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  1. Any of Robertson, Gould, Bianco, Taylor, Rivers, etc
  2. If we were going to split the pick we'd need to do it soon
  3. I'd be taking one of those three at 10 for sure. especially Flanders.
  4. Flanders still on the board. surely Carlton grab him?
  5. Stephens at 5 is a bit of a surprise Surely Flanders doesn't make it to 10 but if he does. Surely we grab him
  6. Gunna call it now, happy to be on record. we're nuts if we don't bid on Green with pick 3
  7. I wonder how mr Pruess is feeling about our likely recruitment of Mr Jackson.
  8. Can't help but feel this draft is make or break for us. if they get it right it could go a long way to breaking our premiership drought. if we get it wrong it is a massive wasted opportunity For me it all rests on Jacksons capacity as a forward. i think we're all comfortable he will be a good ruckman, but Max is going to hold that spot barring injury for a while yet.
  9. I've been told Carlton will 100% take Stephens if Freo don't. and the curve ball would be if the Crows picked him.
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