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  1. And hes barely 18. Writing him off now is absurd.
  2. I side with the druggies supporters for the first time ever. The umpiring was terrible, they gifted Collingwood the game.
  3. Should retire at seasons end, but I bet the club will nurse him to 300 games next season. Hes averaging a paltry 1.8 tackles per game, the lowest of his career.
  4. Spot on Jordan. This is one of the main reasons we recruited Lewis. .. the guys won 4 flags, has played 300 games, played under arguably the greatest coach of all time. His experience is invaluable. Amazing that the Hawks were 1-5 in 2010 .... coming off a season of no finals at and at 1-5 the supporters would have written off the season already and lost faith in Clarkson. They ended up with 12.5 wins and finished 7th. I really hope our coaches take note. We must make big changes to the gameplan.
  5. We will win the flag in 2020.
  6. Lockhart is about the only thing keeping me interested at the moment. Has kicked some lovely goals already.. has great goal sense. I feel he may snag a couple of bags this season as he gets more comfortable and our mess of gameplan is (hopefully) sorted out. If Goody moves him from the forward line I will scream.
  7. Been saying that for a while now.. Can run fast, and only in straight lines. As you say, no footy brain.
  8. Might be the 'attitude' problems that we heard about at draft time and why the Saints didnt take him. Trac just wants to be everyones friend, even the oppositions it seems. Has no mongrel. No killer instinct. Its a damn shame.
  9. Starting to think this might be us. How else do you go from a Prelim to the worst team in the comp and a total rabble?
  10. No to Wagner. Bring in whichever of our kids play well for Casey this weekend. All about 2020 now, sadly.
  11. 'Sack everyone mega thread' Made me lol
  12. Offer him $30 k for next season. 1 year contract.
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