-Boak-PowellPepper grunt today and the Robinson-Zorko-Cunnington-Ziebell grunt tonight. Tackles Head over the footy Smothers Knock ons Real hard chases and pressure It made me question who are our MFC soldiers. When the heats on, who gets it and looks for the contest. Oliver, Viney yes but who else? Jetta. Steven May showed recently his steel. Lockhart has shown me he has it. Others are harder to identify!
  12. I had questioned the oval condition a few weeks ago. Might need some $$ spent over the summer.
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