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  1. If i'm in charge i'm putting a decent deal in front of Jade Gresham and Josh Kelly, i suspect Kelly to Norf is basically a done deal, but no reason we can't get in his ear, in fact i'm sure we already are. I don't think we have any reason to fear players leaving if we want them to stay given the state of our list and where i think we should go in 2019.
  2. Surely he’s worth it as a delisted free agent...
  3. Probably too similar to a lot of our other players to be legitimately interested in my view.
  4. Yep. The other thing is centre clearances just went up massively in terms of value due to the new rule changes. An area we dominate at and the hawks struggle.
  5. My personal ratings would be Lukosius a bit lower, he’s definitely talented but I just don’t think he’s a genuine power forward. Plays a bit too much like jack watts and maybe I’m a bit scarred Izak Rankine I have on par with Walsh as the best players in the draft. He was seriously damaging. bailey smith is interesting because he could easily play half back or mid, I think he’s got potential to be the best player in the draft if he gets the balance right. Ive mentioned elsewhere I think Jye Caldwell has the talent to be a top 6 pick but the types of injuries he’s getting so early is a real concern... he’s an outside chance to slip through to our 23 though unlikely. The king brothers are interesting because I think the only way an interstate team drafts them is if they can get both. Phantom top 5. 1. Sam Walsh 2. Max king 3. Ben king 4. Bailey smith 5. Jack Lukosius Can see a couple of the SA boys sliding a bit. I reckon the Gold Coast would be a better chance of retaining the king brothers than the SA boys.
  6. Especially for a guy universally known to be a highly efficient user of the ball. That’s where hunt let’s himself down in comparison.
  7. 1. Richmond 2. West coast 3. Melbourne 4. Collingwood 5. Essendon 6. Adelaide 7. North Melbourne 8. Hawthorn 9. Sydney 10. Geelong 11. GWS 12. North 13. Fremantle 14 bulldogs 15. Brisbane 16. Carlton 17 st. Kilda 18. Gold Coast suns
  8. I don’t mind pruess being used up forward simply because I can’t see him being out marked. Bring it to ground and let the smalls go to work.
  9. B: Lever. May. Jetta hb: Salem. Frost. Hibberd. c. Harmes. Viney. Kolodjashnij hf. Petracca. Weideman. Vandenberg f. Hannan. McDonald. melksham fol. Gawn. Oliver. Brayshaw. I/c. Jones, fritsch. Lewis. Neal-bullen
  10. I vaguely remember roosu saying something similar in his meeting with goody, it was mostly about culture and so on rather than just football. I think we are onto a winner with goody
  11. I actually think jye Caldwell is a chance to slide. Very talented kid but injury concerns at a young age may put some doubts in recruiters minds for the first round
  12. It basically makes kade a free hit the way the trade played out. And this kid has absolute A grade talent and potential. I think a bit like Gus his confidence putting his head over it has taken a hit due to concussions but they’ll be able to support each other and I’m super confident it’ll be a bargain pick up for us.
  13. If anything makes you feel proud about supporting this great club the way they’ve handled all that Jesse has been through since day one has been nothing short of amazing. His decision coming from the Melbourne side of this was extremely emotional and difficult for him simply due the enormous support he’s received! Devastated to see Jesse go but it’s also great that he’s finally back home with his family and hopefully smooth sailing from here and a great career for Jesse at the dockers
  14. He would be the cerra on top for us. A beautiful inside/outside combo with speed. Too late to get him added to the hogan deal? Haha
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