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  1. i understand ANB is one of our fastest players, has the best endurance. has anyone seen any of that this year. All i saw was him running around in circles half chasing tiger players. he got a luck goal, because he was so far away from his player at the time who would if he had got the ball would have sent the tigers into attack. I do not see why this guy keeps getting games. he was dropped for a poor effort a couple of weeks ago and gets a recall based on what. .
  2. wow, after the 4 previous weeks i had thought we were turning a corner after the first quarter, unfortunately, the turn turned into a u-turn and we were back playing the same crappy lack of style football. Players not prepared to run, to chase, and only prepared to throw an arm out to tackle. we had the same number of players as they had, but wherever the ball went we were outnumbered, except for those rare occasions when all of our players were fighting each other for the same ball. we kicked the ball out of defence to the tigers time and time again, who is it that our midfield or forwards were never there, is that part of our game plan to have all of our players in their forward line, or just stupid play. Whichever stop it. need to seriously drop some players send a message that if you cannot complete then you will not represent the melbourne football club. they had younger players who ALL did better than most of our team, why because they were hungry for success, our players kind of think they have made it so dont need to put as much now...
  3. it is winnable but given the poor way we have been playing it would really take some effort to get up from here. just no one up forward standing up, the tigers are tearing us apart from defence and our players cannot take a mark cannot chase and cannot tackle. I think weidermans kick to jones sums up our night. even when there is no pressure our players cannot do it right.
  4. our players have been slipping over and fumbling the ball all night. conditions maybe a little slippery but still these guys should be doing a lot better. where is ANB, hunt, harmes, weiderman and petracca? we are running around with 5 less players than the tigers.
  5. we are lucky to still be in the game given our [censored] poor disposal. i dont know why they waste a spot on ANB every damn week he is proven to be a waste of space. If Max can only get his mojo back in his hitouts to advantage we could have a chance. What i dont understand though is we kicked the ball out of defence at least half a dozen time and there were no melbourne players there, what gives. why are they not staying up the ground to cover the opponents. and give our backs something to kick to for a change, as they are getting sick of kicking it to richmond players.
  6. we had the same number of scoring shots as they had! we just played a pathetic band of football and were lucky to not lose by more. We had our chances but our disposal was woeful, kicking and hand passing to the opposition when under pressure, occasionally when not under pressure. they were first at the ball in defence and in attack, so where were our players. Every team we have played this year has burnt us big on the overlap run out of defence and still we have no solution...... It is not a new problem, happens every game so why are we not prepared for it. I hate the zone defence. it seems to me that you are essentially trying to take advantage of the miss kick and pick up cheap interceptions. problem is when the opposition does not miss kick then they have an easy run all the way down the field.
  7. swap tom with fritch that may give a bit more stability to our backline and give us a player who can handle membrey its not is if tom is doing anything up forward. and fritch can kick goals, given the running shambles of our forward line a faster fritch maybe a better option
  8. we are playing so damn poorly, very few players actually playing well and we are still in the game, thanks to their poor kicking for goal. i just wish they would stop this zone defence and man up. When sydney runs and gets the overlap like every other team that has played us this year we are toast.
  9. our midfield got the ball into the forward line more than Essendon. we had just as many players as Essendon down there it was just that ours always seemed to be in the wrong spot or could not win the ball. yes delivery at times was bad, but that should not have resulted in as many rebounds as it did, it still should have statistically given us more chances at goal than what we had. Our forwards just did not put in, as has been the case all year so far. We lost the game with our [censored] poor defence. Too many of our players getting sucked up the ground to cover an opposition player not covered by a team member. That often left the player he was on free, and so on down the field. Too many players were flying for the same marking contest in the backline spoiling their own men more often than not, while essendon smalls crumbed to us. Essendon had at least 6 goals and multiple points from players standing all by themselves in the forward line unattended, and no pressure on them. how many times did that happen for us?
  10. i cannot believe these how poorly we played. When I look at the stats I see our best players were average in the 60-70% range for disposal efficiency the bombers were much higher. our skills and disposal were crap. Our players left essendon players all alone in the forward line time after time. Port, Geelong and now essendon have shown how to beat melbourne. Switch across the backline a couple of time to get the overlap and then waltz into goal. yes the umpiring was woeful, but if we cannot beat essendon with even poor umpiring then we are going nowhere. I dont understand how in the last quarter our players had no urgency to kick it in, move it on, you would think they had a 5th quarter to make up the score. No attempt to try going down the middle from a kick -in. no manning up. ANB may be fastest on the training oval it certainly does not translate to any real value on the field. Oscar and Frost both look all a sea. Tackling was poor, too many essendon players danced around our players like they were witches hats. certainly a great opportunity for those playing in Casey to find a place in next weeks team.
  11. playing at geelong as usual is a big hurdle for any visiting side. We seem to always cop Geelong home games. It seems to be a bit like playing in eagleland. Crowd is onsided and the umpires bow their wishes. A lot of poor free kick decisions many going the cats way. Not that it would have changed the results it just would have made our loss a little fairer, and possibly not quite so bad.
  12. too many players did not contribute either through effort or lack of skill May 6 disposals - 50% disposal efficiency, so essentially he probably turned it over or did nothing with half of his possessions. frost 7 disposals at a healthy 85.7% efficiency Oscar 8 possessions at 62.5% lockhart 6 possessions at 50% Kolodjashnij 5 possessions at 80% Jetta 8 possessions but was trying all night Sparrow 8 possessions at 25% Neal-Bullen 9 possessions at 44% while harmes racked up 24 possessions it was at 45.8% efficiency Salem 23 possessions at 52.2% efficiency i would be giving quite a few a rest next week with Casey to try to find some form, or guts. - frost - lockhart - Kolodjashnij - sparrow - neal bullen - petracca - Jones also tempted to leave Weiderman and Oscar out.
  13. yes it is wet, just look at how poorly geelong is going in the same conditions. We have too many passengers, players not chasing, geelong players running around us because if we even both to try to tackle they just step around us. McDonald cannot be the player he was last year because the ball is firstly not getting down the forward line too often and when it does he is usually up the field trying to push it down to a lone petracca, who is sadly losing every contest either by being outplayers or [censored] poor skill errors. Jones and weiderman have been fumbling everything that came their way. Does not look good though we did seem to recover a little in the last half of that quarter. still all in all a woeful performance from a team that wants to play finals football, without doing the hard yards.
  14. wow what a terrible team effort, hard to find any player i would say played well all day. total lack of running as port transitioned across the ground left player after player free for them to run the ball down the ground. Where was our game plan to address this. Where were our players? where was our defensive game? we were luckly to not lose by a lot more. can see we may be winless after the first 5 games at least on this form. how do we go into games like this with players with no form.I know its the start of the season but nothing in todays performance to suggests we will get anywhere near the 8 this year.
  15. disappointing effort that quarter. so many players not in the game at all. need to life big time to win this against a pretty ordinary team in port.
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