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  1. Stuie, you strike me as the Melbourne supporter who would rather watch the team on TV then make the trek to the MCG.
  2. Where Is our leadership???? We were nowhere yesterday and It has me worried... who's going to stand up when it counts.. We cant ever get over the line vs The drug cheats
  3. Tasmanian Devils/Demons is what the commission is throwing up/discussing. I'd prefer devils, has a better ring to it IMO
  4. Was laughed at when i opened this thread.. can confirm we are being thrown up as a potential Tasmanian relocation Tassie Devils we would turn into
  5. Jay Kennedy-Harris Is set to sign a 2 year extension. Will be made public in the not to distant future... Great work, lot of talent, good bloke.
  6. The things i would do to see us become successful... ID probably buy a membership if we merged
  7. News coming out of AFL is that some stage this year they will hold serious talks about a merger/relocation. Now I don't know the teams it involves but the usual names are being thrown up (us, north doggies) Not sure what to think about this one
  8. Tom rockliff looking for a house in melbourne, spoken to mitch clark about this and even considering moving in with him, Will be a 4 year deal worth 500,000+ a year
  9. Says the person who claimed we would have selection dilemmas in 2013
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