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  1. You just hope his career doesn't go down a Mitch Clark path.
  2. Why not play Keilty forward?
  3. Been doing that all game, WHY GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY?
  4. Just retire at 3 quarter time Jones. Should be dropped of the captaincy straight away.
  5. Daniher deserves a statue at the MCG.
  6. He got pushed as he kicked and it came off the side of his boot, it wasn't meant to be a pass.
  7. Just woke up from a nightmare where Keilty gave away a questionable too high free kick against a player already on the ground and Hawthorn kicked a goal after the siren to win by a point. Let me just say that judging by my reaction in the nightmare that my furniture is happy that didn't occur yesterday.
  8. Not looking for scapegoats. Just wanting to try and understand where it's all going wrong. Love this team, really hurting to see them down like this to be honest.
  9. I'm the one not blaming people for being concerned about us seemingly going off a cliff. We made a prelim last year. At them moment we look like we'll be lucky to win 5+ games.
  10. You can't be out of form if you've never actually been in form. 2 decent-ish games does not a player make (keeping in mind the Geelong game he really only kicked 2 in the first and one in the last, was invisible in between).
  11. Magpies ball movement genuinely scary at times. With speed, precision and skill they tore Richmond to pieces.
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