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  1. Also, apparently number 6 umpire called Tim Smith a weak c$&t.
  2. While I have no sources to speak of either inside or outside the club, I have it on good authority that as we speak Perty, Mahn's and Toddy are planning to visit a number of AFL and senior umpiring figures to let them know that t here is a new dog in town "Perty" and that they had best learn their place or else sleep with the fishies. On a side note, a couple of minutes before the players run up the race to go through the banner we should do he warriors chant - "Warriors, warriors, come out to pla-ay". The club could play it over the speakers, it would be awesome.
  3. You sir are a very limited poster. Jack is building nicely and I'm confident he will absolutely dominate games in the back half of this season.
  4. I put it solely down to the players not attending the 2017 camp.
  5. Jack will be fine, I reckon he's learned to temper his intensity while his body and conditioning improve and we will see him dominating games in the back half of the year.
  6. There is merit in physically dominating our opponent in general play and also at moments like this we need to be assertive in dealing with behavior such as Vardy's. It's not acceptable to give away a free but we can certainly get up in his face and dare him to back down or escalate.
  7. It's ibviously because we didn't review last years prelim final loss.
  8. We're certainly playing alot better but goal kicking let us down as well as composure in the fourth.
  9. Smith back on, but has to be careless and medium impact given he was down for a while and went off for concussion test.
  10. Oskar showing alot. With Melky out for at least the next month I can see Oskar getting a good run at it in the middle and up forward.
  11. Have no fear we will bamboozle them with a human pyramid formation in our F50. Intercept that McGovernator
  12. Saw him speak on the club website and he's got some real conviction, a quiet confidence, that makes me comfortable he will thrive on the big stage. Similare to Hore in that way.
  13. Next thing people on here will complain that its because the players didn't review the game. I reckon we will do something innovative, like build a human triangle in front of goal.
  14. I believe the salary cap for early retirement is treated differently for trades v free agents
  15. I second this - Petracca has been one of our best players for the past month and while Jeffy doesn't get alot of 'stats' he has been an important part of our ability to retain the ball in our forward 50.
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