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  1. I WAS RIGHT! I told u all 2.5 wks ago he was injured and noone believed me!
  2. This is terrible news. You can never just ask someone for $. If someone offers then that's ok but never ask. Not sure about this. Oh and yes my holiday leave was excellent thankyou
  3. occo

    Jack Grimes

    I suppose you have never had a hangover!
  4. occo

    Jack Grimes

    I dont see whats wrong with a joke so i dont think i should be. People need to relax. I made a hoax that wasn't hurtful or offensive. And now everyone is happy knowing it was a hoax, i have brightened up peoples day
  5. occo

    Jack Grimes

    Some of you guys are taking this way too seriously. I was home with some friends and i had this site open from the arvo. I saw mates writing comments that would have been very offensive however i stopped them before hand. Instead i wrote something that was yes a hoax but a joke. Ban me if you must but was just having a bit of fun and the fact that 2 other people (patti and watts), bartlett on in the morning not arvo made it obvious it was a hoax. Im sure people on here have done hoxes too. i have seen them before posted by other members. I appoligise for what i did and arnt we all glad grimes is ok!
  6. occo

    Jack Grimes

    Well there was a covo with KB on the afternoon radio. I heard him say that Jack grimes had done an acl. You are getting too worked up. he said only 8 months on his right acl. He also heard that bartram was injured and wonna but nothing serious. Its all i heard. I heard on SEN at the time (4pm something) as i drove into safeway to but 5 packets of maxibons, 2 cadbury chocolates, 1 pepsi and 1 salt and vinigar chips. the maxibons were on special for 5 packets for $20....$15.92 off what a special. so u see i had to run inn before they ran out. I came back to hear gumberlton was an inclusion and neagle.
  7. occo

    Jack Grimes

    I can only report what i hear. As i said Bartlett said that he was gone. He was not very descriptive as he hasnt played many afl games yet and most dont realise his talant. According to some he is not required at melbourne... Thats all i have heard. if anyone knows anything else please enlighten me
  8. I have never seen a worse player than jones. Neitz i hated to death and all you diehard fans loved him but jones stinks. Please realise he is a great VFL 2nds player not afl. [censored] [censored] [censored]...
  9. occo

    Jack Grimes

    well according to bartlett on sen, grimes has done his right acl. not as serious as some however it will keep him out for most of the season
  10. occo

    Jack Grimes

    I did. Heard on SEN there is injury cloud over Wonna, Rivers, Bartram and Grimes
  11. Can someone tell me if he is injured and suspected return date. Thanks
  12. hang on, almost every club in victoria has helped out the red cross. i hardly see it as just our club. Big news, NO WAY!
  13. Mark my words. The MFC are in serious trouble. Clubs are announcing due to the economic climate that they will make little if any profit in 2009. Cats came out saying they expect to make a very small profit and collingwood will loose 1 mill. We are not cashed up as is and no sponcer, the smallest membership and afl funding lost we are seriously stuffed. We cant keep asking non MFC supporters for money due to last years fundraser and ordinary households have little money as it is.
  14. Agreed. KPP take a long time. We trade him we might get a pick in 50+ but not much else. Worthy of holding onto. Give him another 2 years and then we will see.
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