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  1. Elite kick. Local boy. Ready to play round 1 2020. Leadership. Aerial skills. Perfect wing/half back. He is the best option at the first live pick. Our ball use has been horrible. Turnovers kill us. Why would we turn down selecting a kid who delivers the footy and would become our best kick right away.
  2. Mitch Brown would be on base payment circa $180k for a depth type game player. But his 2019 again showed he can play and strongly contribute. Bargain for money imo.
  3. Yes that’s a possibility. If I was Giants, I would DEFINITELY MATCH ANY BID FOR GREEN. He will be a star.
  4. Elite kicking skills. Words not used to describe a Demons player. Young has elite kicking skills. A lock at 3 imo.
  5. I saw him live. I saw his highlights. Forget the ACL. This kid has the ability for a future superstar. Dees might not punt in him at 3 but would definitely HAVE TO GRAB KEMP AT PICK 8 IF AVAILABLE!! Speed. Strength. Goal kicking. Dangerfield like at times.
  6. The voice of reason or perhaps nervous caution given our desperation for a small forward.
  7. Demonlanders history has shown strong opinions and actually proven outcomes. 2014 - Petracca or McCartin. It was a landslide for Petracca as pick 2 as we all hoped Saints would take McCartin. CP5 has been proven and can get better. Brayshaw was a lock at pick 3. Tick.✅ Tick. ✅ 2015 - again a tough call of Parish or Oliver. It was debated but the majority favoured Oliver at our first pick (#4 after nominating Mills). Parish was good and had skills. Oliver was strong, fast and had dominant potential. Oliver’s selection has been well proven. Tick. ✅ It was Weideman or Curnow. Pick 9. The vote seemed to favour Curnow but marginally. Curnow had been injured but was aerobically a better option. Weid was seen as the Hogan/Weid (chf/ff) for the next decade. Not quite how it’s worked. I still have faith in the Weid however he needs this year or the light is diminishing. TBA. 🤞 2016,2017,2018 no first rounders due to 2015 future swap and then Lever (two 1st rounders) and May (Hogan’s pick). So it’s 2019. The poll shows Young #3 (elite foot skills, smart, aerial intercept) and Kemp #8 (pace, strength, versatility). These two have the vote but it’s a wider pack of options (up to 7-8 options with Stephens, Flanders, Serong, Ash, Robertson and now Jackson). JTs comments on Jackson have seen a gold rush for him as pick 3 as a raw Natanui like aerobic ruckman. His come to AFL post basketball and is a WA product. Speculative pick but he has supporters. Tom Green (Giants Academy) is Cripps like and if available would be absolutely the one. I’m in for nominating Green and see what the Giants do. I still support choice of Young who adds the elite foot skills we desperately need. He’s an excellent player who fits in. Kemp has all the abilities of superstar potential. A future ruckrover most likely. I think we can consider a 1st round starter in 2021 (post ACL). Wait and see now.
  8. I thought we’d get one or two players training with us. Of course Bennell counts
  9. Naturally. Cats know Kemp can be an absolute star. They are rabid to get him. Tell them to fu&))& off.
  10. Data data data. Ridiculous. Kemp missed last half of 2019. Pick 21. Kyle Langford comparison is a joke. I don’t think this article is based on watching games. Kemp is top 5. He slides due the ACL injury which rules him out for 2020. But his physical size and pace alongside versatility and kicking make him very very likely to go top 10. He looked “Dangerfield like” in some stoppages with a burst of pace. Dees would be mad to miss him at 8 or 10 (if we trade 8 for 10 &22 from Freo)
  11. Young simply is the best choice at 3. For years we have tolerated turnovers and poor disposal. Young is the best kick but also importantly is a very good footballer. He can play back or midfield (wing) with excellent aerial skills. He would bring disposal into forward 50 which is crucial. I saw him 3 times in full games and he was BOG in all 3 games imo. And if you forget how good this kid is, watch his highlights again. Skills. Footy smarts. Physically sound. Captained Stingrays under 18s this year. Knows what’s required as his brother is at the Bulldogs. Being a local boy is just a bonus. Hayden Young at 3.
  12. I saw Jackson live and I don’t see him being pick 3. That’s a speculative punt. He is an athlete. Basketball aerobic movement. No doubt. But he is very raw still. Skills are lacking. Tumbles the footy. Needs at least 3 years development as athleticism alone at AFL level is not enough. I know you can’t dismiss someone from interstate, but our record of holding stars from interstate is not great. so who would I pick? Hayden Young has the skills, footy smarts and aerial skills to warrant pick 3. His delivery is absolutely needed. He would be our best kick from his first game. I would grab him in a heartbeat at 3.
  13. CATS ARE TRYING TO GRAB BRODIE KEMP its that obvious. They know he will not last up to pick 14. 8 for 14 and 17. No way Cats need to sweeten that deal with another 20ish type pick.
  14. I’m totally in the Yes to Mitch Brown. We will lack forward depth and he showed real ability to hit the scoreboard. Cheap option with good experience. With Weid still not showing me his talent can meet the intensity of AFL, I’d like to keep depth options available.
  15. 16 goals in last 7 games and losses. Almost won two games on his good forward play. He can kick 40 imo definitely a forward
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