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  1. Grab anyone with PACE SKILL AND A HEART draftees : Matthew Rowell, Hayden Young and Noah Anderson are my clear top 3. But I think as bad as it has started, we will finish above Kangas, Suns, Blues, Lions or Dogs. Likely 13th spot. Pick 6. Brodie Kemp, Caleb Serong or Dylan Williams are the young agile mids that have appealed for likely additions if we get a low pick around 5-7 range. Brodie Kemp will rise and rise given he is ready to go round 1 2020 type. For trade period, pace, skill and heart. 1. Ed Langdon (Freo) is most likely. MFC 2020 1st round for Langdon and Freo 2020 2nd Round. 2. Zak Jones and Swans 3rd pick 2020 for MFC 2nd round pick. 3. Tom Cutler from the Lions. Probably trade Jkh to Lions or perhaps Josh Wagner.
  2. What’s to come in ? Really? Only Preuss. We have 6-7 best 22 players out. We got rid of our depth. In: 1. Hard at it footy. Grit. Knockons. Shepherds. Smothers. 2. Gut running. No walking. INTENSITY TO GET TO EACH CONTEST 3. Kick to the hotspot about 15-20 out from goals. NOT TO THE FUC$)N POCKET 4. Discipline. No stupid high tackles. It’s the waist every time 5. Identify the other clubs strategy. Example: We let Houli have 25 kicks unmarked. He was their defensive rebounder. 6. “Connect forward of centre” a Goodwin-ism. BS really but it means kick to find a player 7. One up one down. Under 8s stuff. One up at the contests and the other crumbs. We are dumb 8. Break tackles. Get your arms free. Pendlebury is the master 9. Quick ball movement. We must play on. Slow and wide gets killed 10. Kicking for goal. Practice practice practice. We have been ok in 2019 even but it’s still CRITICAL AND 11. Stop overhandballing around in circles or useless handball to someone standing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU often meaning they get caught with the footy
  3. NO ONE STOOD UP TO DUSTIN MARTIN. If he did that cheap shot when I was playing even in the amateurs div 2, someone would have flattened him. Or at least wrestled. Soft Demons again.
  4. Agree. Billy will be a good player if given the chance. He has endurance and pace. Needs to always kick the footy and use quick ball movement.
  5. Petty. Jordan. Sparrow are the ones to watch. They should become good players. Chandler is a boy but cheeky smart fwd pocket. Unlikely to make it but fun to watch. Bedford is the wildcard. Could be the answer as the elusive magical forward pocket type I like his pace. Maynard should be given a go. I like him above ANB. We need to see if he’s up to the AFL tempo. If not, then he must be delisted Spargo should be traded. He has nothing special. At 173 cms, he needs much more pace and strength over the footy.
  6. - Signs we are moving forward - we battled it out for 3 quarters - got beaten forward of centre - cannot connect with handball or foot - scoring will come in time - re established contest and defence - cannot bring it to ground or mark inside 50
  7. We are soft and lazy. The Richmond Way - tough grit. Knock on. Shepherd. 1%s. Tackle hard. Man the mark. Chase. Run and run and run and run. Smother. Stand up. Deliver the footy. Run to create ahead of the footy.
  8. May is 4-5 weeks away. Good we gave up pick 6 Bailey Smith. A fast skilled young midfielder. We need plenty.
  9. Maxy- Goodwin message was “we have to be better for longer”. Wtf. That’s rubbish. Tigers were better after quarter time. We played 30 minutes.
  10. Need to get skilled tough footballers with pace. No NICE public schoolboys.
  11. Agree. No ability to judge the footy. Needs to go back to Casey.
  12. 6 Gawn 5 Hore 4 Brayshaw 3 Salem 2 Melksham 1 Stretch Tom McDonald was horrible. His last qtr argument with the ump was embarrassing. He cannot kick. He has no second efforts. Lost it and must be dropped. Happy to trade him and Oscar to anywhere.
  13. Spot on. Same old rubbish. What you won’t here - We are lazy - we cannot take a mark inside 50 - we handball to no one - we have no grit or hard edge - we create turnovers - we thought it would just happen
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