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  1. Potentially - yes. Season might have to go on hold at some point(s) so having the quarter and game length shortened from the start ensures consistency throughout the entire season (if we get there). There may be times where we'd have to play 3 games within 2 weeks for example.
  2. Shorter quarters will favor less-fit clubs, bad for Melbourne unfortunately.
  3. Fitness looks good. Fritsch forward finally. Bring on the season.
  4. Great episode. Is Shannon Byrnes still with the club in some capacity? Looked like him @ 7:35 during the new player segment at Goodwin's house.
  5. I don't bet personally, but Petracca is at $81 for the Brownlow. Just saying.
  6. Some seriously questionable umpiring decisions resulting in shots at goals for the Crows.
  7. Apparently 10m kicks are only a mark if you're a crows player.
  8. Brown looking crafty. What a pickup.
  9. Viney looks so much quicker than last year.
  10. Harmes is the spiritual successor to Jones. Same play style.
  11. Gawn absolutely stitched up not winning it outright.
  12. MC can't even get the right Christian after talking to him. Jesus.
  13. Anyone else's stream completely out of sync?
  14. Nothing to do with the AFL, all ASADA. Considered a PED when in competition due to reasons already posted in this thread.
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