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  1. B: Jetta May Lever hb Salem Tommlinson Hibberd c Harmes Petracca Langdon hf Hunt Brown Bennell f Weideman T Mac Melksham Fol Gawn Viney Oliver I/C: Brayshaw, Fritsch, Rivers, Jones
  2. Based on what we've seen in 2019 and so far in 2020 it's hard to defend Goodwins performance as senior coach. when you have an entire pre -season to address glaringly obvious issues within the game plan and you fail to not only address it, but seemingly make any progress at all it's time for big question marks. Financially i'm sure paying out his contract would be virtually impossible for us at this point but i feel as though given the clubs serious financial hole we can't afford to back in a coach we aren't 100% confident in either. I genuinely believe there is talent on the list but it is not being harnessed and it's seemingly not developing well either. hard to point to players who've improved outside Petracca
  3. I feel like we simply have to play one of Brown/Weideman just to give ourselves another target. I'd be tempted to play Salem further up the ground, and bring Jetta in. Out: Lochart, Hannan In: Brown, Jetta
  4. Jake suffers from the fact our Senior coach has no idea regarding selections and is forcing him to play a role he isn't capable of playing, doesn't suit him. Jake is a gun third up intercept defender who leaves his man and takes marks and sets up rebounding plays. He's currently playing as our third lock down defender, despite being an average 1v1 player. I don't rate Oscar but we need another tall out there if we want to see anything like the best of Jake Lever.
  5. I don't think it's entirely just Goodwin to blame. I think everyone, and a lot of supporters included have seriously overrated our list based on the prelim, i know i was seduced by it. we are a club that still has to play at our absolute best for extended periods to win games, we are miles off the best teams who can have an off day and still win. Sadly Goodwin is signed up to a long term deal and we are looking at a really bad financial return so paying him out, or paying a contract for any sort of high profile coach is not something i believe we'd be in a position to do so Goody is safe for now.
  6. Our backline is so lacking in options it's not funny If Hawkins gets on top of May what's plan B? Lever? undersized and not good one on one and loses his best weapon by playing that way. I get the desire to get Lochart into the side, but i'm not sure if he's going to be able to play that role on Ablett as effectively as Nev could
  7. The hard thing is to some degree it's less about the people actually believing the hurtful things people are saying, than it is about them trying to be trolls and get attention, so the more attention you give those people the more you feed them and the more extreme you're likely to get. genuine racists need to be called out but it's hard to tell the difference
  8. I think they'll try and go with a big body midfield to dominate Geelong in that area, so AVB plays for me. i wouldn't be surprised if Brown comes in for someone though. we are really lacking a target with TMAC out of form, not sure who would go out.
  9. For what it's worth i have us ranked between 7th and 12th I feel the list still has some significant holes, i think our football department overrates some of our players and i don't really feel like we have a game style that stacks up at the moment, I feel our coaching is a little bit reactionary and don't see the same development of players that we had, had under Paul Roos for me the best 22 looking forward to our next potential premiership side is ??????? Steven May Jake Lever Christian Salem ??????? ???????? Ed Langdon Clayton Oliver ???????? Bailey Fritsch Tom McDonald ?????? Kozzie Pickett ?????????? ????????? Max Gawn Jack Viney Christian Petracca I/c: Angus Brayshaw, James Harmes, ??????? ????????
  10. I haven't started a topic so thought i'd throw one out there! Where do we think the club is at in terms of it's premiership window? do we have the talent to challenge but are underperforming, has our football department overrated our list very curious to hear peoples thoughts on this
  11. I've heard he's not interested in a senior coach but if Goodwin was moved on and we were going to go for an untried assistant i'd be going for Blake Caracella.
  12. Jake Levers strength is as a third tall defender who peels off and intercepts. Not an easy thing to do when May is the only other legitimate key defender we're playing.
  13. I think there are definitely players on our list that we should be worried about, but i don't think Jake Lever is one of them. Kid is a gun and the more continuity he gets in his game, the better he is going to get.
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