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  1. And on the plus side for Wingard, he wouldn’t have to play on Neville Jetta anymore
  2. Clayton Oliver is that good! Would say it was a Dusty/Dangerfield display... but it was a Clayton Oliver display.
  3. Reports of overturned Range Rovers all through Melbournes inner east. The celebrations have begun!
  4. Witts trades from Collingwood to GCS for pick 44 and 62 Perhaps Dunn and a later pick to Collingwood for pick 44?
  5. So are we gonna be the hardest team to play against in the AFL?
  6. If the Dee's can just clone Bontempelli, Dalhaus and Daniel I think we'd be a real shot at a premiership
  7. I'm for leaving the game alone for a while. However if 16 aside did happen, surely it would work best with each team getting rid of a forward pocket and a back pocket? No wings would just leave a giant space on grounds like the MCG. Less people in the forward 50 should mean better delivery inside with still the same amount of midfielders to deliver the ball.
  8. Those 4 and then Gawn to get every rebound and we'd have a pretty good team! Lets get them practising their dunks in the off season
  9. Still get the feeling North will put everything into their last game (can't see them beating Sydney) and get up against the Giants. It doesn't help that we play first in round 23 and if we get up against the Cats, North will know their season all comes down to one game. But if Leicester can win the premier league, anything is possible.
  10. Swans tigers was an incredible finish!!!
  11. She knows her place. Dees future midfield comes first
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