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  1. Agree with this 100%, except of course if we decide to pick him up in the PSD.
  2. This has Darren Burgess greasy fi gers all over it. FFS!
  3. If I were GCS I would match $ and draft Martin to send a clear signal to rival clubs to deal a fair trade if they want to lure a player.
  4. Great news, the club is certainly not mucking around. Good to see some more action, and not words.
  5. When I look at Harley Bennell I see someone who has matured from a highly talented footballer who has no idea what is required to have a su cessful career, to someone given a second chance and despite working hard is frustrated by injury and falls onto bad habits, to where he is now, having a supportive partner, a baby and a third opportunity with Melbourne. I reckon he's earned his chance to train with us and would live to see him on our list.
  6. I honestly don't mind Cornes. He isn't concerned about taking calls from supporters to abuse him over something he said or got wrong. He also needs to say something provocative to have something to discuss. Re his Harmes comment I think he needs to up his game. Rather than say "I don't think Harmes is worth a 5 year deal" he should double down and say "and I'm willing to fight him in the Octagon to prove it.".
  7. As good a coach Ross Lyon is, I would suggest that his own personal conduct at club events, as reported in the media, would have made it very difficult for him to pull players up on their own conduct. One thing I'm proud of with the MFC has been the conduct of our club leadership and respect we have treat players, coaches and administration staff over the past decade and I think it puts us in a good position to bring 2-3 talented d!ckheads.
  8. I'd love to see Hogan have a good run at it in 2020 and show what he's capable of. He's been through an awful lot as a young man, and it is clear he is popular with our list and coaches and alot of mutual respect when he left to join Freo. I think has handled himself pretty well and I would genuinely be happy if he plays well and kicks a bag against us. There are more important things in life than footy.
  9. My loins began to stir when I read this. Good job WJ.
  10. Finally some action after two months of words, as well as some delicious trades. Im excited!!
  11. Having spent a fair amount of time travelling to WA for work, I'd describe it as exactly like in Back to the Future 2 when Biff is running the show.
  12. Also worth noting in these matches Harmes was nullifying their best payers while getting 30+ touches and kicking goals. Harmes is a weapon, ultra consistent, is versatile up forward, is an elite tagger, great on ball, and this year was very tidy playing off half back.
  13. Demonstone, the joke will continue until at least the JLT cup or AFXL commences. Cornes needs to back up his words with actions. Say "I don't think Harmes is worth a five year deal" and then challenge to fight him to prove it.
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