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  1. we are lucky to be so close when we played so very badly. I just wish our players could learn how to cover their man, chase and occasionally tackle to opposition when they have the ball. still in it but quite frankly we do not deserve to win this with the [censored] poor display we have shown so far. still we have lost those we should have won, i am happy to take the points for one we dont deserve to win, if they can pull themselves together.
  2. we have not played well, but we are still in this with a good chance of wining. a lot of players down, maybe someone can try to quieten the dogs dunkley he seems to have been pivotal in their scoring so far.
  3. what annoyed me the most was the inability of some of our players to move the ball on quickly. in the last 2 minutes before half time when we were doing well we kicked the ball sideways and ended up losing it over the line from our own poor disposal instead of attacking. the defensive approach shows a lack of confidence in their own team mates going forward.
  4. i would like to see ANB replaced, his 15 disposals at a 54% efficiency rate was again poor. he needs to go back to casey and learn to dispose of the ball and kick straight. It will be good to have lever in next week, though something needs to be done about the way Frost, May and Lever play together. Frost often goes for the mark and or the punch and too often has had May crashing into the the pack to punch the ball, which often takes out half of our back line players and allows the opposition to run into goal.
  5. preuss needs to come in regardless of whether max plays or not. if max plays he needs the backup support. i dont see why we cannot just keep one big man resting on the bench so preuss, weid, tom mc and max can rotate there. just dont have them all on the ground at the same time. this is not just about ruck work but being able to take marks or stop the opposition ruckman from owning the ground we need to be competitive and give ourselves the best chance of getting the ball first from stoppages. ANB is fast but does not seem to put that speed to any good use, he needs to be replaced, I would try lewis down forward, that would also give you the ability to move him back if needed, or swing Jones forward and lewis back. Hannan was not great swap him for JHK, he seems to have earned a chance, he looks to have the good at times but often stuffs up by kicking the ball too low and turning it over. he is worth a shot up forward.
  6. strange response from a coach. had a training session where players did training drills, short passes, fast break, etc.. why is goal kicking any different from the dozens of other things they practice each week.
  7. i am not keen on bashing the coach, its the players who have to go out there and play on match day, the coach can tell them what to do, but only they can do it. so far this season not many of our players have actually done what the coach has asked of them. With injuries, pre season operations, lack of match practice and poor form from some of our key forwards/backs and sides has left us down near the bottom of the ladder. the only things I can blame the coach for is who he puts in to the team and some of the moves he makes or does not make, the rest is up to the players. the only fault I have with Goodwin is there does not seem to be a plan B. We go out and play our players in their standard positions and when it is not working, we continue to play them in the same positions in the same manner. We have one of the best backmen in Tom Mc who is out of form as a forward who could easily go back into defense, we have fritch who is a decent forward, playing back and now that May has returned and we have Preuss any or all could be thrown forward to provide a spark and more competition. throwing Tom forward was an experiment that worked, time to try mix it up some more.
  8. Put weeds at full forward and may at centre half forward. Pruess in a forward pocket to ensure weeds does not have all the big men on him. put tom back into the backline so that he can get some form back. time for jeffy to go back to the VFL, his failure to take a kick 35m out shows the lack of confidence. Hannan and spargo back to the vfl next week to get some form. only one should come back in against freo.
  9. what rot, goodwin is not responsible for our poor kicking and turnovers. we had virtually the same number of shots for goal as the pies, it is not his fault that our players cannot kick a goal, hit a target by foot or by hand. the players are the ones on the field who needed to stand up and play but they did not. dropping easy chest marks, fumbling the ball, not chasing, not tacking... i doubt any of these were part of the coaches game plan. Salem had 8 turnovers, a player playing in the backline turning it over so often will result in the opposition scoring. Garlett was woeful, while spargo did some ok things he also screwed up a few things that would have made a difference. Not sure what value Wagner gave us, mcdonald was woeful, Hannan probably needed another week in the VFL to get some match fitness rather than playing. Angus's disposal efficiency was down and both of our captains did not provide a lot of assistance.So not sure how the coach can cop all the blame given the above.
  10. still time to turn this around. we just need to improve our disposal efficiency, it is woeful at the moment.
  11. we can still win this. too many poor handballs and missed marks. Hopefully our backline can settle down. some of these have not played together for a while so may take some time to sort themselves out. go dees
  12. i think they need to work on their mental state when kicking, too many players done look confident in kicking for goal.
  13. thats not lose checking that zoning
  14. another quarter like that last and we will lose this. we should be 6-8 goals up. i am not a fan of the zoning, it works when the opposition makes mistakes but when they dont they get a free run into their forward line.
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