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  1. Cavalry is on the horizon. I agree. Whilst unlikely... If we roll the Giants, it’s still game on. The bonus has been games for Hore Lockhart Petty Baker CWagner Keilty.
  2. It must be a special moment to make your AFL debut. But Oskar’s story to fulfill his promise to his mum is something very very special. His fathers speech was so emotional. Good luck OB. You are a great young man.
  3. Outstanding. I’ve just ordered one for my son. Also voted on the AFL website though that’s just really who has the most supporters.
  4. Cody Hirst or Mitch Riordan. Both were top 30 draft prospects from 2018 but had a year wrecked by injury and missed out. Probably they’ll spend the rest of the year at Casey in development. Hirst is preferred. Corey Gault remains an option as a strong tall forward given Weideman seems to have stalled and Tim Smith yet to put up his hand.
  5. 2019 is now a chance to see what some players can deliver. Get games into Petty, Hore, Lockhart, Baker, and Weid. Plus make sure players truly overcome injuries (Jetta, Vandenburg Jsmith). No need to rush them back.
  6. It’s a chance at 4 -5. That’s why Friday night was sooooooo disappppppppping. Need to win 2 of the next 3. Cannot see us winning any at this stage. NEED TO KICK GOALS. THATS THE AIM OF THE GAME.
  7. Wow that’s 19 injuries if Anb Salem Smith miss. Salem and ANB didn’t look or appear that bad. On the basis of those changes it’s a weak team obviously with half of best 22 out. Lockhart* omcd* Hore* Lewis Frost j Wagner* Brayshaw. Viney. Stretch* Petracca Tmcd Lockhart* Garlett* Preuss* Fritsch Gawn Harmes Oliver Njones Petty* c Wagner* Baker* 11 key players missing from best 22. I think 5 of our best 10 are out. Missing out of my best 22... Hibberd. Salem. Jetta. Melksham. Lever. Weideman. May. Anb. Jsmith. Vandenburg. Hannan
  8. Jordan is barely 18. Youngest player drafted. I have said 2019 is a pure development year at Casey. His skills by foot are worthy of persistence given he hits targets.
  9. Absolutely. Eagles player made no attempt at the footy. He took out Salem’s legs and hips. Landing Salem on his back and head. Ump favoured the eagles in the last quarter and it impacted the result. 7-0 free kicks in eagles favour in the 1st twenty minutes in the last qtr. Cripps THROW to Sheed to kick a goal was absolutely a critical umpire ERROR.
  10. Stretch needs someone to just tell him to play on more. His kick to Viney in the 3rd qtr showed his talent. Goal opportunity in the last 3 minutes showed exactly where he is at. Close but not quite. Should have kicked it. AFL standard means you kick goals in the run from 35 metres. Should have even baulked around the eagles defence.
  11. Lever is going to be managed. Suggest a half is probably the go for the first week back.
  12. Petty was ok. Like to see him stay in. Gave a contest and showed reasonable agility. Looked more of a CHB type player. Should have protested more about the goal line decision.
  13. Poor. Very poor. Give Jack a run without injury. He is not 100% and will get better each week. It’s a cheap shot given our year so far. Tough and determined without question. Beats more tackles than gets caught.
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