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  1. I think we will be taking Hayden young at pick 3 and Jackson at pick 8. and i'm personally very happy with that. Jackson is capable of playing the Lobb role as the third key forward rotating through the middle and giving Max a break and Young is just the best player outside of the top 2
  2. We definitely look to be considering small forwards in the pre season draft which makes me think they have others they'd like to consider in the draft
  3. He's a super talent. imagine being an 18 year old ruckman, coming in and learning off Max gawn and then taking over the mantle. more than happy to grab him at pick 8.
  4. Got a funny feeling we'll go with Serong at pick 3, he's going to be handy up forward in the small forward role, ability to rotate through and have an impact in the middle as well. I reckon we might grab Lachie Ash at pick 8.
  5. If the deal offered by Carlton that seems to be public is true MFC could match it. makes me think there is a bit of Visy situation about this and that's why he's so keen to get there.
  6. I'd be bidding on Green at 3, making the Giants match and then grabbing Young. wouldn't be unhappy with Serong but we are crying out for someone with Youngs kicking and it's such an important position.
  7. I've heard it's a pretty delicate situation so definitely best for him to be closer to home and the support of his family and at the end of the day, footy clubs are run by human beings and sometimes it's worth taking a bit of a hit in a football sense to do the right thing. well done St Kilda for looking after a champion of your club when he needed it desperately.
  8. I suspect they're pretty keen. maybe if they did a deal with the Suns for pick 15. we could get thier pick 40 odd as well.
  9. I think assuming it's picks only. i'd be telling them if they can add a pick of 13 or better to add with 6 i'd do it. if we can get Weightman at 13 and say Ash and Stephens at 6 and 8 that'd be a good overall result.
  10. Fortunately the guys who make these decisions don't do so based on highlight reels. Stephens is a good player though i'd also be happy with Flanders
  11. Nothing wrong with hitting the draft with pick 3 and 8. infact it's a great position. i'm sure GWS understand that and we're silly if we aren't demanding a best 22 player along with pick 6 for pick 3. we need a deal that improves our side for 2020 for this to be worth it.
  12. No complaints for me. greatly increase our speed and class on the outside address small forward need re-enforce key targets forward build on young core add on field experience and leadership all major areas of list concern addressed is a success in anyones books. don't mind the idea of offering up the future second to the Crows for a last minute hail mary at Alex Keith potentially.
  13. Agreed. for them it's potentially Serong and Green vs Green and no other pics. i can see exactly why they're so desperate to do that deal.
  14. Interesting that none of the highly paid lawyers involved for years over the course of this saga managed to miss this somehow.
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