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  1. Lions playing 4 straight home games and now with parochial 10,000 crowd. Got to be a huge advantage.
  2. Really hope we see Bennell and Weideman in shortly. Also like to see Sparrow back as he showed real promise in the brief chance he had last year.
  3. Dees v Cats last week was like a practice match. Lacked intensity I watched Saints (v Blues) and Bombers (v pies). The tackling, pressure and controlled aggression was noticeable. Again tonight Brisbane’s ability to pressure and then run with pace is so different to our style. It’s a handball or two max then a kick to forward footy. No slow sideways stuff. We win the contested footy but then turn it over or move it too slow. Our talent is equaled by others. Our list isn’t better than most. It’s the toughness and intensity WITH THE FOOTY that’s needed
  4. Weideman is fully fit. I spoke to him preseason. No issue there.
  5. Apart from Terry Wallace, no one in the media seems to be amazed by our reluctance to pick Sam Weideman. I think it reflects our continued irrelevance as a club and that it doesn’t really matter because we are going nowhere right now.
  6. I think he will be back in a few weeks. Needs to build again. But I think we need to play him to get him back into the tempo of the game ie. play him into form
  7. I’d quarantine at Bondi. Might as well get parts as extras in Bondi Rescue.
  8. It’s another example of Dees getting dudded by AFL. GABBA and Metricon games can have say 20-25,000 attend. A real crowd. I’d be surprised to see 5,000 at our Suns or Hawks games.
  9. It’s all too confusing. 6.05pm. Ridiculously stupid time. That’s 2020 for you.
  10. I’ve been to Blacktown once but never to the footy. It’s not the choice of a great escape. Might have to quarantine at the Best Western motel. Dees need to petition a move to Queensland for rounds 8 & 9. We need to get Queensland for 21-24c winter escape and crowds. Yes crowds.
  11. It’s very disappointing. Gotta feel for the blokes who just want to play some footy
  12. Yes. Ben King at 200cms. His marking and agility were very rare and skills to match. Suns must be very happy with this deal. 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Dees to have a 3 week block in Sydney. That hurts. Possible draw rd 6 Versus Kangas/Saints rd 7 Versus Giants rd 8 versus Swans
  14. I have to agree with Wallace. Don’t need 4 mid sized forwards like Fritsch, Hannan, Vdberg and Melksham in the forward line. Need a second tall to compete and at least bring the footy to ground. I’ll be watching the game but we’ll need to improve the conversion. Points per game. 49.6 (lowest in the league) 21 goals from 131 inside 50 entries. (0.16 conversion, lowest in the league) Connection forward of centre !!!!
  15. Agree. Spargo is not the answer. His skills were horrible. Turnover king in 2019. No tricks to succeed at 5’8.
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