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  1. I don't see what the issue is here. Aside from going into a legal argument about how much of a refund members were entitled to, Eddie was on a hiding to nothing with this line of questioning.
  2. Bennell, Vanders and Smith should all be right by then
  3. Clearly our best player, fit and leads from the front.
  4. I reckon this proves he would be immune to COVID-19. Perhaps we should turn his blood into a vaccine.
  5. While I didn't bother watching the game last night, because Melbourne wasn't playing, I am appreciative that we have footy to watch. Glad the AFL and Clubs are doing what they can to make it work under the circumstances.
  6. I'd be speaking to the producers of sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Friends to superimpose cheering and laughter.
  7. Agree with this Rjay. As well as helping friends and family out, there is a need to keep family businesses running to help avoid the deeper second round effects of businesses closing and people losing their jobs. The best way to support the club IMO is to sign up in numbers (for those of us who can afford it), support our community, spend quality time with our families and spend money with family businesses and companies who pay their fair share of tax. The club and the league will get through this without a crowd funding campaign. This said I could see such funding being useful to obtaining a competitive advantage over coming years.
  8. Didn't he also live in an airport, probably where he picked up CV.
  9. This is actually pretty funny. I can't believe people on here are getting upset.
  10. https://www.afl.com.au/video/381660/simon-goodwin-who-am-i-what-do-i-stand-for?videoId=381660&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1583670660001 Watched this expecting our coach to answer Purples question, only to be advised that to hear the answer I would need to subscribe to The Purple Headed Warriors podcast. This is outlandish and once I have calmed down will be emailing the club to demand an explanation!!
  11. This is nonsense. Any so called analysis that doesn't have us as the best team in the comp is rubbish
  12. I disagree that it is purely about reducing litigation. The AFL and Clubs are doing alot of work in the areas of player welfare and creating an environment that is good for the players and their mental health. It's a pretty cynical view that the standard is to prevent litigation, rather than a higher standard of caring for players and their physical and mental health and overall quality of life.
  13. You had me until "Whiteboard Wednesday".
  14. Jack Viney is too one dimensional at winning
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