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  1. No to Wagner. Bring in whichever of our kids play well for Casey this weekend. All about 2020 now, sadly.
  2. 'Sack everyone mega thread' Made me lol
  3. Offer him $30 k for next season. 1 year contract.
  4. Hawks will carve us up. We are so easy to play against, Clarkson wouldnt even need to show up to the game.
  5. Something about a process and we aren't happy with where we are at etc etc
  6. So are we a club in crisis now? I almost missed this old feeling.
  7. Richmond has laid 20 more tackles than the Demons, despite winning 30 more disposals. When broken into zones, the Tigers have laid 19 more tackles in their forward half, and lead forward 50 tackles 17 to three. We are the worst team in the comp, bar none.
  8. One goal after quarter time. Two goalless quarters. (not counting that last goal as its worthless) Five goalless quarters in 6 games. Season on the line at 3 quarter time and folded like deck of cards. Bye bye Simon, and take the rest of your useless coaching staff with you.
  9. Yet another goalless quarter. We will throw this game away.
  10. FINAL INTERCHANGES Richmond: Jack Higgins, Noah Balta, Sydney Stack, Liam Baker Melbourne: Christian Petracca, Jordan Lewis, Billy Stretch, Alex Neal-Bullen
  11. Was he in Petraccas draft? Maybe we called out the wrong name by accident.
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