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  1. Should we be going for this Patrick Kerr from Carlton? Young gun big forward who can't get a look in with Curnow & McKay in the seniors. https://www.carltonfc.com.au/news/2019-04-24/kerr-finishes-the-hero
  2. The 5 I'd want in from that side: Hannan Vandenberg Melksham Jetta Hibberd
  3. Play Pruess forward FFS, if only to give Tmac the 2nd best defender and a chance to kick 2+ goals. T Mac cannot handle being the main option up forward.
  4. I'd image tackling is the hardest action with crook shoulders, or perhaps overhead marking. Wayne Carey had crook shoulders & it didn't stop him being a gun.
  5. Swap Lewis out for Lever, that's our ideal 2019 back line. Yes you lose a little bit of good ball use, but we have Salem for that. We also stop the 1-2 goals cost per game from Lewis (at least) via brain fade/free kick or slowness. Then Lever stops 1-2 goals via intercept mark, something Lewis cannot do. All other areas of the game like tackling, handball, etc. they are about the same, Lever probably a better tackler. There you go no brainer, Lewis done when Lever is back & fit. Dees a 2-3 goal better Defence.
  6. I think point 3 is about dreaming big, ie. "We believe we can win the 2018 premiership" vs. "Lets aim to make finals". Not sure the players are encouraged to think about the former, taken by the whole 'one week at a time' mantra you hear.
  7. So much of a teams success is between the ears. Do we have a sports psychologist at the club? Do we need one? Jordan Lewis spoke about some players dropping their heads & getting deflated when things weren't going our way in the 1st quarter, with all the missed goals etc. There was a book written about the most successful US College Basketball & NFL teams/coaches called Think Like a Warrior. The 4 core mental attitudes applied were: 1. I focus on only the things I have total control over: my effort and my attitude. 2. I love what I do and I attack each day with joy & enthusiasm 3. I dream big & ignore the naysayers 4. I am relentless & will never give up. Giving up is a choice winner's don't take. Another quote from the book: "What does it mean to have a warrior's mindset? It means that we go into battles knowing that sometimes we will win and sometimes we will lose. But regardless of the outcome, a warrior never, every gives up or backs down from the next fight. A warrior never quits. A warrior must make the decision that no matter what challenge he is currently facing or what setback he just went through, he is going to charge ahead again and again with reckless abandon. It doesn't matter how many times the warrior gets knocked down, he will always get back up. Again and again." Would this help our players?
  8. Who's the team with the most inside 50 efficiency? Tigers? Bombers? Whoever. The Dees just need to copy their style. We'd be better off dribbling kicks along the ground IMO. It can't be that hard to fix.
  9. Kicked it to Garlett with 2 Swans players on him. Needs to learn from this.
  10. They have every right to be arrogant.
  11. You watch T Mac wait and time his marking properly. Hogan cannot do this. Even the weed is a better contested mark.
  12. He continually over runs under the kick, then complains like a baby when it's not lace out. If he asks to go home you let him go and get Adam Cerra or Langdon in return, any day of the week.
  13. Ok I acknowledge all the mourning needs to happen but I need some optimism to get through today/this week without prescription meds. 3 good things from yesterday: 1. Olivers continued dominance. Easily BOG. 2. Spargo is gonna be a dangerous player for us next year and beyond 3. We can beat Adelaide and season is still alive. Your turn.
  14. Geelong kicked 8 goals in the last quarter. They kicked 8 to three quarter time. This wouldn't happen to a Richmond or Sydney. There's a mental weakness that allows this to happen. Simply say no. That's enough. No more. I won't let it happen again. We beat cats next time and the crows.
  15. Did T-Mac play back for much of last night? I like him down there as he's good in the air and quick. Must play a swing man role a la J Westoff, going back or forward as needed methinks.
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