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  1. good luck, mate - hope it doesn't get you down
  2. It's an elephant in a matchbox
  3. Thanks, Bing. I was wondering about that (I only saw the headline from The Oz quoted by our colleague Jakovitch) - I guessed it was something like that - I've seen quite a few people charged over the years - mostly just dimwits who don't even know what a TFB is - or people who know nothing about fire - burn waste and don't realize it will still be smouldering the next day. We always report them to the police these days. You also get kids around poorer housing estates (the fires I saw last week were believed to be in the latter category) - the real mad arsonists (see Chloe Hooper's book The Arsonist) aren't that common. I've noticed a lot of coverage about this recently (eg on 3AW this evening) . Overall, I suspect it's just another weapon in the deniers' armoury for deflecting the blame - ie it's not climate change, it's arsonists - or exploding cow poo - or greenies.
  4. or all three at once and then their heads explode
  5. Not ignoring at all. There are lots of ignition causes - but fires are all about the conditions. Global warming heats things up and dries them out. Primes the country for the fire. Anyway, didn't McCormack say it was all due to spontaneously combusting cow poo?
  6. The CFA are in no doubt as to the real driver behind our worsening bushfire conditions: climate change. https://news.cfa.vic.gov.au/-/climate-linked-to-earlier-longer-fire-seasons-cfa-and-bom-researchers I'm a volunteer firefighter - it's nuts - we were down fighting fires in Gippsland at the end of March, and then we had terrible ones again even before summer had started. As for fuel-reduction burns: don't get me started. Yeah, they can help - I've worked on lots of em - have had em on my own property - but they're difficult and risky - and getting moreso - I've been to fires caused by runaway burns (eg Lancefield) - main reason we don't do more of em is the shrinking window of opportunity - and the cost - and the threat of being sued if you burn down somebody's house. From what I've gathered, we need to do more strategic controlled burns, not mass hectares. Most frustrating part of it for me: it's apparently all my fault. I woke up one day last week after some quite dangerous, painful experiences with the fires at Plenty and Sunbury - wandered down to my local coffee shop, made the mistake of reading The Hair-oiled Scum and read that : it's all down to me and the rest of us who vote for the progressive side of politics - according to the Murdoch columnists and letters page (and Craig Kelly today) it's all because 'the greenies' won't let you burn the place down. I thought, like - yeah, right - The Greens are a huge influence on Gladys Berajiklian Here's one thing I learned from The Scum : next time you hear somebody calling out for more 'backburns', thump them, because they don't know what they're talking about.
  7. Can't be bothered looking it up, so maybe not word perfect, but Yeats had a memorable couple of lines (after reflecting upon past glories) - "Where fashion or mere fantasy decrees, we shift about All that great glory spent Like some poor Arab tribesman and his tent"
  8. That's awful. Great band. They were responsible for my favourite Australian song title (If you leave me, can I come too?) - although it was written by Martin, not Greedy.
  9. Each to their own, I suppose, but personally I love a good, long half-time break. Have a stroll with the kids, a kick in the park, nip across to Laurent's bakery if we are getting thrashed. Ten minutes? Nah
  10. I start to browse this thread, and before I'm finished, I get ads for super-absorbent undies. WTF? I haven't read it all, but this must be a very low-brow discussion.
  11. Fork em - er - this doesn't make a hu-u-ge amount of sense. That's not how the language works. You don't just get to make up your own definitions of things -well, you can, it's a free country, but if you want to be understood, you'd be advised to stick to certain standards. I can't say the animal standing in my front paddock looking at me as I write is an elephant. By most people's definition, it's a horse. Similarly, you can't just say 'virtue signalling' isn't going to rallies, it's getting on your high horse and insulting people. How do you decide that? What's your reference? Do you just make up your meanings as you go along? That must get awfully confusing. But you are supporting my basic point - which is that 'virtue signalling' is a pretty meaningless word. Besides, as Smokey said, by your definition of 'virtue signalling', you're virtue signalling yourself.
  12. Amusing riposte, but you miss my point. Redneck has got a very clear meaning: from the dictionary: "a working-class white person from the southern US, especially a politically reactionary one." (Although it has, of course, gone way past the southern US - I suppose bogan is the Australian equivalent) 'Virtue signalling' is different. Think about it. When Bolt or some other intellectual slob says that I'm 'virtue signalling' because I attend a climate protest or an anti-racism march, he's saying that I don't really believe in those things, I'm just pretending I do, sending out a signal that I'm virtuous. But he's wrong: I'm doing those things because I honestly believe in them. How does he know what my mind-set is? He doesn't; he just wants to insult me. He wants to stir up antipathy against me from the uneducated people who read his columns so that they will vote against their own economic interests.
  13. Neither do most of the people who use them. Virtue signalling means precisely nothing - it's just an empty insult rednecks throw at progressives.It assumes the insulter knows the mind-set of the insulted. How can they?
  14. Pray that he comes good Currently he owes us, big time.
  15. I see in this morning's Age Peter Gordon is expressing his displeasure at the GC debacle. Nothing from us, of course (unless I've missed it) Gentlemen.
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