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  1. Pray that he comes good Currently he owes us, big time.
  2. I see in this morning's Age Peter Gordon is expressing his displeasure at the GC debacle. Nothing from us, of course (unless I've missed it) Gentlemen.
  3. Best and Fairest? Should call it The Least Worst. Maxy and Clarry I like, rest of em... meh.
  4. I don't get it. Some of you seem to care more about GC than Melbourne - offering advice about what they need etc I couldn't give a sh $&#t about GC. I only care about one team, and it's been screwed yet again. I realize I picking recruits isn't an exact science but all the experts are saying there are two standouts in this year's draft and we just had one of them stolen from us.
  5. Free country People can think whatever they like. What i think is that i hate the AFL. Like all carnivorous capitalist beasts, it grows fat by devouring the weak. Doubtless Greasy Gill will get bonuses etc for pushing GC up the ladder.
  6. I'm with you on Pert. Dunno why, but something in me died a little when i saw we recruited him.
  7. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Pushing to maximize our options at the draft table is one of the things a strong administration should be doing. Of course i know the draft isn't a panacea but it can help - just look at Hawthorn 15 years ago. i suspect our main trouble is the lack of a home base. Did i read this right? Somebody said here recently that we haven't had a Rising Star nomination for three years. If that's the case...jeez. ..
  8. I believe it was Harmichael [censored], or something similar. (Arrr, damn - censoring ruins the joke)
  9. It's not a matter of 'we've had help'. We are the game, just as much as Hawthorn or Collingwood (arguably more so - we invented the bloody game) Every time one of those teams steps out onto a field, they're benefiting from our past endeavours. We don't 'get help' - we are simply claiming a fair share of what's rightfully ours. I just don't understand why things are structured so that we keep getting reamed and we do nothing about it. (I presume this PP to GC is going to be announced in the middle of Grand Final week, where it will be ignored). Who are these 'commissioners', or whatever they're called. Do any of them represent us?
  10. Great observation. Let's swap our Pick 3 for Pick 20. Or - why not go the whole hog? - 60. We might pick up the next James Hird.
  11. Boy, you've accepted the party line. I couldn't care less about the 'national expansion" - I just want my team to win a bloody flag. The expansion teams snapping up the top picks at the same time as we were bottoming out is one of the (many) reasons we suck.
  12. Why "must the Suns succeed for the sake of the game"?
  13. I don't get it. Why do we keep getting screwed? How does it work? Don't we have a representative on the board (or whatever they call this monstrosity that keeps fu#$*ing us? ) I'm a twenty year member, a fifty year supporter and I'm close to bowing out of the whole corrupt shebang The AFL is typified by the slimy spiv Demetriou and his post-AFL career (for those who don't know he was on the board of one of those rip-off private education companies that were exploiting the poor and disabled - should be in gaol but i presume he's lolling around his Toorak mansion getting fat)
  14. It would be just about impossible to do worse.
  15. One can only assume they did it because the were afraid of Archer (can't say I blame em)
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