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  1. It occurred to me tonight that Goodwin is onto his second set of training wheels. First Brendan McCartney and now Alan Richardson. Why does Goodwin need these mentor types? Wasn’t that the point of his apprenticeship under Roos? From what we’ve seen so far we’re not seeing any great value for the $300k+ we’d have to be paying Richardson. I’ll give that we supporters don’t get close up exposure to what those roles contribute. But from the supporter view we’re paying a whole lot of money for not much.
  2. Get over it? How many times in his life do you think Neville has been expected to 'get over it'? Those micro-aggressions add up. The 'get over it attitude' makes it the problem of the target. It is not Neville Jetta, Eddie Betts or Adam Goodes job to 'get over' cheap shots from racists. It's our job to be a better football community.
  3. Honest question - why was Yze filthy when he left?
  4. Three things - 1. This whole scenario is the standard "whistle-blower-painted-as-troublemaker" story. It's easier to blame the one speaking out than take a proper look at ourselves. And it's even easier to do when it's someone like Lumumba who has a reputation for not not fitting the generic AFL player type. 2. It's classic white people trying to tell a POC what racism is. White people don't really get to decide what's racist because we're not in the position to experience it. If a POC is saying they're experiencing racism, believe them, they know what racisim is and they're not making it up. 3. AFL fans seems incapable of accepting that someone might be two things. Example - HL could be a massive w*nker but he's also making valid points about his experience of racism at an AFL club. Like Goodes before him, we might look back in time and realise H had very good points to make and we could've learned something from his experience.
  5. The Lyon Mafia (Connelly, Stynes, Schwab etc) hand an enormous impact on the playing and the administration culture. Selfish, cliquey and insular. Deciding their own training schedules and generally acting like arrogant jerks. Didn't matter so much when Lyon was leading a talented list who were final contenders. But it came back to bite us again in the 2010s when they got involved in club admin. What kind of a club sacks a CEO only to re-hire him? A club that is under the influence of a clique. Lyon was arrogant enough to meddle but not commit, Connelly & Schwab a disgrace and though it's sacrilege to say it...Stynes under their sway and not willing to back the coach.
  6. Karen Paxman is a gun. Great to see her achieve her fourth AA.
  7. Last night was Oliver's worst effort ever but last season was solid. He's set extremely high standards for a very young player. Amazing how people are happy to accept seasons (and last night didn't say any different) of mediocrity from Trac yet we all seem to forget Oliver is 22. As for Brayshaw, I genuinely don't understand what has happened to him.
  8. Sadly for us, St Kilda and North we'll be the ones on the chopping block.
  9. This is only 3 hours old and it hasn't aged well 😂
  10. Now that these spuds have a solid fitness base let's pray they spend from now until May 31st learning how to hit a target. They're a joke and I'm glad I don't have to front up to watch them next week.
  11. Do you know how much I would've loved to play footy when i was a kid/teenager? Because I'm female I didn't play ANY, it just wasn't an option. It annoys me so much when you all bag out AFLW. Something that's always been an option for men is now just opening up to women. Get behind it instead of trashing it.
  12. We cooked it in 1990. Knock Hawthorn out then [censored] ourselves in the face #classicmelbourne
  13. This post is nuffies of AFL territory. Taking steps to rectify the mistakes of 2019 is hygiene - it's the very minimum the club SHOULD do. Until they deliver a premiership (55 years and counting) we've got every right to cast a critical eye over what actions the club are taking.
  14. Geelong’s blessed draw annoys me every year. That we a drawn to play down there nearly every season is one of my pet peeves with the fixture. And the excuse that Melbourne have a small membership base, so can ‘fit’ at the ground, drives me nuts. Ticketing down there is set up to make it a 95% Geelong crowd so it doesn’t matter what size membership the opposition team have. Its the kind of stuff we smaller clubs have to cop, but just once I’d love to see those Essendon/Collingwood/Richmond jerks play down there.
  15. I don’t know, can you share more the rest of us? Cause with the info I have right now, I’m not happy with this trade.
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