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  1. Expect Jonesy to be ripping for round 1. Bloody legend.
  2. Weid to kick 50+ goals this year. I’d like to see that !!!!
  3. Williamstown signed up Jack Leslie. He is one to keep watch on as he proved a very versatile tall defender at AFL level. Willy seems to always recruit very well and Andy Collins obviously drives a good discussion around the opportunity to “play” consistent game time at a stand alone non aligned club. I think they also have some $$$$$ to offer which helps recruit other VFL Players like Corey Rich and Luke Meadows. They lost GF by 3 points last year and imo will be top 2-3 again.
  4. Surely the AFL could give us these kids as compensation for long term suffering. (?!?) Lord is a Tom Hawkins type key forward and Phillips is a gun young midfielder who should go in the top 10 picks in 2020.
  5. Round 21 bye again !! Regular season Ends mid August. All day games?!?!?! 11/30 ...11/45... 12 midday. Wow. Early to bed for the Casey boys.
  6. Thanks. That’s not good. Willy probably offer guaranteed game time and find extra $$$ to throw in.
  7. Any news on Jack Leslie coming to Casey?? Big defender. Strong and quick. Injuries has impacted on his past few years but 2019 showed he was good enough in AFL quality. Was a very good junior and I thought he’d be a reasonable chance to get picked up post Suns delisting. One to watch in 2020 hopefully in a Casey jumper.
  8. Gillon Mc has seen this and granted the Dees some compensation. We will get 1st priority pick in 2020 draft mid 1st round pick in 2021 draft exclusive access to Gippsland zone for the next 5 years Gillon Mc said “for the benefit of the game and the long term strength of the code, we need every team being competitive across many years” sorry- it was all a dream!! we are not the Suns
  9. Omcd has shown nil and yet still gets represented in our best 22. Ridiculous
  10. Very handy free pickup. Versatile. Smart player. Played some good footy last year and provides insurance to cover Weid and Tmcd which we didn’t have last year.
  11. G. Lyon. Wow. Absolutely let himself go. Mick Molloy looks in better shape!
  12. Optimistic outlook for us to get Kolodjashnij, Vandenburg, Jsmith and then also Bennell all injury free and fit. If we can , the best 22 looks impressive.
  13. So do Bennell and Brown now train with us from next week. Assume we have 2-3 months to top up with 2x rookies or an upgrade.
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