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  1. Jake the Snake killing it in the midfield. Jack Watts like in his delivery but mad as a cut snake around the ball.
  2. His forward half pressure will be import t to our structure and one of our main issues re ground ball gets and he can lead up and take a contested mark
  3. Whats with the 4-5 week? Is it a slightly more optimistic version of the dreaded '4-6 week' which results in 2 - 3 games peppered in by end of season, or is it something entirely new that we have not before experienced?
  4. Or the Geelong player not getting suspended for breaking silvias jaw in VFL praccy
  5. Tom Morris is a feltcher od the highest order. He said the same thing last year re McCartney just before we went and won 6 on the trot. Put up or shut up muppet.
  6. A simple solution would be for everyone to meet in person once a year and explain themselves. There are quite a few keyboard warriors who write stuff here that there is no way they would say in person. I'd suggest that before posting people should ask themselves if they would say in person what they are posting.
  7. Whats up with all of the negative Nance's?? Don't worry be happy 😊
  8. Is it too early to start the call to bring back Michael 'The Juice' Newton?
  9. A positive is that we come out of the match with no injuries - Dees!
  10. I'd suggest the club dietitians have been central to JV's approach to his diet.
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