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  1. Kid can play - https://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/2019-04-15/unsung-hero-strikes-again?fbclid=IwAR32wwvcz3uwu7bT6J0UPUA8wgSlELNEeN_hetw84umHQ3y4kAfXWX5eE2Q
  2. The way I see it we shouldn't even be talking about pick 3. 12 months ago we'd be happy to have gotten a first round pick of 15-18 because we made top 4 again right? The anomaly that was 2019 may just be that, an anomaly and not a true reflection of who MFC are as a squad. Hence pick 3 is not even really deserved, as its meant for a truly crap side that needs the talent. We don't need the talent that badly. So it should be seen as a complete bonus/free hit. So we should take a risk and not care if it comes off or not really, he aint gonna be our saviour nor do we deserve him to be.
  3. The last 2 premiership sides in Richmond & West Coast have had 3 excellent aboriginal small forwards in Daniel Rioli, Willi Rioli & Liam Ryan. All very influential in the win not just for the goals they kicked but how they bring their teammates into play.
  4. Cannot believe we would take Luke Jackson at 3 or even 8. Cannot kick and barely knows the game. Would be going on raw athleticism but this won't help our side one bit next year.
  5. Salem can play midfield and in fact should be the one kicking the ball I50 to leading forwards. He's not the best defender as is a bit slow/lacks intercept marketing ability for mine.
  6. After seeing his highlights im sold on him. Has utility written all over - half forward or half back? Where would he play for us? Kemp at 3 & Weightman at 8. We can't draft two players under 180cm with our 2 picks. We'd have to be one of the shortest clubs in the competition already.
  7. I'm worried if we give up 3 we lose out on Caleb Serong, who will go 4 or 5. He's a very good footballer. I suppose at 6 we could get Sam Flanders as a similar type player, then Weightman at 8 which is a bit overs for him IMO.
  8. I'm worried if we give up 3 we lose Caleb Serong, who will go 4 or 5. He's a very good footballer. I suppose at 6 we could get Sam Flanders as a similar type player, then Weightman at 8 which is a bit overs for him IMO.
  9. Yeah very misleading that first tweet. They get picks 1 & 20 as compo picks, then their real pick is pick #2.
  10. I have no issue with us getting 2 or even 3 forwards with the picks we have in the draft. Its our biggest glaring list hole and the only way to convert some of that inside 50 dominance.
  11. Well he's not even in the top 20 in most phantom drafts so unless he's seriously bolted. Saints will give pick 6 to Freo so they aint gonna use it on him. There's also 2-3 other good forwards in the top 20 like Caleb Serong & Taheny. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-08/cal-twomeys-2019-phantom-form-guide-august-update
  12. Yeah strange. That's a good point. Seems he was a fanboy of Beveridge but maybe offered little other than some wacky names for things.
  13. You'd think Goody would want to implement his own ideas and not all of Jennings. So its likely Goody only actions half of what Jennings recommended. You'd think a senior coach would want to own the strategy so maybe that caused friction.
  14. Yeah its true. For all his knowledge and strategy, it still wasn't enough to overcome factors like having your best 4-5 players off the park for most of the year. That aligns with his Pareto Principle analogy though, that 20% of your players account for 80% of the result. T Mac, Melksham, Jetta im looking at you.
  15. Anyone hear Jennings on SEN today? Guy has a massive amount of knowledge on the game & strategy. Great to listen to: https://www.sen.com.au/programs/whateley/ He's gonna be a big loss for us, although he is Goody's best mate so I assume he'd be in his ear quite a bit which is good. Listen to what he says from the 18 minute mark....where he dissects the Bulldogs new game plan style and says that's the strategy he'd employ if coaching somewhere in 2020.
  16. I'm warming to the idea of splitting the pick. Our list has that many glaring holes in it, a highly talented U18 player won't help, especially in their first 1-2 years. Look at what Lukosious, Rankine & King did from picks 2-4 this year..jack s$#t. With picks 13 & 17 hypothetically instead, we can trade one or both in for talent that can make an impact, and possibly still get a 1st round draft pick.
  17. @Demon3 Interesting and I think you're right. Despite being the best in contested possession & inside 50 differential over past 2 years it simply doesn't work. There was a 'holy trinity' stat that said if you win CP, I50 & Disposal Efficiency I think teams win 80% of games. I'd say that's where the footy department put their eggs. However correlation isn't always causation & 6/6/6 has stuffed it.
  18. How many does a team really need? I would argue just 1-2 max. Pies have just Adams with Pendles, Sidebottom & Treloar outside Tigers have Prestia with Shane Edwards + Martin (inside & outside) So we have: Oliver Viney Brayshaw Harmes Others who can go mid: Petracca & Salem So we clearly have 1-2 we can offload. We need outside skillful running types like Treloar, Sheed, Higgins.
  19. This article from HPN Footy highlights where the Dees Mids, Forwards & Backline stood in relation to other teams as of July 12th. Suprisingly our midfield was ranked 2nd in the league. But as you can see our Forward line is the biggest weakness, with backline not far behind. See screenshot attached. https://www.hpnfooty.com/?p=31795 This suggests that over the off-season the main focus has to be creating a functional forward line again. For me this isn't too big a task, but what we really need is someone to replace the Hogan role. A big roaming forward that opposition key backs are wary of is priority #1. This allows Bridesmaid Tmac to get off the chain & 2nd bridesmaid Weideman to pop up and take the 3rd best defender. Priority #2 is a genuine proven small forward like a Papley or someone that can actually crumb and kick goals. I think the backline will fix itself after a summer of Lever, May & Hibberd playing together. Although i think Hibberd is cooked and on the decline. Maybe his role needs to be replaced too?
  20. Yeah. His no.1 aim should be to get the attitude & motivation of his players into a positive state. This can be achieved by focusing on certain facts like "hey you get to play professional football for a living - [censored] enjoy it!" & "there's a reason you got to this level, use your strengths & remind us all why again!".
  21. Its a hard one because Jones is a loyal champ of the MFC, but when he leaves the side I dare say we'll be better for it. I'd say he has at least 1 maybe 2 years to go.
  22. The captain has more impact/say out on the ground than a coach. A book called The Captains Class studies 16 of the most successful sporting teams in history around the world. It revealed they all had one thing in common: an excellent captain. This didn't mean the best player as most of the time they weren't but they had the right characteristics of a good captain. When Jordan won 3 championships with the Bulls the captain was Bill Cartwright and when he left the team didn't win anymore championships even with Jordan. Book summary: • An analysis of the greatest pro sports teams in history found captains are critical to a team’s success. • The best captains play for their teams, not their egos. • This effect may be just as applicable in the military or the office. Walker’s top 16 teams had captains who played for their teams rather than their egos, embodied by players like Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan sacrificed larger salaries, flashy stats, and media fanfare for the good of his team, Walker argued. Walker determined that elite captains like Duncan have seven traits. They are extremely resilient. They play to the limits of the rules. They do thankless jobs. They communicate clearly with all members of their team. They motivate through nonverbal displays. They have strong convictions and aren’t afraid to be different. They have total control of their emotions. Now lets look at Jones who Paul Roos said back in 2014 was 'haunted by the past' & expected to lose from experience: https://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-08-03/dees-haunted-by-the-past?fbclid=IwAR1NGm78nDTyAyjX5XnAs3fG26ndirQiO9YQ-9GUWhl1lx8idt-K5sz0QP4 So is a captaincy change what we really need?
  23. Very intelligent post Watson11 you sound like you actually understand how the game is played and have a solid grasp of the numbers. I'm gladdened by the fact Goodie is trying new game plan mid season as its not a common thing. Given we're at rock bottom, in a way its a positive to have this luxury to test & tweak mid season. I guess the other key ingredient is total player 'buy-in' to a game plan. That would give an additional 5%-10% as its so key all 22 are bought in. You can see Richmond's players are 110% "bought-in" as they're all in the right place at right time. I'm sure Goody will get the balance right & go into 2020 with a solid game plan that can win games. The other key element is list strengths and playing to those. If the new game plan is required then do we have the cattle for it? My fear is we've built the last 5 years around CP's & clearances. Perhaps we can pivot with a few good outside ball users and it won't be a full 180. Fingers crossed.
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