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  1. i wasn't going to panic, until he told me not to panic. He obviously knows something that he thinks will make me panic, so is trying to sooth our fears about it. But I don't know what it is that he thinks I might panic on, I might know it already and are not in a panic over it, but then it might be something I don't know about which now has me worried and likely to panic over it, what ever it is.
  2. i got the same feeling that she was not exactly pleased, Even Kysaiah's face wasn't exactly beaming when called.
  3. fischer did not look overly happy being picked by adelaide
  4. not thilled with this constant trying to split the picks and take us further down the pecking order. we only have a very limited number of slots available. we should be taking the best players we can. Quality not quantity.
  5. as i understand it we had to take 3 players in the draft so 3, 8 and 97. so what were we going to pick up with our last pick, not a lot. We obviously happy that any of the top 10 or so players available are all capable of giving us a good player. We can argue until to cows come home over which is the best of those available at pick 8 or 10, but truly how much better do people think pick 8 is from pick 10. The main benefit of this deal is that instead of using our last pick which would probably turn into something in the 70's we have a pick around 30. i think its a reasonable sacrifice.
  6. is brown still a go if we go after Jackson in the draft?
  7. he is worth a senior spot, if we dont give it to him someone else will. A rookie spot should be for someone who needs to grow into a role, and is not ready to play yet. This guy is a ready made player. pick him up now if he is available, or risk losing him to someone else who can see his value.
  8. happy for us to bid on Green, if GWS want him then they need to paid up, or possibly give us a trade that we cannot resist.
  9. teams will remember what Carlton did, especially GC who will have a nice crop of young top footballers wanting to leave the goldcoast in the next couple of years.
  10. we had lots of stats last year on how poor our kicking was, how poor or non-existent our tackling was, how often we turned the ball over and were scored against. Knowledge of those stats unfortunately did not really see us address those issues in any meaningful manner. I hope that we now have remediation plans to break players of bad habits.
  11. if he is a player we want we should be trying to reel him in as soon as possible to reduce the chances of other teams snapping him up, or driving his price up.
  12. been a demon supporter for many many years, i still remember melbourne having a massively good half back line led by Gary Hardiman that turned defense into attack with their rebound football. Frost was one of the few players who took the game on this year and tried to generate that rebound football. Lever, May, Salem and others all seem to stop and wait, look sideways, look backwards, and often go for short passes that opposition players intercept and goal on. Young is the players we need at the back end of the field with Langdon who will get the ball run 10 meters and kick it another 50 meters away from the opposition goal to one of our players. I just hope they can then mark the ball and kick straight. Faster and better delivery down field / fewer kaos balls will give our forwards a better chance to score. still not sure we should be wasting pick 8 on a small forward, again I would be looking for clean kickers, someone like stephens who has run and good kicking skills. No point getting a player who gets the ball 20 times a game but turns it over 6 or 7 of those times. If we can split pick 8 and still get two highly skilled players then great, but if we are getting two average skilled players, then forget it, use pick 8 and take the best available.
  13. there is a lot of good players being picked up by GWS and Sydney through their academy programs. What exactly is melbourne doing in this space?
  14. just the sort of small forward that we need.
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