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  1. KK is over his concussion symptoms and ready to go. The cavalry is coming. I'll say it again - win vs GWS, whatever it takes.
  2. Sign up Mr Baker to the coaching staff. What a legend. Oskar is made of he right stuff, cant wait to see him dominating at AFL level.
  3. Get a win vs GWS, whatever it takes. Get back Lever, May, Hannan, Melksham, Hibberd etc... Finals time baby.
  4. Preuss is first at the club for goal average at 2 goals per game. Yeah small sample size, but hes shown he can play forward and has kicked a couple of pearlers. Hes also physical and has mongrel. Its laughable thats hes being played at VFL level. A total waste.
  5. Steven May would not have put up with that.
  6. Does he? Hes worse than I thought then.
  7. Thats true. They will find things a lot easier when we get players back.
  8. Need more from Bedford and Chandler. Yes I know they are first year teenagers, but they both have some real talent that should be showing through at VFL level. I swear the MFC is a graveyard for small forwards.
  9. Brisbane Lions have risen from the ashes. Very exciting team.
  10. Its our fitness 'guru'. Always has been. Thank the heavens hes gone at seasons end.
  11. Glad to see Bedford finally kick a goal. And Preuss is way too good for the VFL.
  12. Two very winnable games the next two weeks. GWS are putrid on the MCG, Adelaide are overrated and easily beatable. We should get Lever and Hibberd back for the Crows game too. We will play finals.
  13. Oh yeah, Jayden Hunt has been a revelation up forward... hes getting better every week. I thought he would struggle there. Love being proven wrong , especially by exciting young talent. Dont ever move him back Goody.
  14. Anyone know if the plan is for Jake to play close to a full game?
  15. This guy will be a fantastic player. Next week on the MCG, he begins the journey to making those wings his own. Watch this space!
  16. I think people are just frustrated that hes always an inch away from breaking a game open and can never put it together. Last night a prime example. He could have, and should have, been the match winner.
  17. 4 more scoring shots. Should have won. Great effort with half our list injured and such a young team. West Coast are cheating druggos and can go [censored] themselves.
  18. Dirty move by the Eagles to bring in Hickey late, but what else would anyone expect from that drug den of a club.
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