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  1. I would love the umpires to get tough on time wasting tactics. The standing over the ball so an opposition player can’t quickly get it to their teammate who has a free, the “Huh, are you sure you mean that player, the only one near me? I’ll check again because I didn’t hear you properly.” rubbish, the I-was-clearly-out marked-but-I-will-pretend-the-mark-is-4-metres-over-where-it-was-until-told-three-times-to-move-back routine, the juvenile “I can bullet hand pass to a moving teammate 20 metres away over my shoulder but the only way to get the ball to the stationery opposition player 10 metres away is a slow, floaty arc toss”. Watch junior footy, none of this happens, so it’s clearly coached into the players as a tactic. My only fear is I have high confidence if this happened Melbourne would adjust to this the least well and (rightfully) end up with 17 50m penalties against each game. Playing to the current interpretation of the rules, right or wrong, is also a skill.
  2. Umpire #23 Finlay showed absolutely zero feel for the game. A consistent string of logic contradicting decisions such as this. Melksham’s dive and 50 was silly, but it was no worse than plenty of other time wasting efforts that went unpunished through the rest of the game. Not sure If was Finlay who also didn’t pay the obvious drop on Martin when tackled or the non-50 when a frustrated Martin gave a shove to a Melbourne player who marked the ball in the clear, or didn’t pay the 50 when Higgins (I think, maybe Baker) did the old “Which player?” theatrics to slow things down when it was clear as day on the mic which the player the ball was meant to go to (no crowd noise excuse). I thought Melbourne also got a couple of fortunate ones.
  3. I can handle skill errors as frustrating as they are, every AFL player butchers kicks or hand passes and that is surely not the coaching staff’s fault because I’m confident they don’t say “Fellas, move it through the middle fast, and then shank one to the opposition so we are hopelessly out positioned and give up an easy goal.”. What I can’t handle are quick kicks from a won centre hit out in the 6-6-6 era going to an unmanned defender 40 out directly in front. The rushed kick ALWAYS goes there. What I can’t handle is three defenders flying and not killing the ball, and then other times no defenders flying and the opponent’s tallest player marking uncontested, or the opposition hitting up an unmanned teammate 40 out straight in front from a stopped play situation. Either the structures being coached don’t work, or the players aren’t doing what they are instructed to do. Or both. If the coaches aren’t stubborn (I have it on authority they do play favourites and are stubborn...) then they will know what is going on, and what they need to change. I’m not optimistic it will get sorted out.
  4. Unfortunately there are no VFL games to “ease him back through”. Selection or promotion can only be based on training track form this year, although there was some talk of unofficial scratch matches between AFL listed players not selected. If Bennell gets a game at any time, it will likely only be off the back of the kind of work he’s already been doing. I’d personally rather take a risk on a potential match winner with untraceable natural talent (5% success rate in my mind that Bennell comes off even medium term due to his body) and then fall back onto a Spargo or ANB if it fails than vice versa.
  5. My namesake Andrew Lamprill. In my work fantasy footy leagues my teams were named “Ghost of [insert obscure or mediocre Demon here]” and I changed the player each year. Ghost of Weetra Ghost of Pesch Ghost of Hopgood And of course Ghost of Lamprill. A Richmond supporter I worked with says “Ghost of Lamprill, what’s that about?” and I went on to explain how he was a pretty ordinary player for Melbourne in the early 90s without being that complimentary about Lamprill’s ability, and he goes “Oh yeah, I know Andrew well. He’s a family friend, we used to go camping together.”. It was a touch awkward. In honour of Goodwin, my footy tipping name this year is “Hit out - Clearance - ???? - Success”.
  6. The sound of a smotherer getting finger tips on the ball. I’ve noticed the umpires so far this round are picking up touched kicks far more regularly than last year. I also notice Bontempelli trying it on the claim a mark with the umpire’s screams of “Touched, play on” echoing across the ground. I wonder if the umpires will show less mercy to the player for these and 50 metre penalty situations given the players should be hearing all the calls.
  7. On Hore, unless there is another spate of injuries that forces him to be in he only has the attributes to play Lever’s role so it can only be one of them in the team. Is a great reader of the ball in the air and third man up mark, but things fall away after that where he is average to below average at AFL level unfortunately. An in between size not big or strong or fast enough to play on key forwards, not agile enough for medium and small forwards, and his disposal and calm under pressure is up and down. I think he needs to work to be an effective lock down defender to be able to coexist with Lever.
  8. Weideman has played 21 games over the last two years and has taken 86 marks, 34 of them contested. Only Gawn takes significantly more contested marks per game at Melbourne over that period and would have far more opportunities as a ruck than Weideman as predominantly a forward, although my recollection is Weideman does take many of his out on the wing and not deep forward. Weideman is taking a comparable number of contested marks per game to Tom McDonald, Jack Riewoldt, Charlie Dixon, Ben Brown etc. Yes he spills some he really should take, but he actually takes quite a few and I don’t think that’s the main problem. I think his tendency to go missing for impact for long periods of the game is the bigger concern. Too many games with six or seven disposals. Weideman is a better “for now” as ruck or forward over Jackson in ability in an individual tap out or marking contest as you’d expect for someone four years older, but there are options where Jackson can contribute that Weideman just can’t with Jackson’s far superior versatility through his agility. For what it’s worth I would play Weideman over Jackson and let Jackson develop in the VFL. If Weideman is not effective enough at AFL level after round 3 or so and Jackson is doing OK at VFL level then they could be swapped. Jackson in theory could come in to replace any number of players because of his agility and below knees ability so it’s also not as simple as Jackson vs. Weideman.
  9. I tend to pay more attention to former Melbourne players of course when watching games, and I think his kicking is better at Collingwood. I keep expecting him to stuff up but he doesn’t that often, kicks flat and fast and usually hits a teammate. I don’t know if it’s genuine skill or decision making improvement, or because he’s in the backline and all the best efficiency kickers are in the backline because so many of their kicks are sideways or backwards kicks to switch play to loose players.
  10. So I was talking to a bloke who said he catered an AFL player’s engagement party at the player’s house. Said the player had a whole lot of posters for “Mark of the year” printed up at the house that couldn’t be used. This bloke was being a bit cryptic about the identity of the player and I just said “That would be Jeremy Howe” and the bloke was shocked I’d worked it out. Not too hard to work through “Who probably should have won mark of the year, but comes across as dense enough to count their chickens before they hatch?”.
  11. If you use promo code NBVIP you get 15% off full price items. Lots of non MFC items on half price clearance, along with some 2019 MFC gear at reduced prices.
  12. I saw him and his family at the family day yesterday, but he wasn’t in club gear. Maybe he’s contracting in for specific things but isn’t staff. Or maybe he just didn’t have formal duties.
  13. Maybe I was a bit harsh on the likely to berate, perhaps it’s the lack of obvious signs of connecting with team mates and bringing them along. Viney seems quite insular. On May I also have been a bit puzzled as to why he is a leader as I’ve not seen what I’d expect from a leader. There is the famous time he did berate Frost, but Frost is also not at the club anymore. Maybe May is the one with the courage to call someone out who consistently breaks team rules or instructions - which is likely what Frost was doing and potentially led to that incident and his subsequent “sacking”. There is leadership in having the tough conversations. The players themselves will know best what they value from their leaders.
  14. I know someone who has dealt extensively with Roos and to some degree with Lyon, and knows people well who have dealt extensively with Lyon. Roos is a decent bloke. I’ll leave it at that and you can fill in the blanks. And I’d also argue Melbourne were pretty damn boring for the first couple of years under Roos. I’m not saying the list had the talent to be exciting or it was the wrong call, but I don’t think we would’ve seen much difference in excitement levels Roos vs. Lyon. The criticism most levelled against each as coaches was their crushing focus on defence.
  15. The thing about potential conflict of interest is it’s a no win situation. If Jack Viney genuinely was the right choice for co-captain (subjective in itself as there is no agreed criteria for what makes the best captain) there would still be the question asked of whether the conflict of interest led to the appointment as per what I’ve quoted - which is bad. And if the conflict did lead to a nepotistic appointment without appropriate merit, that’s clearly bad as it loses the benefits of making the best decision for the broader group. Either way it’s bad. Carlton eventually did what had to be done with the Silvagni situation, and Melbourne with the Vineys. I don’t care what anyone says about Chinese Walls or abstaining conflicted people from votes - it’s rubbish as the conflicted person if senior enough will still hold influence, even if it’s a look while passing in the hall or subtle (or not so subtle) electioneering prior to decisions. I had the daughter of a senior exec at my work suddenly beat out 100 applicants for a position in my colleague’s team. She had a terrible attitude, but she thought she was wonderful. She had a pattern of spending 6-12 months in a role which showed her that “the job was not right for me” and she would miraculously land another role. Her father had no direct line management calls over where she landed roles, but it still happened. I’m not saying Jack is in that boat, but it can be a real morale killer for colleagues to have the feel of nepotism or conflict of interest even if there isn’t any in reality.
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