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  1. I'm concerned that the weight of captiancy is putting extra strain on Viney's foot. Just as dropping a couple of kg's body weight not having captiancy would free the weight off his mind and help ensure his foot isn't overloaded.
  2. If we're not winning the premiership we might as well finish last. Lets use the draft pick well, continue kicking on our opposite foot, get our backline to gel and find some new options forward.
  3. I'd look at Harley Bennell as well, late pick or rookie spot and wouldn't cost too much.
  4. Petracca stood out v Doggies for his strength and ability to clear the ball (to our advantage) from stoppages. He's been building very nicely and with an uninterrupted pre-season could become anything next year. Harmes has been very good for us on the wing and linking up forward. I'd rate him as our most consistent player over the past couple of seasons whether he's playing on ball running both offencively and defensively, mopping up out of our backline, generating run through the midfield, kicking into our F50, or sneaking forward to take a big mark and kicking goals. He's also a handy tagger. Super reliable and set to become a 200+ game player who is widely respected across the competition.
  5. I think our poor kicking is less about skill and more about confidence and trust between players. That is the player kicking has enough time, space and options to execute the kick or handball to recievers advantage and trusts the recieving player to mark or take ball cleanly and not turn it over. At the moment we don't have this 'connection' which means we either cannot score because we are playing too defensively or we get opened up and opposition scores when we turn ball over.
  6. Rather than using the reference 'drug saga' can you refer to it correctly as 'The EFC performance enhancing drug program'
  7. We've been impacted far more by injuries than any other club both during the season and in the offseason. It's not as bad as it seems and we have a core group of players that will make us a very good side for a long time to come. We will also have some good trade currency this year and I'd expect us to be busy picking up some outside pace and x factor. Keep the faith.
  8. Nice that we named Petracca as if it would trick them into thinking he'd line up in the VFL.
  9. Did Glenn Bartlett lick his lips upon delivering the message?
  10. Stop it, you are ruining a good joke
  11. Frost no good on the wing. He's great when streaming out of the backline because he doesn't have to worry about whats behind him. Play him on the wing and it adda another direction he has to think about and then turns into a headless chook.
  12. At least one of those sectors don't see what has happened as a problem, only an inconvenience it wants to go away.
  13. I think that SWYL is trying to say is that Glen Bartlett should have stated our season is toast and that heads will roll and start naming names.
  14. I think chaos football is a strength as long as we have momentum and are winning contested ball, pressuring turnovers and clearing the ball with speed. We also need to improve our slower gear where we control the ball and hit up targets when we don't have momentum.
  15. We've got a season to play, pump it full of the good stuff and get him back out there. Two weeks off max.
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