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  1. Grgic. Wasted talent. Never had the intensity. Nicho. Serviceable plodder Lamaro. Skilled left footer. Like me, couldn’t get the footy Gardiner. See Lamaro McDonald. Good result. Had a good amateur background and stepped up. ✅ ROBBO. ✅✅✅ though we delisted then thought again. Winterton, Otoole and Gehling. Made up numbers. But at least they can say they got drafted. We’re always speculating at picks 40+
  2. Start in August and play for 4 months. Until the end of November. That means 17 possible weekends. Obviously have to have a top 8 so it only leaves 13 matches - plus round 1 - meaning 14 match season + finals. It might be that all games are lockouts including the grand final. Can you imagine fever temperature testing everyone before the GF.
  3. Of course the great Connolly and Cam Schwab (dirty duo) were at play as they started the “better to lose” mentality. Ridiculous times that killed careers and reputations. Bailey never had a chance.
  4. Forgot the great (self proclaimed) Heritier Lamumba. Started in fire and justified his trade in season 1 but his concussion at the start of season 2 ended his career. His arrogance towards others didn’t help.
  5. Agree. What characters the Dees had over the years. Jacko. Crackers. Carman. Ditterich. Crosswell. Big Carl made everyone walk taller on the field. There was no easy kicks in the 70s and he put the fear into every opposition. Dees should have held the course with Carl. Definitely in my recycled best 22.
  6. In the recycled team , Alan Jarrett should at least be ahead of Chris Dawes. I hope people remember Dawes as another “golden” acquisition that turned into aluminium sheeting.
  7. Thanks Bucket. A great compilation. Great memories. Players like Brett Lovett, Mark Jackson, Ricky Jackson and Guy Rigoni all were juniors at other clubs and discarded.
  8. Great additions. What memories. Mark “Jacko” Jackson was sensational. Powell. Loved his 2000 prelim v North. Marcus Seecamp also to be remembered. I thought Craig Turley played a fantastic first 12-13 games. Would have been close to winning the B&F. Only played the one year and battled on in the last half of that 95 year. Ended up retiring through injury. Came to us when he was 30-31 so was over it by the time he arrived. Sad to see chopper Lovell swapped out. Chopper was a great servant through the late 80s/90s under Northey/Balme.
  9. Agree. Many of our indigenous stars came and went too soon. Loved their excitement and cannot wait for Pickett and Bedford to show their amazing pace and skills.
  10. Ed Langdon 77. Really. !!?!?! behind anb, hunt and kk. It’s ridiculous
  11. Lovett played with Hawks under 19s and Reserves. But they had a strong team in 85 and he was cut. Certainly a good pickup and probably my #1 recycled player. I do like to addition of Ingo. Ingerson was a great bloke, reliable defender, good mark and spoil. Just the kicking was a bit awkward.
  12. Agree Peter Vardy, and also another goal scorer Ricky Jackson, were handy imports. Farmer was traded to Dees for Phil Gilbert. We got the better of the deal but Freo grabbed him back of course. Would have loved The Wiz to have been a one club man.
  13. With the recent additions of players like Langdon, Tomlinson, May, Hibberd & Melksham, I was thinking about our best (top 10) traded in or recycled players. Here’s a quick top 10 but in no order. Brett Lovett Jeff Farmer Brian Wilson Jeff White Peter Moore Laurie Fowler Garry Baker Peter Rohde Darren Bennett Carl Ditterich My apologies to Stephen Icke, Alan Jarrett, Clint Bizzell, Guy Rigoni, Bernie Vince & Brent Moloney. My eligibility was min 50 games and I can only cover from 1973 onwards.
  14. Unbelievable. The virus has led us to desperation to kill 5 minutes with Angus’ onions segments. #killtheVirusNow
  15. Unbelievable. Yes it still haunts me. We were keen on Tom Lynch (Suns/Tigers) but suns grabbed him at pick 11. Prendergast must have been rattled to pick Cook who was expected to be around 30-40 mark. I was keen to pick Jack Darling or Matthew Watson. Darling was the slider who somehow went around mid 20s by the Eagles. I recall the word was he wanted to stay in the west. Ridiculous.
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