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  1. I'm wondering if it was a simple matter of a misguided perception from those making the decision that the players needed a coach that would drive them hard to change the teams 'bruise-free' culture, rather than firstly looking at the culture from the top down. I'm also wondering how much Neeld's demeanour was influenced by what the club had briefed him on re the list, as he was highly rated by Collingwood, coached us and then went to Essendon, before taking up an AFL role in player development.
  2. Melbourne supporters need to settle down. We are 1 - 2 and haven't played footy for two weeks in a row yet. Glen Bartlett was on here a couple of days ago with some good insights and update re preferred option for our home base in the MCG precinct, were impressed by this, and then don't back the club to make the right decisions. The media feed off this sort of negative sentiment.
  3. That last line is the exact opposite of ND. He along with people like Turia Pitt who not only survive but live their lives with such adversity are the very definition of mental strength.
  4. I can understand Dunn and Sidebottom having a couple of beers with Howe given his injury and with Dunn recovering from bad knee injuries. It is also strange times when we are deriding players for catching an Uber rather than driving after some beers, but what they did puts the league at risk so should have a penalty. Re Spargo and the MFC accepting the penalty, I haven't problem with this as it becomes a distraction given he was foolish and deserved two weeks and wouldn't be cracking into the team anyway with AVB, Hannan, HB, Jones and ANB ahead of him. Eddie can carry on all he likes, it doesn't have any impact on our pursuit of our next flag.
  5. I love it that Collingwood are negotiating with the AFL. Surely for such breaches there is a prescribed penalty and the club has a hearing but the penalty is determined based on the breach and associated penalty not a negotiated outcome.
  6. After a poor 4 or 5 games last year having had surgery on both if his ankles before a couple of solid games, the first of which he racked up close to 30 touches on the wing and the second of which he kicked 4 goaks in a half before injuring his knee. I thought he was decent today, provided a target and consistently brought the ball to ground to halve contest, not to mention a string grab and goal.
  7. Elgat, the person who started this petition is an absolute moron and the people that have signed it aren't much better. I have a real issue with people who have no experience selecting a senior coach trying to influence the club's decision making with this sort of action. If you don't have confidence in how our club is being run than run your own ticket, but for the people involved in this petition try and influence the club's decision making re changing coaches without any responsibility or accountability on their part makes me furious. We've got good people running our club and if they don't think Goody will bring us success then they will make a decision based on an informed understanding of his performance, not the emotional whims of a bunch of supporters and agitators.
  8. Well said deegirl. To me the movement against racism is about us as a society speaking up against racism. If someone says something racist, pull them up on it regardless of the forum. Also I'll put my hand up as someone who has even recently made racially inappropriate comments among close friends as a joke, a form of casual racism which really isn't funny. On reflection I've made a commitment to stop this and also pull up others for the same thing, as this will make a positive difference to society.
  9. It's a shame that people can simply deactivate an account and make a new one. Social media would be much better if peoples identities are verified and even if using an alias cannot simply create another account. There needs to be more accountability for what people post and for the social media platforms to verify every members identity.
  10. Absolutely love this. I cannot imagine what it would be like as a professional athlete rehabbing over and over through 25 calf strains. It's a testament to Bennell's resilience and persistence to pursue the game that he loves and glad that he's feeling fresh and settled well in the club. Lookingforward to see him build throughout the year and imagine the damage we can do with Bennell and AVB playing half forward,both inspirational with special talents.
  11. Then Max should neck another at half time, more exposure for Red Bull and gives him a pep up for the second half. That's what I call a win/win my friend.
  12. Robbo makes perfect sense if it's 8pm and you assume he's been at the pub since 11am.
  13. I reckon if teams lose a line due to a positive test and they have 26 players available (22 + emergencies) they must play, as it; a) provides an incentive for players and clubs to follow protocol and be vigilant. b) keeps games going by maximising the chance of all teams playing 17 games each. If a team loses multiple lines but follow protocol then the game should be postponed to a later date however if they lose multiple lines as a result of the club not following protocol, e.g. not isolating a player who tests positive, then I reckon they should forfeit the points for the game(s) they cannot field a team. I think we need to accept that the competition will be somewhat compromised but if we are good enough we can win the premiership.
  14. If I understand correctly, the reason why the AFL has such strict protocols and a rigorous testing regime is to firstly prevent players from contracting Covid-19, and where that fails to have a testing regime to prevent a cluster spreading within a club (or within the community), and where that fails to prevent spread across multiple clubs. Asa billion dollar industry that relies on 18 teams playing 17 games each + a finals campaign the protocols are there to prevent the above. If anything the AFL will be stricter re quarantine than what is required by health authorities which generally only require self isolation until test results are confirmed.
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