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  1. It was clear during the 2019 season how focussed Track was on the field and it showed in him having a solid and consistent year at HF after a slow start in the first 5 or so games. When reports of him wanting to play predominantly midfield arose during end of season reviews I was very pleased as it showed he was determined to do what was needed to succeed. Looking forward to his continued improvement in 2020.
  2. Can a separate thread be created for all of the discussion that is not related to the 2020 Captiancy. I come in here expecting information, discussion and opinions on the Captiancy only to read about the 1960-2000's and other unrelated diatribe.
  3. Is this thread about the Captiancy for 2020, because I've read the last two pages and its absolute drivel about meaningless words that has nothing to do with anything relevant to the present or future. Gawn for Captain and Viney as VC.
  4. In seriousness I'm super pleased we have Richo onboard and feel really positive about 2020. My key takeaways were that the players are fit, have got a good conditioning block in and will focus alot on footy and how we play when back from the break, and that Richo's focus is that the players understand it instinctively.
  5. This is simply a product of having a poor culture during the time the club was simply not focussed on winning, while at the same time drafting alot of early draft pick talent without the right sort of culture and development program around them. You could also say we didn't pay enough attention to character when drafting players but this could be a bit unfair on who we drafted
  6. Reckon we wait for the mid season draft and pick him up. Could be a handy addition with the run up to finals.
  7. This is a pretty bold assumption that he has an ego that wouldn't have liked seeing his team do well.
  8. Good article. This warms my cockles.
  9. There is a stirring deep within my loins reading about Trac in the training reports.
  10. I meant to write 20 years ago, Im 39. I often type 5 instead 2 on my mobile virtual keyboard which is a veelry boomer thing to do 😂.
  11. I've rolled a car too around 20 years ago, hit a bluestone garden bed which would have been around 350mm high, ripping the wheel off under the chassis causing the car to tip over. Would have been doing around 30-40kmh.
  12. I reckon Viney will retain co-captaincy but is very team first oriented.
  13. A good question would have been to make a statement about the Norm Snith curse and ask what the club leadership plans to do to end it.
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